Monday, September 18, 2006

Wow! We Have Fans?

We didn't do jack shit special last week, but that didn't stop A TON of you from listening! Here's the playlist:

Dir en grey - Machavellism
Duel Jewel - Hamauta
Plastic Tree - Kuchuu Buranko
Lariene - Last Song For You
Penicillin - Mahoudaiya
Coaltar of the Deepers - Dead By Dawn
Gazette - Cassis
lo:lita - Lucy's ok?
Metronome - Hi-Fi
Moi Dix Mois - Deus Ex Machina
An Cafe - Merry Making
Kill Hannah - Lips Like Morphine
Asian Kung-fu Generation - Roujira no usagi
Dir en grey - Ryojoku no ame
The Back Horn - Kiseki
Buck Tick - Romance
12012 - Wriggle Girls

Cobra Starship - Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)
D'espairsRay - Maze
176Biz - Dorakuondauna
D - Nightship D
Glay - Kanojo No 'Modern...'
Kagrra - Ouka Ranman
BLOOD - Caught In The Spiral
Malice Mizer - Illuminati
Daishi - Jitsuroku Shonen Hanzai Kikagaku
Psycho le Cemu - Gekiai Merry Go Round
Merry - Retro Future
Gackt - Redemption
MUCC - Daremo Inai Ie
Sadie - Children of Dispair
Gilgamesh - Mouja no koushin
Candy Spook Theatre - Devilish Kidnapper
Dir en grey - IIID Empire

Requests in Italics

Pretty much the only thing we did ourselves were the summer movie and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII reviews. Here's a basic rundown:

X-Men: The Last Stand - Excellent
Da Vinci Code - Good
Superman Returns - Horrendous
Clerks 2 - Excellent
Nightwatch - Excellent
Snakes on a Plane - Excellent

Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII - Good

However, the big news of the night was that our info leaked onto the Dir en grey Family Values Tour forum thanx to someone known by many names, but on the forums as Totchi-Bird-Zoo-Keeper, and they went nuts over us! With their help, for the first time in TR history, we had too many requests than we could fit into 3 hours! Major thanx go out to all who helped spread the word about us, who listened, and who requested! To those of you who didn't, major major sorries, but please try again this coming week!

This week, however, we do have ALOT planned for you guys! Our Promotions Manager, Nancy, is gonna be coming all the way from Boston to co-host this week's show, we will be returning an old fan favorite segment that we haven't done in a year, debuts of several new rock singles from Japan, an announcement of a major TR project that has been in the works for 6 years, and a major MAJOR earth-shattering announcement!

This is the show you don't wanna miss guys! Be sure to tune in!



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