Friday, June 18, 2010

Nostalgia is the story of my life

So... its starting to get a bit ridiculous. For the past 3 years, I have had these reoccurring dreams about me graduating high school. And the weird thing is... rarely are they ever a flash back. While the same feeling of glee, achievement, and moving on to something better are in the air... they usually take place where I currently am in life without any acknowledgment to anything I have done Tainted Reality related. The story is always slightly different too... and almost always takes me back to my home of 20 years that I moved from around the same time the dreams started. Here... there wasn't really that much going on that was different from the others. Social high point of my life, actually going out and doing stuff as simple as catching dinner with friends, taking my final bus ride home (this pops up a lot for some reason... but I can't even clearly recall it in real life),and this grand feeling of an overall happy ending. There never usually is a plot to it. Just all of this conclusion and finality... I really don't know why I have 'em so often, and now it's at a point where I have 'em at least twice monthly... Why?

This is one of the few dreams that transitioned into what it should, my summer job (though irl, there was a week in between where I ran away to Buffalo, NY to do charity work with my at the time girlfriend... which is alot less noble than it sounds because it really was an excuse for the both of us to spend time together away from our parents who strongly disapproved of our relationship, with her parents to the point that she was not allowed to date me). The only thing is, instead of transitioning to my ice-cream-cart-on-the-beach job that I had back then, it transitioned to my current manager-at-Jack-and-Jill job. This portion started with my boss calling me and yaking on about some bullshit I didn't care about that was holding me up from something important that I was trying to do at the time (irl, this happens almost daily). During the convo, I realize I am running MAD late for work... like I am supposed to be in in 15 minutes and I'm a 2 hour drive from work! I pull an "I know I'm dreaming" and wake up briefly to end the dream and save my self from the self torment of knowing the wrath of my boss for being so astronomically late, and went back to sleep.

Then things get strange.

It's the same setup, current point in life reliving the past... except this was done with my freshman year of college. Though, it wasn't my freshman year. It couldn't have been. I knew alot of people there, I knew the layout of the campus, the surrounding town, the routine.. it was just the feeling in the air that made me think it was 2003 again. That sense of awe and new beginning. I start this dream off by visiting a dorm, meeting with some friends... then Method Man and Redman show up. I high five Redman and ask him what he thought about E3. We start talking games, and ask him about a game that he's in. He talks about it real quick, then I let him make his rounds around the room. I then meander into another room... and join the campus baseball team. I was excited about getting back into sports, as I was a football player in high school. However, because of my stature, I didn't feel I could compete at a college level (a real life notion of mine), so baseball seemed like a viable alternative. Plus this was a winning team, having gone to the championships 2 times in the past 2 years and winning the first time they went (Phillies?). Oh, and their coach was my friend CJ's boyfriend.

After that, I met up with a a dude and a girl who seem to be friends of mine, and I ask them if they enjoy swimming. They say they do and I take them to a near by lake swim club. So, we go there and live it up a bit. Have a good time goofing with each other, enjoying the water and the last breath of summer. We then leave, and I guess the nameless dude had a little too much to drink, and was a being a total dick. He eventually climbed on top of my car and did a whole "I'M THE KICK OF THE WORLD" thing. I try to get him off the roof and smack right into a brick wall... totaling my car. Me and the girl have it out with him briefly. Then... I think its Grand Theft Auto for a moment and just... grab another car! I purposely find a parked, small ass 2 seater just to fuck with this guy. Sure enough, I drive up and the dude's like "hell no" and I'm like "hell yes! Get in!".

So we drive off to the opposite side of the lake we were swimming in, as the sun is setting over the water. This guy starts talking mad smack about how he was the greatest Power Ranger of all time (wtf?) and was gonna prove it right now. This is mainly an argument between him and the girl. Finally, at one point, he whips out a morpher and, BAM, Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin' (WTF!?). She then has enough and morphs into a pink ranger (what series, I dunno). It seems like its gonna be a friendly beat down, and he starts talking mad smack ending with "You got no chance of surviving this babe.". She just nods at me... and I pullout a morpher and morph into a red ranger!!!!!?!?!?1?! (I said something about dinos... and I definitely was not the Mighty Morphin' red ranger, which makes me think i was a dino thunder red ranger, but I was kinda ninja'ed out!). He stands in disbelief for a second then turns to her and shouts "Ok... you now got a 15% chance". We wipe the floor with this mother fucker, in a more magic based fight than I have seen on Power Rangers. She summons a water nymph from the lake, and I'm just whacking him relentlessly with fire balls. The fight is over pretty quickly, he admits defeat and stfu. Me and the anonymous pink ranger, then walk down to the water. We sit up against a sharp dirt drop between the gravel parking lot where we had the fight, and the water, and watch the sunset and the water nymph fly back off to the center of the lake. We talk and laugh for a moment, and as a practical joke... I Jedi grab the nymph and dunk her under water. Me, the ranger, and the nymph have a good laugh... then me and the ranger have the obligatory awkward silence. Then we kiss.

And I wake up.

There's gotta be a point to these dreams... You got any theories?


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