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Behind The Tour: Vengeance For BLOOD 3 Part 5 - Yuu Little Mother F*****

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I woke up that morning hungry. I didn't eat much from the night before so I was itching for some breakfast. I get washed up and look around, but no one's around. I figured maybe if I went down to the resturant, I'd run into someone there. Sure enough, Kiwamu and Shelly were sitting down to breakfast. I asked if I could join them. They had no objections. We opted not to go for the buffet today, as Kiwamu and I ordered French Toast, and I think Shelly had either pancakes or a fruit cup (It's been 3 months! I don't remember every detail!). As we ate, we discussed random things, such as the new up coming album, the live last the night before, and other bands. Shelly tells me that instead of our 11am appt at the convention, we now have to be there at 4 because of some schedualing conflict with our ride.

After breakfast, I decided that with my new found time, I was gonna wander around a bit. I ran into NoA and we started talking and walking. I was intrested to find out more about his band he was forming after he left BLOOD. He was telling me a bit about what he was hoping to do, and that he would be the vocalist. He asked me if I heard him sing the night before. He was doing background vocals for Fu~ki, so I couldn't hear him too well. I asked him to sing for me right there, and he got rather bashful and asked me to wait for the concert that night. We found a lounge and sat down. He asked me what I do back home. I told him about Bad Transitions, how I was moving on to my own show, and that I want to really make it popular. I told him that I wanted to help his band out and try and get them an American audience. He was very happy and almost shocked by this. I also told him how I really want to make PV's, and that is we could work out a situation that I would be glad to make one for him. That was when the omlette chef. We had met him the day. He was a really nice guy who spoke fluent English. He was telling us how he saw BLOOD on TV the other night and he was asking us what they sound like. He was really interested. We told him we would get him a copy of Vengeance for Blood... I felt bad we never did. He was a really nice guy too.

NoA and I returned to his room where we ran into Yuu. We hung out in their room a bit, but NoA wanted to take a nap, so that left me and Yuu. We found Leslie and Miwa, and that's when I remembered that Yuu found a pool table. I asked him if he wanted to play, and he said yeah. We went to the lobby where I ran into Becky. I looked at my watch and realized she was waiting for our ride that was delayed. I told her to go back and relax, and she seemed both releived and frustrated, and she went back upstairs. Yuu asked me to speak to the receptionist since I knew a little Spanish. Luckily, he spoke fluent English, so I asked him for cue sticks and balls. As he got them for us, he asked about the band. He saw them on TV too. I told him a bit about them and he seem intrigued. He gave us the balls, and we grabbed our sticks. I asked Leslie to take some photos since I had none of me yet.

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Long story short, Yuu whooped my ass 4 out of 4 games (2 coz I scratched the 8 ball). I haven't been that embarrased in a looooong time. I don't think I've ever played a game of pool that bad in my entire life. I mean I'm not great, but I'm okay, then again, WHO THE HELL MISSES THE BREAK!!?? This pathetic mofo right here. Yuu felt so bad for me, he made me try again. That was when my self esteem hit an all time low. He insisted I do it again so I felt better about myself. Ugh. I blame the stick. It was broken, I'm serious! Ask Leslie, she saw it! It broke in half where the 2 peices of the stick are supposed to screw together.

Well, I was a man about it so I shook Yuu's hand and congragulated him on a game well played (on his part) and we returned to the room so he could start getting his make-up on.

We walk past Fu~ki and Kaede's room, where the door is wide open. Yuu darts in there and we thing nothing about it and keep walking. However, behind us, we hear Yuu bust out of the room and start going crazy ass nuts. I snapped this photo.

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After nearly dying from laughter, the three of us retreated to our room as the others dolled themselves up. We sat around, chatted a bit, and found out that Miwa was following the wrong career and should have been a masseuse! Anyway, I got curious, and decided to visit the guys. I walked into NoA and Yuu's room, where they were getting ready. I asked them to give me some pointers since I am HORRIBLE with make-up (each band member does their own make-up btw). NoA showed me his whicked awesome contacts, and Yuu went through all of the stuff he was using by name (shows me a bottle, "Foundation", uses it, shows me another bottle, "Eye liner", uses it). After that, I visited Kaede who I hadn't seen all day. He was just wizzing through everything like a pro (Well, he kinda is so that was a bad analogy). Fu~ki appeared out of no where and we started talking. I think he needed a break. Then we get a phone call. He picks up the phone and starts talking. Then he slowly hands the phone to me just kinda looking at me with a grave look on his face. I'm thinking "Oh great, what joke are they gonna play on my dumb American ass now?" So I answer the phone: "Moshi moshi?".... a voice cautiously comes through the other end "...Hola?". Fu~ki starts giggling, it was the cleaning lady asking when we wanted her to come up. I told her to come up at 3:30, after we were to leave. The guys soon finish up and we get going.

