Saturday, January 29, 2011

So who actually IS staff? I only officially see you at cons. None of he original staffers are still in anymore? Or is TR just you mainly?

I'm gonna go in order on this:
Charles who built our website and continues to maintain it
Don who helps run the merch booth
Angel who helps Don
Becky who translates
Kendra who translates
Nancy who has in recent years mainly helped on tour and helped us get Takuya to AUSA with her friend Bri
Virgina who hasn't been able to help out for a while but mainly helps at lives
Of all of the originals, only Maria and Alwin are officially gone because they don't have an interest in J-Rock anymore, but we worked with Alwin and met up with Maria at X Japan, so that was nice.
TR will never be just me. I may do a bulk of the work load, but everything we have and want to accomplish is impossible by me alone.

Just don't hurt me!


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