Monday, February 07, 2011

whats your fav game?

Right now, Fallout 3, but only for PC for its modding capabilities. The freedom of choice and exploration is unsurpassed and is the closest I've seen to a true virtual world. Also the gore level is amazing! Lol

A very close 2nd though is an ooooold PC game call Wing Commander: Privateer. I love it for basically the same reasons, except its in space! And this was 15 years before Fallout 3! Its dropped to #2 though coz I really haven't been able to play it in forever coz its so old, plus the franchise isn't around anymore. They tried to make a sequel, but it was pure shit apparently. I pray to God that one day they will make a 3rd, more in line with the original, but since the game is all but forgotten, looks like my dream will never be fulfilled.

Just don't hurt me!


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