Sunday, May 07, 2006

And That's a Wrap... almost

Those of you who missed the season finale missed something really special. Here's the playlist:

Coheed and Cambria - Keeping The Blade
BLOOD - Caught in the Spiral
Sakurai Atsushi - Sacrifice ~Last Confused Mix~
SID - Aijisai
Duel Jewel - Reincarnation. Flow
Raphael - Hanasku innochi no kagirii
Alice nine - Q
BLOOD - Tanmei
Blam Honey - SUSPECT
L`cryma Christi - Sanskrit Shower
Gackt - Redemption
Asian Kungfu Generation - Sakurasou
X - Desperate Angel
Oblivion Dust - Plastic Wings
KoRn - Blind
MUCC - Hakujitsu
Moi Dix Mois - Deus ex machina
Kagrra, - chikai no tsuki
*Gilgamesh DOUBLE SHOT*
Gilgamesh - Mouja no Koushin
Gilgamesh - Having Betrayed is Why
D`espairs Ray - Pig
Malice Mizer - Le Ciel (Single Version)
HIM - You Are The One
Suicide Ali - Favorite Song
Reggie And The Full Effect as The Common Denominators - DWARF INVASION
D - Night Ship D
E nomine - Der Ring Der Nibelungen
Gazette - Cassis
Daishi - I Love You
Art School - Waltz
Dir en grey - Dead Tree
Move - Dog Fight
Tomoyasu Hotei - Twisted Bon Voyage
hide - Hurry Go Round
hide - Hi Ho
hide - Pink Spider
hide - Misery
Isabelle - Stage AGAIN
Isabelle - N
Isabelle - Automatic Destruction
Isabelle - Love & Peace
Isabelle - Tenjouura no YUU
Deadman - Moumoku no hane to hoshi o te ni
Karen - eternity...~winter version~
Deadman - Imp
Scissor - 8
Scissor - From juunin to iro
Scissor - Farewell
Pierrot - Yuuyami Suicide
Pierrot - Neogrotesque
Pierrot - Mad Sky
Pierrot - Screen Ichi Torikago
Pierrot - Follower
Pierrot - Paranoia
Pierrot - Psychadelic Lover
Pierrot - Mass Game
Pierrot - Heaven
Psycho le Cemu - Prism
Psycho le Cemu - Love Is Dead
Psycho le Cemu - Michi no Sora
Psycho le Cemu - Dance II Heaven
Psycho le Cemu - Neo
Psycho le Cemu - Last Emotion
Psycho le Cemu - Megatron
Psycho le Cemu - Gekiai Merry Go Round
Psycho le Cemu - Grotesque
Psycho le Cemu - With
Psycho le Cemu - Rememberance
Psycho le Cemu - Roman Hikou (Acapella Live at Katsucon 2005)

The first half of the night was a pretty normal show. We took as many request from as many different bands as we could, goofed off, shared some news with the people (outlined below), the usualy TR goodness.

Through out the night, we promoted the BLOOD LES FLEURS DU MAL US Tour sponsored by us, and annoucned the dates as well, which are linked at the top of the page. I know this goes without saying, but if there is and way humanely possible that you can make it to these shows, PLEASE DO AND WE'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!

A concerned listener also IM'ed the station, saying that Batsu had a translated message from Mana himself say that he is indeed coming to the US this summer. If this is true, it would be the first official word from Mana that he is indeed coming to the US. We'll post more on this as we get more accurate information.

We also announced that JRock, ink Magazine has been renamed to Purple Sky Magazine and now under slightly new management. They have just opened their website, which has an.... interesting promotional video on it! CHECK IT OUT!

Last, we promoted a J-Music show on XM Satelite Radio called Iron Otaku. They play a bit more pop than TR, but they are by far mor proffesional than we are and have featured many big name artists on their show that we could only DREAM of haing! If you're interested and have XM, please check out their Myspace profile:

After this, we moved on to our tributes to bands on hiatus or have broken up.

I just want to start out by saying I apologise to those of you who made requests we couldn't fulfill. The last 3 hours of the show were for the these bands, and we felt that playing other bands' music would distract the focus away from these tributes. Generally, we would honor any and every request we get, so please forgive us if we refused your request. However, listen in during the next show and we'll make it up to you!

That aside, we started the tributes with a heavily fan requested block of hide, to honor the great guitarist who died 8 years ago last week. From there we moved on to Isabelle, who may or may not have broken up, but are deffinately "stopping activities". After that, we payed tribute to Deadman, and Karen both at once due to our lack of music from them, and moved on to Scissor.

Then, we began our 45 minute tribute to the trgically disbanded Pierrot. Each and every song was a request and many messages were sent to the station to be read on air in honor of the band.

Finally, in a very emotion finale, we paid a one hour tribute to Psycho le Cemu, who were on their fairwell tour during the airing. Every song, once again, was fan requested and we had to break every 2 songs to read messages from fans, sometimes reading 2 at a time, and we still couldn't get through them all! We ended the show, and the official season of Tainted Reality with the Roman Hikou Aucapella version. Immediately afterwards, WIXQ was flooded with phonecalls and IMs from fans, thanking us for the tribute, which moved many to tears.

While this was the season finale, WE ARE ON AIR THIS WEEK!!! However, the time is different.

This week we are on air Tuesday 7-10pm! Make not of this time change for this week only!, More shows will be added as well in the coming days, but this will be the finale week of TR for the 05-06 season! this is your last chance to get your fill so be sure to tune in!



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