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Merry Christmas to all of you out there. I hope you guys are having a wonderful time with your family and friends and are receiving many kick ass presents.

Now I couldn't just say that and not give you guys anything. So, as my special Christmas prsent to you all, her is my interview with D'espairs Ray, done via e-mail with the help of Harry and Nora of Jpop House! It's a simple, get-to-know-the-band-better type of interview which should be good for a few laughs and some interesting tidbits. So, here you go guys! Merry Christmas!


Roger: Why do you want to play music in America?
H: Because they are Manias there.
K: To me it doesn’t matter what country, I just want more people to be able to listen to our music.
Z: I agree with that, I just want more and more people to listen to our music. I guess it is also a statement of the existence of our band.
T: Because there are people there who waiting for us.
(* Mania is what the band calls their fans)

Roger: Why have you chosen music as your career?
H: To change myself.
K: I found a way to express myself through music.
Z: Like every other person who makes it to their life’s branch road, I was confused and at a loss but in the end I always come to realize that this is the way I need to go.
T: I was born with music in blood.

Roger: What fuels your aggression?
H: My conviction to the band.
K: As long as I continue to live and feel happiness, sadness and anger, I will go on.
Z: The people who continue to strife for their dreams listening to our songs, that makes me want to work harder for myself and the band.
T: I don’t need anything to push me in my music because it just happens.

Roger: What goes into writing your music?
H: I write my lyrics based on the inspirations I get from listening to the music and also from my life experiences.
K: Things I think about on a normal basis and also what I feel.

Roger: You have recently released your first full length, Coll:set. What goes into producing a full length album that's different from a mini-album?
H: I don’t really feel that anything is different from our past works.
K: The feelings I put into my songs are unchanged, the only difference I can think of is probably that the whole production process took a longer time.
Z: We have more songs on it and that enabled us to have more options of reaching out to the listeners. On the hand, because of that, it also got us thinking harder on our concept for each and every song.
T: It is the same way all the time, I always put my soul into our music. The only thing that changes is just the sound.

Roger: Where do you PV concepts come from?
H: They are based on the interpretation of our songs and lyrics, and of course the director’s dispositions contribute too.
K: Of course it is mainly from the inspirations we get from the songs, we always try to produce something that is not too difficult to understand. However, I’m still not fully satisfied with our current PVs and that is why I am thinking of studying about film editing and such.
Z: Whatever that comes to mind based on the songs.
T: From the first image the composer has in his mind.

Roger: Your PV's use a lot of occultic imagery. Why?
H: Because I love the mystical.
K: It is mainly because our songs portray feelings that we as humans harbor in the bottom of our hearts. And I think humans are pretty mysterious beings.
Z: I think it is the main element we need to express our music.
T: If everything is down and dirty than even that will not come out nicely.

Roger: What do you do in your spare time, outside of D`espairsRay?
H: I watch movies and sometimes travel.
K: I watch movies and play games. Lately I have been going out drinking with my friends a lot.
Z: I always go for walks. I just feel that we need to always be in touch with what is around you.
T: I draw or watch movies.

Roger: Do you have any vices or guilty pleasures?
K: Pleasure, now that is another thing that is mystifying to me and I have been searching for that but I have not gotten my answer. So, I must say I am still looking for one.
Z: Nothing in particular.
T: I think human beings are just a big lump of desire. I also think that every human wish to know what is to happen to them in the future, let it be a dirty wish or desire.

Roger: D`espairsRay is a visually and acoustically frightening band. Is this fueled by your fears? What scares you?
H: To me there is nothing as scary as the feeling of happiness.
K: The darkness that we portray in our music is actually the darkness that sits in every human’s heart representing sadness and anger. I have been thinking and I am going to start to include happier things into our future songs. The thing that brightens me up and scares me the most will always be people.
Z: The secret that lies within a human being.
T: If you think about it every human would probably think that any other person besides themselve are scary beings. We only think about ourselves anyway. And in the end we end up all alone.

