Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Season Finale of Tainted Reality

This Thursday, for the 6 HOUR season finale of TaintedReality (Starting at 4pm Eastern), we will be paying tribute the the bands that have disbanded in the past year, with most of the focus being on PLC, Pierrot and Scissor(just to name a few). This show maybe be recorded for all of your own personal archives and can be sent to the band, which has been proposed by some people in various LJ communities (there is software out there that enables this. Does anybody out there know what?). What we encourage you to do is pick the music that will be played during our tribute. Please send those choices either to TR's

LJ username: Taintedradio
the blogger:
the myspace:
our e-mail:

These songs can either be by the artists, or a another artist's song that you wanted to dedicate to them.

Also, we will be reading messages from you for the band. Keep the messages to 2 paragraphs or less and can be about how much the band has touched you, how much you will miss the, etc. Also, please include your handle (name you go by), hometown, state, and country. You can submit those the same way you submit songs. Other bands to be included in this show are bands that have gone on hiatus. The above goes for these bands as well.

Bands To be covered: Psycho le Cemu, Pierrot, Scissor, Isabelle, Deadman (Unfortunately, we only have No Alternative) and Karen (Revolving Lantern is unfortunately or only album)

Let's make this a success and give PLC, Pierrot and others a bon voyage! Please please please participate!



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