Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yay! No Door!

It was about time we got those things last week out of the way. Here's the play list:

Pierrot - Heaven
*The Rita Hurricane*
D`easpairs Ray - In Vain
Kagrra, - Nanagatsu Nanaoka
BLOOD - Forever Lost

*Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children*
Buck Tick - Romance
Malice Mizer - Gekka no Yasoukyoku
Dir en grey - Clever Sleazoid
Mindless Self Indulgence - Last Time I Rocked Your World
Skinny Puppy - Pro-test
Kuroyume - Fake Star
Onmyouza - Rasetsu
L`arc~en~ciel - As One
Gazette - Carry?

*Stupid People - Otakon Theif*
Hyde - Countdown (NEW ROCK)
Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Sealing
BLOOD - I Remember You (Vengeance For BLOOD 2)
Hora - Inner Universe
Nightmare - Akane
Antique Cafe - Odon meruhen tokei

*Otakon 2005 Coverage*
Psycho le Cemu - Area
CKy - The Way You've Lived Your Life
12012 - Ame, Saku Giora Tosareta Nakaku
KMFDM - Free Your Hate (NEW ROCK)
*The Blitz Round - Emo - Bright Eyes*
Suicide Ali - Shikei
Miayvi - Rock is NOT Dead
hide - Erase

We started the show off with a bit of talk about Rita. We expressed concerns over how the storm would affect even us in PA, and a plea for everyone in the area of the hurricane to be safe. Luckily, the the only fan I think the show has in the area, Myra from Huston on the Batsu boards, is safe and well.

Later on in the show, we discussed Advent Children, joined by guest Craig Carestia, who had a bit of a problem d/ling the film because of assholes on Limewire who rename French Porn into highly downloadble items. I did, however, see the movie, and I was honest... I was a bit disappointed. I was really hoping there would be a good solid story that would further the legend that is Final Fantasy VII. However, what we got was a non-stop action fest with only slightly more story than Arnold Schwarzenegger's Commando. I will hand it to Nomura though, the action was pretty kick ass and stylish, but it just wasn't what I wanted in this film. But hey, this is my personal opinion. If you think I'm full of shit, proclaim it in the blogger and tell us why!

We did our first Stupid People segment this week and discussed a theif at Otakon who was crying that he got banned for 3 years. I have no sympathy for theives, so it felt only appropriate to have this be our opener to this re-invented skit. Fan reaction was pretty hostile towards the theif, and a few comments were read on air. This will be a feature for future stupid people segments, so feel free to put in your two cents!

We finally did our Otakon 2005 coverage. Basically, despite the appearence of a major musical guest, the convention still was alot of fun! You can tell the convention took strides to make up for it by adding more panels and doubling the size of the dealer's and game rooms! One thing I didn't mention which rather pissed me off was that they were very strict on signs this year. You couldn't be creative at all, only "Hug Me" signs. I saw convention officails harass people with seemingly innocent signs that they were not allowed to have them, which I thought was pretty fucking rediculous. I even tried the sign thing for the first time with a message that concerned vampires and necking people, but within 2 minutes of me entering the convention with it, I was told by officials to get rid of it. No fun. Other than that though, Otakon oh five was a huge blast!

Lastly, we officially resurrected the Blitz Round from Bad Transitions and re-invented it a bit too. Now, instead of us taking randomly bad songs and picking them apart, we have changed it into a big "Fuck You" to MTV culture by taking popular songs from popular genres, and tearing them, the artist, and their fans a new asshole. For our first, we decided to ridicule the second most annoying group of people on the planet, Emo kids, and took on one of their flagship bands, Bright Eyes. For further details about this, Malice Mizer Inc has kindly posted the entire show on bittorrent! A segment like this cannot be exlained, only heard. I'll post the link later on tonight!

Once again, please don't forget about our upcoming events! First is our exclusive interview with band new mofo J-Rock band, Suicide Ali which will air October 20th. Check them out at their website Please tell your friends about this balls-out-rockin up-and-cuming band! Second is the Tainted Reality Logo Creator Give-away. Once again, send us your original, uncopyrighted logos and symbols that you come up with for the show, and if you win, you will recieve a J-Rock Care Package, a T-Shirt with your design on it, and your logo will become the official logo of Tainted Reality! The deadline for this has been EXTENDED to November 9th! Multiple submissions ARE accepted. Please send all submissions to

Well, we cried like Emo kids that no one is posting comments anymore. So are you guys gonna make us happy, or are we gonna have to slit our wrists out of attention, hold 'em up to you and say "My blood is a red as the pain you bring to my soul"?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:08 AM, September 26, 2005  
Anonymous jonny said...

i don't know if the above links are jokes, but that's pretty stupid.

anywho, i agree with you on ff7:ac that it lacked in the story department, but the action was insane!! and their attention to detail was sick too.

i have some logos that i'm working on. expect them soon.

11:21 AM, September 26, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, you said to post SOMETHING? Well:


haha, um... ah... er...
You guys rock, but you should play my stuff! Cause I'm better than everyone else!! Except maybe Jon, but... Um... ooo, You know what would be REALLY fucking awesome?! If you would play SADS "Porno Star" for me this Thurs. That would so rock! \m/ I love you guys. *wink* Rock on fellow VKers!

*headbang and exit*

--Blazing-Soul aka Gabbie from OH

3:27 PM, September 26, 2005  
Blogger Tainted Reality said...

You got it! Just remind us on Thursday.


4:02 PM, September 26, 2005  
Anonymous creatureweakness said...

Ha! It was onmyouza! ... anyways since you seem to be willing to sell your souls for comments, here's one! XD

4:53 PM, September 26, 2005  
Anonymous Sarah D. said...

I totally second Gabbie from OH's request for "Porno Star!"

9:02 PM, September 27, 2005  
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