Saturday, May 08, 2010

How many fancy outfits do you have?

Not many coz that shit is expensive! Right now, I only have 3, and my jacket that I'm most know for wearing at events is over 5 years old. I also have a move VK looking shirt that I wear sometimes that Matt gave me as a late Christmas present just before A-Kon 2008, and a newer one that I bought just before J-Classical Industrial Nation. It's a Voltaire-style outfit that is meant to look post-Victorian in style. Turn of the last century type outfit. However, the top hat I got with it doesn't work well with my hair. It kinda makes it poof out and looks weird under the hat. So I opt out of the hat. I also have a BoB Klaha style jacket that was custom fit for me by a friend. The last time I wore that was at Versailles' NYC show. There, a button popped off, so I gave it to a personal friend of mine, and staffer that was helping out, to stitch it back on. It must be the hardest damn thing ever to stitch coz I still haven't gotten it back!

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