Sunday, May 09, 2010

what's the most embarrasing song you (for no reason) liked? Ex. i was really into "Believe" (cher) why? i have no idea? i just kept listening to it :/

I'm gonna have to go with Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way". I've kinda been know to have stuff that makes people got "WTF" when they see my iPod. But, I put it on here because, after our in-store event at the Cure Shop in 2009, the lead singer of the opening band for BLOOD and GPKism was taking us back to his place, and I forget how it came up (I think we were just wanking about 90's music), but all of the sudden, him, Gothique Prince Ken, (I think) DJ SiSeN, and I all started busting out that song. And we all knew all the words too! It was a HUGE WTF moment! And why did it have to be that song!?

Just don't hurt me!


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