Monday, November 16, 2009

Not All Dreams Have A Meaning

This is probably the most egotistical dream I've ever had in my life.

It starts with me at a campground in the Poconos just north of Scranton, Keen Lake (a campground I went to in 1993 and 1998). I am on the island cottage they have at the campground that I stayed at in 1998 and I just finished watching Metallica's S&M concert. I go outside and there are alot of friends there (not real life friends). There is some kinda party going on, but I decide to go for a swim.

This is where it all goes south of sanity.

So, I run off with some girls from the videogame Dead or Alive and we go down a slide built into the ground over a small drop off into the lake. After swimming around a bit, a young lookin' dude in a business suit comes up to the edge of the water. He has his business jacket off and hanging over his hand, behind his shoulder. He calls to one of the girls. I get this gist that he's her boyfriend. The guy is a little bitchy and protective. I don't like him. I make plans with the girl to meet up for dinner later in the lodge.

I dress up in my outfit that I wore onstage for the first Suicide Ali concert at Nekocon (black long coat, white button-up shirt, black tie, black gloves, sunglasses), and come into the lodge with one girl in each arm. I meet with the one girl and her boyfriend, and we have a bit of a social outting. At some point, though, the dude lashes out at her, screaming and yelling. I'm not gonna stand for this, so I walk up to him, get an inch away from his face, and tell him I'm taking her back to the cottage and that if he follows us, or even tries to talk to her again, he's dead. Me and the 3 girls leave.

However, the guy isn't gonna stand for any of this. He goes into another room of the lodge after we leave and... recruits his mafia friends to whack me. These guys look like some real badass assassins too, and they start getting geared up like they are going to war. So, they all go to leave through a screen door with the angry boyfriend at the front of the pack. However, when they go to open the door, its locked. I then appear infront of the door from the outside and say "You done fucked up". I then take out 2 PP-2000's and mow every single one of them down. Blood, gore, and bodies everywhere. It was ridiculous.

So, of course all of the people in the lodge start freaking out over some dead guys and start screaming and crying and calling the police. I make a break for it, but I don't run. Instead I just walk away, looking all cool and calm and shit. A few friends find me just as the cops pull up. They usher me into a building as they keep the cops back, and after a short parkour sequence, I find myself squatted in a window frame looking out at an impossible barbwire fence about 15 feet away.

Then in the building off to my right... Bill Cosby is in SWAT gear setting up a sniper rifle. He hasn't noticed me yet... but I just wait there in the frame until he does. He eventually sees me and scrambles to shoot a single bullet at me. The bullet barely misses me, and out of reaction, I duck down to the left a bit. I yell at him "You gonna shoot an unarmed civilian!?". He shouts back "You don't look unarmed to me!" implying that he was gonna kill me and plant a gun on me. I then jump out of the window, and start shouting random shit at him and call him a cracker, hoping to confuse him. Then Chris Rock shows up and says "Man you on some good shit, can I have what ever you got?", and I wake up.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your dream means you are the funniest! Even Bill Cosby & Chris Rock are jealous!lol

3:01 AM, November 19, 2009  

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