Sunday, March 19, 2006

To celebrate Dir en grey finally arriving on US soil, this Thursday, Tainted Reality will be featuring a half hour long SUPER BLOCK of the boys!

Oh, but that's not all!

YOU guys get to vote! It will be a countdown of sorts! Basically, you all get to vote for ONE SONG (Mulitple submissions will be void. Example: "I vote for Zomboid or Saku"). You can vote for ANY SONG in Dir en grey's cataloge (except the remix album). All votes will be cast on the TR Myspace comments section ( linked above ). The most voted for songs will appear in the super block this week, with the #1 most voted for song to be the dramatic climax! The deadline for submissions is the stroke of Midnight, east coast time, Wednesday night.

Oh, but that's not all!

Those of you going to the NYC show can share your stories on TR!!!! These you can submit any way you want. Here, E-mail, Myspace, LJ, this will be left to you! You can tell the crazy stories of how you got there, shit that went down at the show, afterwards, or even a review of the show itself! As long as it relates to the show, send it to us! Only the most interesting stories will be read on air, so make 'em good! Also, include you handle (name you go by), home town, and state! The deadline for these will be Thursday at 5pm east coast time. Hope you all enjoy the shows! Be sure to vote and subbmit your stories!



Anonymous ank0010 said...

Awesome! I will be at the NYC show and will send a report. Please play songs off MISSA! I don't care what anyone says about it, it is my favourite album.

10:05 PM, March 19, 2006  
Anonymous Amy said...

I don't have myspace so I'll just put it here and maybe you'll play it, ne? So could you play ain't afraid to die. It's always nice to hear Kyo actually singing.

7:28 AM, March 21, 2006  
Anonymous ank0010 said...

Ahh.. this feels like homework! I have written a report @ work, but cant get it out from that PC. Extend the time for the reports!!!! They parked their van infront of me and came out, so I was like 1 meter away from the legends. Meh, nevermind....I was with Jon, he can tell you more, even thought I came to the stage a lot closer than he did.
Oh and I got a free copy of jrock ink after the show. Your article was awesome!<3 It was worth the whole issue, I dare say.

9:00 AM, March 23, 2006  

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