Saturday, May 08, 2010

what's the most embarrasing song you (for no reason) liked? Ex. i was really into "Believe" (cher) why? i have no idea? i just kept listening to it :/

I'm gonna have to go with Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way". I've kinda been know to have stuff that makes people got "WTF" when they see my iPod. But, I put it on here because, after our in-store event at the Cure Shop in 2009, the lead singer of the opening band for BLOOD and GPKism was taking us back to his place, and I forget how it came up (I think we were just wanking about 90's music), but all of the sudden, him, Gothique Prince Ken, and (I think) DJ SiSeN all started busting out that song. And we all knew all the words too! It was a HUGE WTF moment! And why did it have to be that song!?

Just don't hurt me!


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