Friday, May 14, 2010

What country do you like the most?

I've only been to a handful: The Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico and Japan. Out of all of them... Japan hands down. Going to Japan was a life long dream, and the country didn't disappoint. Not a single negative experience in the over 3 weeks I was there. Now, I really only saw Tokyo and the countryside in-between there and Narita airport. But everything about it was great. I'm no city boy (I grew up in the country), but Tokyo was quite different from the norm... mainly me not having to look over my shoulder after midnight. It was also the only time I ever traveled internationally completely alone, but I had (and made) alot of fantastic friends locally to help me learn the ropes.

Bermuda was really decent too, and I have a huge passion for the tropics. If you have a choice, stay far away from the Bahamas and go to Bermuda. Alot less crime and hustlers, and is an absolutely beautiful island.

Just don't hurt me!


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