Sunday, October 30, 2005


Last week's show was one weird mofo. We didn't keep a track list because, well, we said "Fuck it" after we had A TOTAL OUTTAGE OF ALMOST ALL EQUIPMENT!

Anyway, here's how the night went. First, we laid out all of the bad news for the listeners: D-Ray is in disaray and the Tainted Reality Logo Creator Give-away was cancelled due to the loss of my car and lack of funds. Thanx go to everyone who did submit logos, and I wish I could reward you somehow for your efforts, but as of now, I am flat broke. However, I revealed some good news. On November 17th, Josephine Yun, the author of JRock, Ink., will be joining us in the studio! However, just when I revealed this, the computers started fucking up... then we lost the network... then we lost pretty much everything. Frustrated, we returned to the air and just played random music because we thought we lost the webcast yet again. When we finally went to talk, and I challenged myself to flawlessly censor TOOL's Hooker with a Penis and was bitching that the webcast was down, BLOOD's translator, Becky from Ohio, called to tell us the webcast was actually up! So, we actually started trying again and revealed more good news: Tainted Reality's next musical interview will be noe other than a band I've been going on about for months: Coaltar of the Deepers. Since the computers were all completely down, we couldn't take requests, so we played a pretty good mix of J, American, and UK artists (Yes, BUSH is UK, I'm surprised no one called in to call me out on that).

So, mark your calendars guys! November 17th, Josephine Yun will join us in the studio to promote her book JRock Ink,. and on December 1st, one of my new fave bands, Coaltar of the Deepers!! Be sure to tune in! Sorry about last show, but we dunno what the hell happened, and neither does anyone in the station. I'll make up for it with a shit load of stories and pictures from my trip to Mexico to tour with BLOOD this weekend!


P.S. Special thanx go out to Sarah of UD for keeping everyone informed as to what the hell was going on!


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