Thursday, January 11, 2007

Frustration Part 2

I can see this becoming an on going series.

First, I don't want you guys to think I'm writing about TCST, coz I'm not.

But I can't stand it when bands don't return e-mails. See, I'm an insecure twit and am no where near proffesional yet. So every time I have to wait a few days for a reply, I start getting nervous. My Japanese isn't anything fantastic yet, so when I write a letter myself, I'm like "Oh fuck, did I just call his mom a whore?!". Or when I have Becky translate a letter for me, when I have more fine details, and they don't reply, I start thinking "Oh fuck, did I just call his mom a whore?!".

There's usually two different scenarios here.

1. There's the bands that don't even think the initial e-mail deserves a reply. They can't send an acceptance or even a rejection. They just don't reply, period. No matter what I do, no matter how much I yell "Look at me", no matter how much I throw Yoshiki out there, they just don't reply. More of an nnoyance than anything.

And then there's the scarier one.

2. The bands that reply almost immediately to your first e-mail. Then, after one or two e-mails, the replies just stop. And then you start anylizing what was in that last e-mail, and if you find even the smalles thing, you're like "Oh fuck, I shouldn't have said that".

For this e-mail in question, it was "Please send some promo CD's so I can play your music on air."

My fear here is that they think I'm some devious fan boy looking for a free handout, as our reputation in Japan is not firmly established just yet. A few bands here and there know OF us, and a few others actually work with us, but thats about it.

Now, I'm telling myself that these guys are probably just busy, and they'll get back to me when they can. But still, the waiting is a nail biter.


P.S. And now, for some reson, I'm on a Sneaker Pimps binge.


Blogger Morrigan said...

I usually give them 2 weeks before I inquire again. Maybe they're getting the cd ready for you.

7:22 AM, January 12, 2007  

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