Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's a favorite game or toy of yours from childhood?

Well, this is gonna be the corniest thing you ever heard, but I had a stuffed dog named Doggy. I loved him to death, and it showed. I carried him everywhere, used to sniff his ear and suck my thumb, even used him as a pillow at night. Even after I grew out of all of that< i still kept him around and loved him a lot. Then, when I lost my home and my family split up, Doggy just disappeared. Could never figure it out and it kinda haunted me for a while. It always bothered me, even haunted me. Then, a few years later, my mom said that she took him. I was kinda upset and said I wanted him back. That was about a year ago and she still hasn't done that...

Just don't hurt me!


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