Saturday, May 08, 2010

Which one was the most memorable concert you ever organised?

All of them are ingrained in my mind one way or another, whether they be fore good or bad reasons. But right now, the double headliner shows with Luzmelt and Suicide Ali at Tekkoshocon are the ones that stand out the most. We were off air pretty much from January to then, and I was kinda having a personal falling out with this scene. I really needed some motivation. Meeting up with my friends in SA and making new ones in Luzmelt helped, but how they performed and seeing the crowd reaction was exactly what I needed to bring me back. They shows went off so well (for the most part) and were so inspiring for me that right now, positively, they are the most memorable. I had never seen both fans and bands that happy in my career, and it's really stuck with me!

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