Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Welcome Aboard Alwin and Maria; BLOOD Interview Novemnber 2nd

Sorry for the lateness, but Blogger seemed to be down the past few days, then my internet went down. Here's last week's playlist:

Buck Tick - Nakayubi
D'espairs Ray - Dears
Duel Jewel - Reincarnation.flow
An Cafe - Hatsukoi
(NEW ROCK)12012 - Pistol
Dir en grey - Ryojoku no Ame
MUCC - Rojiura Boku to Kimi e

Sads - God 13
X Japan - Rusty Nail (WTF!?)
Coaltar of the Deepers - Wipeout
X Japan - Scars
hide - Beauty and Stupid

The Pillows - My Foot
HIM - Rendezvous with Anus
Ellegarden - Slamander
Sadie - Malicious Female Pigs
Phantasmagoria - Never Rebellion

(NEW ROCK) Kra - Heart Ballance
Miyavi - Selfish Love
MOVE - Dogfight
Kagrra - 2
Penicillin - 4
Inugami Circus Dan - Bin-zume no Taiji
Nightmare - Raven Loud Speeeeeeeeker
Psycho le Cemu -
(NEW ROCK) Gilgamesh - 9
Suicide Ali - Favorite Song
BLOOD - Under The Sensual Moon
Gazette - Bath Room
Platic Tree - Circus

(NEW ROCK) Kirito - Period

(Requests in italics)

First and foremost, we welcomed two new staff member's to the TR coven (lol), our photographer Alwin and our animator Maria. They joined us in the studio to contribute their unique personalities to the night, and inserted random comments to the talk breaks (they were a little shy).

Second, we announced that we will be doing a new interview with BLOOD coming up November 2nd, and that we were taking fan questions (which are now closed), and that we will be giving away prizes! They will be answering questions about their past USA/Mexican tour, their new album Spleen [Despair], and the future of the band. Thank you to eveyone who submitted fan questions!

Lastly, this coming week, we will be debuting the new single from BLOOD's new album! Be sure to tune in for your first chance to hear the new music of BLOOD's new concept!


P.S. There were alot of requests and shout outs that we missed last week due to frequent computer problems (For you MAC users: a.k.a. Spinning Pinwheel of DEATH). Try again this week if you didn't hear what we wanted!


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