Friday, May 21, 2010

if you could create a dream band then who would you put in it?

That all depends on which kinda band I'm going for. I mean, I wouldn't put Johnny Cash in a grindcore band! Well, since my fave genre is Metal, lets go for a metal band.

Gotta start with a drummer, as a good drummer is the anchor to any good band. For that I would go with Gene Hoglan. The guy is a fucken beast when it comes to modern metal drumming, and is probably one of my top 5 fave drummers ever.

Next up would be bass... hands down Cliff Burton. Cliff both revolutionized, and perfected, the heavy metal bass. Any metal dream band without him is immediately inferior.

Guitars is important to me, coz I need someone not afraid to bust out an epic solo. I can't stand the trend now a days not to have solos in music. It makes songs feel so lacking. So, since I know him, and know how technical this beast can be, Teru.

Now, I also like the twin lead sound of bands like Versailles and DragonForce. I personally prefer a front man who can play rhythm him/her self (are there any VK front men who do?), but for the sake of getting more names in this super group, and getting some extra talent in with a different style that may compliment Teru's, John 5.

As for a front man, I'm gonna go outside of traditional metal vocal styles, and go for the more operatic. Hell, its been working for years for female metal vocalists in Europe, why not try a dude? Klaha.

Then I would have them do a cover of this

Just don't hurt me!


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