Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I was cleaning up my room today. On one part because I was looking for something, on another part because we're selling the house soon and I wanted to know where all of my stuff was, and the last third because I'm sick of living in this mess.

Now a funny thing happens when I clean my room. See, I'm one of the most nostalgic people you'll ever meet (I'm a sucker for those "I Love The 80's/90's" shows), and when I clean up my room, I dig up alot of shit from my past. My goal today was to get my dresser squared away (Which indeed is a dresser, but does not hold my clothes. Instead it has all of my videogames, DVD,s and miscellaneous knick knacks), and for the first time in, I dunno, 7-8 years I cleaned under the thing. I just reached my arm under the fucker and scooped out all of the shit under there. First thing I found was my Dark Light limited edition box that I lost soon after it came in the mail. After sorting all a few more "Ah! that's where that went" items from the junk, I came across my old binder from high school.

Alright, for any of this to make sence I have to explain alot so bare with me.

Now, how I passed high school is beyond me coz I was a horrid student until half way through my junior year, so most of my binder was filled with sketches, short stories, simple drawlings, notes, and momentos. One thing I came across which made me chuckle a little was an old "akilatem Records" calendar for January of '02. akilatem Records was basically the precursor's precursor to Tainted Reality (before TR, I had Eternal Pictures). What it was was a moch company built around my mix CD's. In highschool, alot of people knew me for my mix CD's (mainly because I was one of the few with a burner back then). I would compile mix CD's consisting of music I really wanted to expose people to, such as foreign rock acts (mainly from Europe), techno remixes, orchestral peices, but mainly, videogame music. I handed out this mix CD's to alot of people, most memorably, giving many many people their first taste of a band called HIM.

As the mix CD's became more popular, I became more ambitious. I started creating CD art, booklets with info, and even compiled CD's with themes or messages. Along with that, I kept up the facade of akilatem Records being a company, despite the fact that everyone knew it was a joke. The furthest it went was the production of my first film, "Hornet Football 2002", which contained alot of the music typical to these mix CDs.

Well, I came across this calendar, and if I remember right, was actually a project for my Word Processing class. Today, 5 years ago, was "Back To School Day", tomorrow was "Nudie Magazine Day", the 11th was "First Senior Project Deadline", the 13th was "Grand Theft Auto III Day", there's a mention on here about Max Payne being named "Game Of The Year" (Which if I remember right, it was actually Serious Sam that beat it out on the Gamespot awards), and the 29th would be the day the Martians were scheduled to invade.

However, what got me was something I almost forgot: the akilatem Records slogan, which appeared on this. I thought it was funny, coz I think even 5 years later, it still applys to what I'm doing, in a very satirical way.

"akilatem Records: The Kind Of Music Your Parents Think Is Stoopid"



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