Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tainted Reality and Iron Otaku Team Up & Roger Makes His First Appearance on XM Satellite Radio

This Friday, May 26th at Midnight (EST) and 9pm (Pacific), Tainted Reality officially teams up with our new XM partners Iron Otaku and we make our first appearance on their show on XM 29. Virginia and I swung by to help out this week, and they gave us air time to plug the BLOOD and Moi Dix Mois US tours. Be sure to tune in for our very first appearance as well a great selection of J-Pop and J-Rap!

Also, we will be on the Iron Otaku Talkshow Podcast this week! Some of the topics we cover are the E3 wrap-up, A-Kon, and the Summer of J-Rock. That should be up on the link below some time soon. However, in the meantime, they have uploaded something truely special for you guys!

Dir en grey's first ever US broadcast interview!!!

Be sure to check that out, as well as our dual broadcasts coming up very very soon!


P.S. Special thanx go out to Jason and Kelly for having us on!


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