Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Been awhile... I'll make up for it with NEW ROCK

Maybe I've been playing with that new Myspace toy a little too much recently! Sorry for the lack of updates here. It won't happen again once I get everything stable with the Myspace and school. Those of you still waiting for the SIN CD review and last week's track list, it should be up tomorrow.

As I said, I'll make up for it with the SHIT load of new music we just got! These include new alicenine, MUCC, Hyde, and SID and more to come!

Also, we will be doing a half hour block of music entitled "Music So Heavy, You'll Shit Your Pants!". This will be a half hour block without talk or commercial interruption of the heaviest, angriest, craziest music out there. If you wanna request music you think will fit in this block, go right ahead and tell us!

Once again, major apologies for the lateness. School's been kicking my ass and this Myspace... wow, we're gonna do things with this!



Anonymous Lilith said...

Can't wait for tomorrow's show ^__^

7:27 PM, March 01, 2006  

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