Saturday, November 11, 2006

Letting The BLOOD Flow

Wow! That last show was NUTZ! Here's the playlist:

BLOOD - Spleen
Buck Tick - Romance
BLOOD - Forever Lost
MUCC - Kuukyo na heya
BLOOD - I Remember You
SID - Otegami
BLOOD - Sweetest Disease
Gazette - Filth In The Beauty
Miyavi - aho matsuri

(Fuki's Request) The Rasmus - Lucifer's Angel
Plastic Tree - Monophobia
Sadie - Children of Despair

Gilgamesh - Aimai na Mikaku
Peirrot - Dramatic Neo Anniversary
Schwarz Stein - Creeper
Duel Jewel - Hanauta
Kozi - ISM

(Kiwamu's Request) Within Temptation - See Who I Am
D'espairsRay - Marry Of The BLOOD
Dir en grey - Cage
bis - Kyokuto Strip

geist - AB Negative
BLOOD - Dive To My Hell
BLOOD - Unforgiven
Alice Nine - Fantasy
Moi Dix Mois - Lamentful Miss

(Kaede's Request) Kill Hannah - Believer
Rentrer en soi - Protoplasm

*Last Call*
Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up
Dir en grey - Saku
Suicide Ali - THIS NEW ORDER
BLOOD - Byakuya
geist - Paranoia
Psycho le Cemu - RIN ~Ai Suru Mono No Tame Ni~
D'espairsRay - PIG
BLOOD - Blind

Finally, infront of a packed audience, we aired our BLOOD interview. The interview itself will be available for download in the coming weeks, but soon, we will be releasing a Spanish language version! We also asked a series of fan questions from Kick In The Eye, MeeYoun Sohn, Yumi<3, Morrigan, and Tokio. Thanx to everyone who submitted questions! Special thanx go to Jason Heltin over at Iron Otaku for helping us edit this and doing the translation voices, Stella for translating Yumi's questions, and BLOOD for participating!

The BIG news though was the announcement that we are once again bringing BLOOD to the US in March! New York City and Boston have been confirmed, with 2 more dates yet to be announced. More info to come soon!

We helped promote a band in the Balitmore/Washington D.C. area who have an incredible amount of talent, but need a vocalist badly. Their name is geist and we played 2 of their songs: AB Negative and Paranoia. If you are interested in finding out more about the band, or are interested in auditioning to be their vocalist, please contact them via their Myspace:

Next week, our promotions Manager, Nancy, will once again be stopping by to co-host, then the following week WIXQ is off the air for the holiday, then we return with Da Crank and Sakki of Purple Sky Magazine coming by for co-host duties, and bringing all kinds of goodies to give away to you kids!

Lastly, Tainted Reality is in desperate need of a perminate co-host. If you live in the South Eastern Pennsylvania area, and are interested, please check out the application process here:

We hope you all enjoyed the interview! Sorry we couldn't get to all of your requests as we were almost litterally murdered with them, which is good! But I will say this, I owe too people out there an An Cafe and a Kagrra next week!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's a little petition to bring Alice Nine to Europe:

Please sign it and tell all your friends to do the same!!


4:07 PM, March 18, 2007  

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