Saturday, October 01, 2005

Expirimentation is Fun

With no Charles, we tried a few things differently this week. Here's the playlist:

KMFDM-Megalomania Remix
The Backhorn-Ame
Phantasmagoria-Material Pain
God Lives Underwater-Tricked
HIM-Buried Alive by Love
Killswitch Engage-Breathe Life
Larc~en~Ciel-Lost Heaven
Dir en Grey-Saku
Julian-K-This Machine
D'espairs Ray-Born ~White Stream Mix~
NIN-March of the Pigs
12 0 12-Shudder
HIM-Vampire Heart
Coaltar of the Deepers-Unlimber
BLOOD-Forever Lost
*Stoopid People - Roger's Speeding Ticket*
HIM-Your Sweet 666
HIM-Wicked Game
Mindless Self Indulgence-Bull Shit
Dir en Grey-The Final
HIM-The Face of God
Miyavi-Rock and Roll is not Dead
Hora-Synthetic Anthem
Skinny Puppy-IAmmortal
X Japan-Silent Jealousy
hide - LEMONed I Scream
MUCC-Daremo Inai Ie
Y Front-Mellow Cosmos
Malice Mizer-Ju te Veux
Malice Mizer-Garnet
The Pretenders-I'll Stand by You
*The Polysics in Philly*
Polysics-Kaja Kaja Goo
Buck Tick-Kimi No Vanilla
*Stoopid People - HIM Fan Girls at the Nov. '04 Philly Show*
SADS-Porno Star

As some of you may know, we started the show an hour early. Why? I just walked in to the studio for some last minute preperations for the night, and the studio was empty! I just couldn't let quality air time go to waste, so I assumed control. Turns out that Andrew suspended them for one show for niether showing up to this last weekend's station meeting, or sending in an excuse. So, tough luck for them, good luck for you guys!

Charles, Tainted Reality's beloved co-host, was unable to make it to the show this week because his girlfriend was very sick, and he opted to care for her, which is admirable. So, to fill his void, temporarily atleast, we were joined by Chris Carl, the only other J-Fan I know on campus, Craig Carestia who stayed longer than usual, and someone who was in the studio but refused to get on any mic, Whitney Coolidge, who is new to the J-scene. That was supposed to be the "out of the ordinary" part of the show, that we were actually gonna have a female on. But oh well.

As stated earlier, we decided to switch things up a bit this week. The big change up was that we did less talk breaks and focused more on the music. Good thing because we had a true OVERLOAD of requests this week, not to mention some asshole turned the ringers on the phones off before our show, so once we turned 'em back on, they wouldn't stop ringing! Once again, I know we missed a few requests, and for that, I deeply deeply apologise.

We also played more non-J bands to help shake things up a bit. We even had several non-J requests! That's good, because it fit in with our celebration of the release of HIM's 5th album, Dark Light, which you all MUST get!! We played a couple of tracks from the album, and we'll probably play more next week. I wanted to play more, but I got so caught up with the requests. I gotta learn how to better manage time.

We also did not one, but TWO Stoopid People segments this week! The first we did was against me for getting my first speeding ticket. You may think that's not too bad, but considering I got clocked at 75 in a 35 on a country backroad and was passing old people on the double lines, I think I deserved it. Surprisingly, the fans we not too hard on me, though I was really hoping they would. Some people sent in some choice words about my driving performance, which were read on air such as "You're a dumbass". Fair Enough.

The second was directed squarely towards the HIM fan girls who pretty much ruined their November '04 stop in Philly for me and Charles. Being as this was a night for HIM, I felt it appropriate to share this story, even though its not relatively recent. These girls kept trying to force their way up to the front, even though there was no room to move. This caused massive crowd sways and packed the fans so tight in that you couldn't even raise your hand if you wanted to, let alone breathe. When HIM finally took the stage, it only got worse. The crowd swaying wouldn't stop and people were getting packed in tighter and tighter because of the fan girls. We could all tell something bad was going to happen, and it did no less than half way through the second song, were a large group of people fell. It wasn't just bad that people fell, but the fan girls behind them started climbing OVER the fallen bodies to get closer to the band!!!!! HIM, for the first time in their existance (to the best of my knowledge) stopped the show the second this happend. They had everyone calm down and recollect themselves before continuing the show. What made things worse was that Charkes was at the very bottom of that pile that fell. I had to pull him off of the ground, and when I relaized he was barely consious, I took him out of the crowd. Even then, with somebody obviously very hurt, the fan girls almost wouldn't let us out, because they were too focused on continuing to force their way to the front.

We weren't able to get fan responses on this because it was at the very end of our show, however, feel free to post them here!

Lastly, we did coverage on the Polysics show at the TROC in Philly. Let me tell you something: If you didn't plan on seeing these guys and they are playing near you, change you plans NOW! They really put on a great show, sold all of their own merchandise, and were more than willing to sign autographs. Once they took the stage, they never let up, whether it be rocking out wildly during a song, or front man Hiro "pleasuring" his guitar. I haven't had that much fun at a live show in a long time. Unfortunately, there is only one date left on this tour (NYC CBGB Tomorrow Night), but they promised their return to the U.S. So, if you are in or around a city that will be hosting Polysics in the near future, please go see them! You won't be disappointed!

Don't forget about our 2 BIG upcoming events!!! First is our exclusive interview with band new J-Rock band, Suicide Ali which will air October 20th. Check them out at their website Please tell your friends about this these guys becaues they need all of the support they can get! Second is the Tainted Reality Logo Creator Give-away. Once again, send us your original, uncopyrighted logos and symbols that you come up with for the show, and if you win, you will recieve a J-Rock Care Package, a T-Shirt with your design on it, and your logo will become the official logo of Tainted Reality! The deadline for this has been EXTENDED to November 9th! Multiple submissions ARE accepted. Please send all submissions to

Also, I want to try a new expiriment. I'm gonna start a mailing list. If you would like to be notified of blogger updates and shows through the e-mail, send an e-mail to titled "Mailing List". Hopefully this will be a good way to keep people posted on Tainted Reality, as well as other Eternal Pictures activities.

Special thanx go out to Chris Carl, Whitney Coolidge, and Craig Carestia for coming by to help out in Charles absence. Don't forget to wish Charles and his the best in our comments section.

Also, don't forget to check out Craig's clothing line: Bi Polar Clothing



Suicide Ali -


Anonymous Whitney C. --- The GIRL jfan. lol. said...

haha, great show... It WAS fun, I dunno what happened to me tho... I was thinking things, but they wouldnt come out, lol. I dont know. But fear not, I was not bored for one minute, it was lots of fun. Hmm, maybe I could drop by in the future and then you can say there was a girl on the show, instead of just lurking in the corner of the room. haha. but yea, maybe I can get some Rammstein next time? its not jrock... but hey, you played the pretenders. haha. catch you later.

2:50 PM, October 01, 2005  
Blogger Roddick Roddick III said...

Hey, are you going to Zentrancon ( It's a Philly-area convention and it seems like it'd be a good place to promote your show. There's also going to be another lolita/aristocrat meetup.

12:03 AM, October 03, 2005  
Blogger Tainted Reality said...

I dunno. It all depends on my work schedual. Hopefully though.


11:53 AM, October 04, 2005  

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