Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Season Premiere Uncertain

Bad news guys.

Recently, we in southern Pennsylvania have not seen the happiest weather. Storm damage has been reported across the state, and WIXQ has suffered some as well. We at Tainted Reality were just sent an e-mail from the Station Manager that said that until the storm damage is repaired, WIXQ will not be broadcasting, leaving the season premiere of Tainted Reality in question. It will be repaired in the coming days, but weather or not repairs will be finished before 7pm Thursday is uncertain. WIXQ employees will be working around the clock on repairs though, so lets keep our fingers crossed. As soon as WIXQ starts broadcasting again, the news will be posted here on taintedreality.net. Keep checking here as, if repairs are not finished by Thursday, the season premiere will be postponed to next week, and we will post the news here. We deeply apologise for this and that none of you out there see it fit to slit our throats and deficate on our lifeless bodies for making you suffer without J-Rock!



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