Tuesday, September 28, 2010

first off,What got you started into liking jrock, just curious? and second off how did you and your co stars come up with TR?

Well, I was actually introduced to VK in early 2004 by DJ Balmerick. I was aware of J-Rock before, but when he showed me my first Malice Mizer video, I was hooked!

I started TR about a year and a half later. I was in another radio show before that called Bad Transitions. This was more of a variety show that played a mix of American and European Metal and Industrial, and J-Rock. The fanbase started to grow more for the J-Rock however, and I felt this was unfair to my co-hosts, so I went solo. I still honestly consider BT the best, and most entertaining radio show I've ever done, as the on air chemistry between us host was magical... in that we were always fighting on air and it made for some of the funniest radio I've ever heard!

TR started as just the Thursday radio show, playing a mix of J-Rock and goth music. However, once again, the fans demanded only the J-Rock, so we slowly phased out goth. However, I'm trying to reincorporate that bit of musical diversity into TR. What do you guys think? Would you like that?

Just don't hurt me!


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