Friday, September 09, 2005


Wow. I totally wasn't expecting that kind of audience! You guys were seriously great! I hope you guys liked what you heard and continue to tune in in the following weeks! Here's last night's playlist:

A Perfect Circle - Annihiliation
BLOOD - I Remember You (Vengeance For BLOOD 2 version)
Dir en grey - Dead Tree
D`espairs Ray - Dears
Psycho le Cemu - Love Is Dead
Suicide Ali - Favorite Song
T.M. Revolution - Heart of the Sword
L`arc~en~ciel - Jojoshi
Gazette - Carry?
X Japan - Celebration
*The Night At The Roxburry Guys*
The Pillows - Hybrid Rainbow
*Interview with Mitsukazu Mihara*
Malice Mizer - N.P.S.N.G.S.
12012 - Shinshoku
Phantasmagoria - Material Pain
Luna Sea - Loveless
Kagrra, - Ibitsu
Buck Tick - UTA
Hyde - Horizon
SID - Ajisai (WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!)
SID - Watashi Wa Ame
Hora - Inner Universe
Alicenine - Akai Kazaguruma
CKy - Suddenly Tragic
*An Elightening Interview With Richard Cox*
D`espairs Ray - Garnet
Kagerou - XII Dizzy
Pierrot - Dramtic Neo Anniversary
Dir en grey - Mercilless Cult
Okuto - Dirty Inspiration (Album Version)
Coaltar Of The Deepers - Unlimber

(Requests in italics)
(Special Events in *)

Joining us in the studio were Bad Transitions' Roger-Replacement Craig Carestia and The Night At The Roxburry Guys: Pat Carr and Matt Shack.

I want to thank everyone who listened last night. We didn't even do half of the stuff we wanted to do, but you guys, especially on the Batsu forums, seemed to be having a blast! Also, I want to congratulate those that won prizes last night:

Jonny - East Hartford, CT: Vengeance For BLOOD 2 (Won by being Tainted Reality's First Request)
Mary - Ambler, PA: ~San~ (Won by being caller 5 during Ibitsu)
Gabby - Columbus, OH: An Answer Can Be Found (Won by being caller 7)
Jessica - Perry Hall, MD: Coll:set (Won by being caller 8 after the Richard Cox Interview)
Tiffany - Livingston, NJ (REPRESENT!): Advent Children (Won by correctly answering the Final Fantasy VII trivia question)

For those of you who are wondering, the answer to the trivia question to win Advent Children was Lucrecia. We asked for Sephiroth's biological mother, as in the mother that actually gave birth to him, not his genetic mother, which would have been Jenova. However, for those of you who didn't win the Japanse version, just wait and see what we do for the American version!

For those of you wondering when our next give-away will be, you're in luck coz within the next month and a half, you have 2 chances!

Your first chance to win J-Music mercandise will be with out Tainted Reality Logo Creator Give-away. We want to market the HELL out of Tainted Reality, but how can you market if you don't have a logo? See, I'm a huuuuuge fan of HIM, and not only do they have a logo, but they have a symbol (The Heartagram) too. We are looking for the same thing. We would like a logo and a symbol, but that is not manditory. For you submissions, they must be original, non-copyrighted designs with the words "Tainted Reality". The symbol is optional, but prefferable. The winner will recieve a Tainted Reality J-Music care package with CD's, DVD's, and a shirt with the winning design on it! Please e-mail all submissions to The deadline for this is October 12th.

Your other chance to win stuff is when we have our interview with our first J-Rock ban, Suicide Ali. Suicide Ali made their American debut on our show last night and are hoping to gain a fanbase here in the States. Let's try to help them out by spreading the word about this interview, which will air October 20th.

Aside from all of that, we aired our interviews with Mitsukazu Mihara and Richard Cox. As I said before, Mihara-san was really impressed with the interview, and will recieve a copy of it soon. I am hoping that if she comes to the US again, we can get a longer interview. As for Richard Cox.... I've only heard stories about his reaction to the interview. He was.... amused and extatic from what I understand. Either way, I hope you all enjoyed the interviews, as there are many many more to come! Both Interviews will be available on SoulSeek soon.

The Night At The Roxburry Guys were really great. We wanted to do more with them, however we felt it important to get as many requests in for the first show, this also squeezed out our Otakon Coverage. However, we are working with their people to get them back next week and do a true show that covers the events of Otakon 2005. We will be working on how to hos the Roxburry Guys' music video. If anyone out there knows anything about video hosting, please e-mail me or post in our comments section.

Also, last night, we played an up and coming VK band from Kobe called Okuto. Many people seemed to like 'em too! Thanx Sarah for introducing them to us! Their website, along with Sucide Ali's is linked below.

One thing I do want to add is that my J-Collection, as extensive as it may be, is still a bit small. So, if there is some band or album that makes you think "Roger's such an ass for not having that", please post it on the comments section, and I'll do my best to have it by the next show.

One last thing I want to mention is something we came up with last night. When requesting, it helped us alot when people gave us the song they wanted, the band, the album, and the track number. Most of my CD's are w/o tracklists because I had my case stolen in Mexico. I won't bite your head off if you don't do this, but it will help us emmensly as we can try and prepair your request as soon as possible.

Well guys, what did you think? How badly did we suck? Angry you didn't win something? Feel free to bitch us out and vent all of your frustration, anger, and spam on our comments section as much as you want.

Once again, thanx go out to everyone who listened!

-Roger - Sucide Ali (Do not speak English) - Okuto (Do not speak English) - Bi-Polar Clothing (Official Makers of future Tainted Reality Clothing) - The Official Web Comic of The Night At The Roxburry Guys

P.S. Deepest apologies go out to those who's requests didn't get played. Please don't be too mad. Things were a little overwhelming for us last night. However, please request again next week and we'll do our best to fulfill it! Also, to the girl who requested Alicenine, I am so sorry if I gave you a hard time on the phone. The CD started skipping, then the phone was acting weird, then I wasn't familiar with the song you were asking for... I am so sorry. And my last apology goes to the 5th caller for the Advent Children DVD. Every once in a while, we like to have fun with our callers, so I apologise if we threw you off guard a bit. So, this is for everyone, if you call us, and something weird happens, that means its us. I hope I didn't offend you guys and you all continue to listen in!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your site is very good!


1:30 PM, September 09, 2005  
Blogger The Suburban Legend said...

I'll be the first to say it... the show was complete and utter chaos, but entertaining.

I also don't think you pimped the blogger adress enough.

Thanks for the bipolar mentions, too! That place is the hottest ever!

2:01 PM, September 09, 2005  
Anonymous Laura said...

I liked the show alot. My request got played <3 and I am looking forward to next week!

7:27 PM, September 09, 2005  
Anonymous calla said...

It's ok Roger about the requests! I know you were running around half mad. So no worries here.

Just play "Forever Love" by X Japan sometime this month and I'll be happy. ^o^

And even if you don't I'll still listen in. ^_~ So, hakuna matata.

2:28 AM, September 10, 2005  

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