Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Update

Hey Guys!

Just writing to let you all know we haven't died (yet).

Right now, things are hectic as we get down to the final weeks before the LES FLEURS DU MAL Tour, and from the looks of things, it's going to sell out! Thanks go to all of you who have bought tickets already, and for those who haven't, especially in LA, HURRY UP! They're almost gone!

Right now, I'm currently living in Ocean City NJ where my summer job is (ICE CREAM TRUCK BABY!!!!), but unfortunately, the only computer access I have is at the public library for a limited amount of time. So, updates will be slow, especially with all the work going into the tour.

The movie mentioned in my recorded statement on the Myspace is on hiatus for now to accomedate the massive work load going around between myself and the other TR staffers. We will get to it one day, I promise!

Also, Gin and myself we're on Iron Otaku last month, as well as Iron Otaku: The Talkshow! While your chance to catch us on XM has passed, you can still check us out on the podcast! Simply go to and scroll down to the entry The Otaku Adventure. Be sure to check it out as we had some cool dicussions about E3 and The Summer of J-Rock!!!

Lastly, for now, Iron Otaku, in conjunction with Tainted Reality, are in negotiations with Otakon to bring you a truely special J-Rock expirience specifically for the Kon crowd! What it is, I cannot say because nothing is set in stone. So, keep your fingers crossed and hope Otakon sees the light, coz its all up to them now!

I hope all of you are having a fantastic summer and we here at TR hope to see you at Otakon and LES FLEURS DUL MAL!!!!



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