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BLOOD 2/16/06 Interview Transcript

You guys demanded it, so here it is! The transcript from the BLOOD interview last month! For those of you who want to use this, you're more than welcome, just contact me first before you do. Other than that, enjoy!

Roger: Vengeance For BLOOD 3 sold out very quickly. How does this make you feel?

Kiwamu: I think it’s a natural result of people recognizing the high quality of the world our band has created.

Roger: What inspired the vampire trilogy? Why did you do it?

fu-ki: I was reading Anne Rice novels at the time I came up with the vampire concept trilogy idea. I wanted to try to depict that kind of world myself.

Roger: For the new CD, you used the new costume designer, UnVolLkomMEN. Please talk about them.

Kiwamu: The name UnVolLkomMEN isn’t actually a proper word in German, but she’s an indies designer who likes to make gothic costumes. She started designing for us because she liked what she saw and heard from us, and she understands what we’re trying to do, so I think this is a good collaboration. This was also her first time making costumes for men.

Roger: Will you print more copies of Vengeance For BLOOD 3?

fu-ki: We’re not planning to!

Roger: BLOOD is about to release their first full length DVD. Please Talk about this.

Kiwamu: I wanted to make a DVD that would illustrate the world of VENGEANCE for BLOOD. Your own DJ Roger made the image scenes, a video team in Mexico recorded the live footage, and I did the editing. So in the end, the creation of this work spanned 3 countries. I think that’s something only BLOOD is able to do.

Roger: What single song are you most proud of in the Vengeance For BLOOD Trilogy?

fuki: At first, BLIND was my favorite because it was the first song I wrote for the band, but now my favorite is Vengeance for BLOOD. I think it summarizes everything that BLOOD is.

Roger: Where is Kaede?

Kiwamu: He’s probably lazing around at home

Roger: What is your favorite alcohol?

fu-ki: Beer, of course!

Roger: Do you have any random, insane tour stories?

Kiwamu: I got food poisoning during our first tour in Mexico. I had to go to the hospital for emergency treatment the day before our first live show there. It was awful.

Roger: Some people are confused why Takeshi and Dai were fired from BLOOD. Please talk about this.

Kiwamu: Even though BLOOD had grown a lot as a band, those two hadn’t grown with us at all. They just didn’t have what it took. They also stole money from the band and ran off, and that was inexcusable.

Roger: In the past, you (Kiwamu) have shown respect for Taichi. If he ever wanted to rejoin BLOOD, would you say "yes"?

Kiwamu: Right now, I handle all the guitar parts myself and write all the songs together with Fu-ki, so we don’t really need him anymore.

Roger: BLOOD has some plans to make the Goth scene bigger in Japan. Please talk about the plans.

fuki: Compared to other countries, the goth scene in Japan is very divided between the hardcore goths and the more average people, so as a band that has experienced the visual and goth scenes in Europe and around the world, we’re hoping to bring Japan’s goth scene to life. Goth as a genre is also very broad, so we want to hold events that display all of its different aspects.

Roger: Fu~ki! How could you say Hide From The Sun was better than Dark Light!?

fuki: Of course, Dark Light was great too, and out of the two bands HIM is my favorite. But in terms of the CDs themselves, I just liked Hide From The Sun more. But HIM is still the better band.

Roger: If you are walking down a dark alley, and you encounter a vampire, what should you do?

Kiwamu: If you meet a vampire, bite him!!

Roger: If you could tour with any band, current or disbanded, who would it be?

fuki: I’d love to tour with Cradle of Filth.

Roger: Why hold the Vengeance For BLOOD Last Tour in Europe?

fu-ki: We also went to Mexico in February, so from Japan that means we’re traveling to both the east and the west to commemorate the end of our story. So we didn’t really choose Europe specifically for this last tour.

Roger: The fans must know, is BLOOD disbanding after The Last Tour?

Kiwamu: We’ve been working on this concept for 2 years, and we just need some time off to take in various new experiences so we can create new and better music. We’re just a little tired.

Roger: Do you have any future US plans?

Kiwamu: One reason why we haven’t been able to get shows in America, even though we’ve played for audiences of 200-500 people in Europe, is the 21-or-over age limit in American clubs. We want to go where people of all ages can see us, but those places are hard to find. If there are any club owners listening to this who can let us perform without age restrictions, please contact Roger.

Roger: Will BLOOD always be an indies band, or will they ever go to a major lable?

fu-ki: It depends on the terms.

Roger: What is next for BLOOD?

Kiwamu: We haven’t decided yet. We’ll think more about it after the last tour in April.

Roger: Please Say something to your fans.

fu-ki: If there’s anyone listening who doesn’t have our CDs or only knows bits and pieces of our music, please buy our CDs and experience our world. I think you can buy BLOOD CDs at CDJapan, and you can also hear our music at our profile at

Roger: Nick asks: Do you play videogames? What are your favorite videogames?

Kiwamu: I don’t play them anymore, but I do like the Final Fantasy series.

Roger: Dix Infernal asks: In your opinion, what are the three most important things in life?

fuki: Rock music, beer, and beautiful women.

Roger: Helen asks: What or who was your inspiration for starting BLOOD?

Kiwamu: I started BLOOD with the goal of creating works that no other band could make, so I wasn’t inspired by any particular band.

Roger Shitsuka asks: If you could fly, and go anywhere, where would you go and why?

fuki: To where you are.

Roger: Myra asks: Have any of you been to jail?

Kiwamu: I did some time just before I formed BLOOD. But I can’t tell you why.

Special thanx go to Becky for translating, and BLOOD for participating!!!



Anonymous Lilith said...

Ah, I understand now why most Japanese bands choose to play at conventions. Age limit >_< I am also not 21 yet so that would be something I would worry aboutXD I love CoF!!!! I'm crazy about the Nymphetamine video X3.

1:19 AM, March 14, 2006  
Anonymous Jess said...

YAY!! I'm glad you put up the transcript (as you know my computer connection SUCKS.)

8:01 AM, March 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the transcript! =) I can't listen live cause of the timezone difference...T_T

2:27 PM, March 15, 2006  
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