I think Daniel took us on the scenic route as it took a bit longer to get there than usual. That'sok, coz he was blasting a Metallica mix CD (mostly from the first 4 albums) and Fu~ki and I were going nuts, headbanging and screaming the lyrics at eachother. Now this was really funny. When ever we would stop at a traffic light, or match speed with a car next to us, Kiwamu was turning to the people in the cars and trying to scare the Bejesus out of them. Now, some of the older people looked horrified and pretended to ignore him, but then we drove up beside a car full of kids. He started making faces at them, and the kids started laughing, clapping and smiling. They loved him! It was so adorable, it even made Kiwamu crack a smile. We almost get there, and Daniel stops by an orange juice stand. He asks if anyone wants anything to drink. Almost everyone does. He comes back with these plasic bags filled with OJ with a straw sticking out of them.

We get to the concert hall and are ushed backstage. It's pretty much the same deal as the night before, except this time, I knew the stage a bit better and knew what I could get away with. That night, Windy (the females from the press confrence group shot of BLOOD) took the stage, and from what I heard, put on a really good show. Sorry I missed it. That night, BLOOD opened with The Funeral For Humanity, and damn did I get some good camera shots. I got really into the action too. There were several times where the band members ran right up to the camera and showed it some love. I was everywhere too, climbing on speakers, darting back and forth from stage left to right, it was pretty exhilarating. That morning, Kiwamu told me during what songs he was gonna do his stage theatrics, so I made sure to get those. And as the night before, the crowd was just deafening. I think there were actually more that night than before. Afterwards, they did another autograph session, and the line was deffinately longer this time.

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After that was all said and done, we packed up and I grabbed some photos.

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Think he's tired?
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The perks of being in a band, FREE BEER!
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It's all Rock and Roll
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Casual conversation between Suzuki (A staff member) and Kaede
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We went back, and I was pretty tired. We all went back to my room to hang out for the night... and I kinda passed out. Next thing I know, someone wakes me up as Fu~ki went out with Antonio and Daniel and bought everyone sandwiches. We switch on some late night Mexican music video show. It was the end of it and there were only two music videos left. The first was Brittney Spears' Toxic. The last was Nine Inch Nails' March of the Pigs. I enjoyed that contrast. I realized the geek in me was coming out as I was telling the band how a video this simple is infinitely better than all of the bright flashy CG in Toxic.

I must have passed out again coz I don't remember anything after that.



Anonymous k chan said...

ah, (just read the forth one) Sorry about your cd's also >_<

thanks for the report ^^ everything sounds interesting haha I will play billards with you one day.. you can beat me xD

The concert sounds awesome both nights, ah~ the atmosphere must have been awesome ^0^

(car scene is funny) hehe

12:44 AM, August 03, 2005  
Blogger The Suburban Legend said...

Isn't that a can of Rockstar that Kaede's holding?

1:17 PM, August 03, 2005  
Anonymous Calla said...


So, that's what was going on as we were observing you from the taxi. :P

Anyway, also to add to that humor, when Kiwamu, went down in the elevator to get to the van he scared the crap outta some people then too, when it opened up on him. Becky and I couldn't help cracking up laughing cause those people were both horrified and thinking they had gone crazy. LOL

But so far another good entry with good photos. ^^

10:30 PM, August 03, 2005  
Anonymous Elizabeth Kido said...

wow i'll tell you again your reports are very goods. I hope you come to mexico in october and
you made the report about blood in tnt 10. Congratulations! Another thing, i know the "guy
cool" (the guy with yellow wig), his name is Terry and he was next to me, he was very excited ! Anyway, i hope meet you in tnt, i really like me your reports.

6:49 PM, August 04, 2005  
Anonymous Juu-sama said...

NYO XD looks like you really had fun ^^

10:51 PM, August 06, 2005  
Anonymous ~*Amy said...

I'm glad you had fun Roger and met some new play mates ^_~

Anyway, I say we should play some pool this week, no? I can probably raise your self-esteem about losing to Yuu at the least. Hope you have fun at Otakon next week too.... no fair ;-;

Have fun in October if you decide to go on tour with them again ^^ And hope your new radio show takes off like Bad Transitions did!!

11:56 PM, August 14, 2005  

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