Sunday, November 06, 2005

Not Bad

I thought las week'ss how was gonna tank. Instead, we wound up having one of the largest turnouts we've had in a while,which included some new fans! Here's the playlist:

*No Foot=No Mexico*
Kozi-Honey Vanity
BLOOD-Forever Lost
The Kovenant-Mirror Paradise
*Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots*
Aphex Twin-Come To Daddy (Daddy Mix)
Rammstein-Keine Lust
Johnny Cash-Hurt
Mindless Self Endulgence-Shut Me Up
Dir en grey-Child Prey
Blood - Under the Sensual Moon
HIM - In Joy and Sorrow
D'espairs Ray - Marry of the Blood

Coaltar of the Deepers-Unlimber
BLOOD-I Remember You (Vengeance For BLOOD 2)
Nine Inch Nails-Head Like a Hole (Live)

*Anne Rice=Sellout*
MUCC-Daremo inai ie
BLOOD-The Funeral For Humanity
Gazette-$ocial Riot Machine$
X Japan-Vanishing Love
Suicide Ali-Chainsaw
D-Yami yori kurai dokoku no a capella to bara yori akai jounetsu no aria
hide-Beauty and Stupid
Miyavi-Sukkyanen MYV ~MYV man koushiki ouen uta ( kouhen)

HIM-Vampire Heart

(Requests in Italics)
(Special Events/Talk Breaks in **)

nd bust my ankle so bad 2 nights before my flight that I couldn't walk. After informing the band, they urged me to stay home. So I did, and did the show instead. I wasn't expecting many listeners, As I sent out a notice that there was a show last week on short notice. It started off as I expected, but gradually, more and more people started tuning in. We even had several new fans last week! I really wasn't expecting such a great turn out. Thanx to everyone who listened! You guys really uplifted my spirits.

Charles didn't joing us in the studio coz... well... he's kinda missing. I've been calling him on his cell all week, and he just hasn't picked up. I haven't even seen him online either. So, to fill his void, we had Craig Carestia and Holly Collins join me in the studio, and a special guest appearance by (pornstar) Mike Gaskin. Since I was sad that I missed out on seeing my boyz again, I decided that I would take all requests for BLOOD that night, and there were ALOT! Don't expect this to happen often (except in interview shows) as I want to try and get as many bands equal airplay as I can, but I was really looking forward to hanging and working with them again, so I decided to play as much of their music by request that I could. It made me really happy to have a band requested more than Dir en grey for once!

Later on, Craig and I had a discussion on the recent release of the trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, with most of the conversation revolving around speculation on whether or not the main character in the trailer was really Solid Snake. We think there's a pretty good chance that it is Big Boss. Some of the things we pointed out were the character's use of CQC, the age difference between him and Otakon, and the ominous eye patch. We're still not sure though coz, even while these points make a strong argument that this charcter is Big Boss, this character smoked cigarettes (Big Boss smoked cigars), seemed to know Otakon very well, and the fact that Big Boss has (supposedly) been dead since the original Metal Gear. Also, Hideo Koijima (series creator, director, and writer) has a habbit of having fun with us MGS fans but jerking our chain on what he does and doesn't reveal about the story, which usually makes us go "WTF is he up to now?". Also, a friend of mine from Japanese class, Fabio Simony, had a theory that this is indeed Solid Snake because clones age faster than normal humans. If you wanna contribute to this debate, please do in our comments section coz there's not much I love more than a good MGS discussion.

Also, sadly, I had to break some news to all of you out there. Anne Rice got nabbed by the Crusaders and joined the dark side... er, light side I should say. That's right guys, the most praised gothic novel author of our time, Anne Rice, is now a Born Again Christian. She has even been quoted as saying "From now on, I will only write for the Lord." My problem is not that she's born again, because as I said, I have my own religious beleifs as well that I don't wanna get into because I don't wanna weird you guys out, but my problem is that Born Agains always take their new faith to an extreme and MAKE it dominate their lives. Her first book from her new mind set will be Christ The Lord: Out of Egypt, a novel about Jesus at the age of 7 as told by Jesus. This alone, really, I don't have a problem with because she could probably do something interesting with this. My problem is that this new religious style of writing is all she wants to write for the rest of her life. Why make your God-given vivid and creative imagination so narrow? Personally, I preffer the Johnny Cash approach to making religious related art: Praise Jesus as your lord and savior, then write a song with a line as polar opposite as "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die."

By the way, thanx to Holly, I was able to play Johnny Cash for the first time on the air to the normal TR audience. For those of you who don't know, I am a HUGE Johnny Cash fan, and I would KILL to hear a J-Band do a cover of Follsom Prison Blues! But which band...?

Special Thanx go out to everyone who listened last week. I was really bummed since I couldn't walk (still can't), Charles wasn't there, and I wasn't in Mexico, but you guys really helped lift my spirits! Thanx a bunch all!

Don't forget Josephine Yun in studio on November 17th and Coaltar of the Deepers on December 1st!!!

Also, if you wish to join the Tainted Reality mailing list (Which already has more addresses on it than I thought it would EVER have!!) please send an e-mail to titled "Mailing List".



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