Roger: What's your favorite alcohol?
H: I don’t drink much.
K: Red wine, Bourbon, Japanese wine, beer, in fact almost anything.
Z: Anything.
T: Tequila.

Roger: Is there any genre of music out there you can not stand?
H: Reggae.
K: I hate senseless rock music.
Z: Nope.
T: No, I like anything that makes a sound.

Roger: Do any of you play video games? If so, what is one game you cannot be beaten in?
H: Final Fantasy.
K: I love gaming. I will never lose at GHOST RECON!
Z: None in particular.
T: I can never be beaten in a shooting game that needs you to be sharp on your reflexes.

Roger: Do you have any pre-show rituals?
H: Mental concentration.
K: Get high.
Z: I ask myself questions.
T: Hold a meeting with the band members.

Roger: There is an internet rumor that Hizumi was discouraged that many American fans did not know the lyrics to your songs when they last played here. Should your fans have knowledge of your lyrics before attending your show?
H: I did say that there were many people who didn’t know us and our songs who came to the show but I never said I was discouraged. In fact I am always so honored and happy that they are people who would come to our shows despite not knowing who we are.
K: Let’s not get Hizumi mad and study our English lyrics ok?
T: It’s not a must but I think you would be able to enjoy our Lives even more if you know our lyrics. I understand that there is the problem of language but I know all you Manias can do it, can’t you?

Roger: Many Japanese bands are cursed in other countries by not being labeled by the music they play, but in that they are from Japan. How do you feel about this? Would you like to be classified as a goth or metal band, or should D`espairsRay not be characterized at all?
H: I don’t think that there is a way to make one think a certain way as everyone has his or her opinions and views. We don’t really like to classify ourselves to be of any specific genre.
K: I am going to leave that up to the listeners to decide.
Z: We are simply that, D’espairsRay. I think something like genre is always decided by others anyway.
T: Yup, D’espairsRay.

Roger: What are your views on file sharing?
H: Speaking from a listener’s point of view one would say that the MP3 technology is a blessing but from a music writer’s point of view, thinking about the time we put in to make sure we achieve a high quality in sound, I definitely would want everyone to listen to our songs on a CD.
K: I think that every musician in the World is crying over this. I just wish for people to not forget the fun feeling of anticipation waiting for a CD to be release and to actually buy one.
Z: This is a very big problem in the music industry now but I cannot say that it is 100% bad. I just think that you can never tell when or how you get to know things.
T: A person who enjoys MP3s music does not know what real music is. If you are satisfied with bad quality music than you can never understand D’espairsRay.

Roger: Are their any solo projects in the works?
H: My mind is set on D’espairsRay only.
K: Maybe one day when D’espairsRay is no longer D’espairsRay.
Z: When the time comes I might. The desire is always waiting.

Roger: What's in the future for D’espairsRay?
H: On January 8, we will be playing a One Man show at Shibuya O-East, so if you have a chance please come!
K: I want to make another album and then go on a Tour!
Z: If you continue to follow us you would know, so just keep your eyes on us.
T: I really want to go to America again. Hopefully I will be able to share many more things with all of you.

Fan Questions
Stephanie of Texas asks: Where in the world would you like to play the most?
H: Japan.
K: I know it won’t be possible anymore, but it has to be CGBG in New York!
Z: Anywhere that wants us.
T: I would like to play anywhere in America but if you ask me to choose a state I’d have to say Virginia. That’s because it is a place of memories for me.

Johnny Reb of Connecticut asks: What current bands do you listen to? Any Western Bands?
H: I don’t really listen to songs when I am at home.
K: I’m listening to 80’s and 90’s music from all over the world now.
Z: I only listen to Western music.
T: Secret.

Roxanne of Ohio asks: Now that you have toured three continents, do you think your experiences with other cultures will influence your music?
H: I think that all the things we have experienced overseas are now reflected in our songs.
K: Being in touch with different cultures of the world has been a great experience for me and it has definitely influenced our music.
Z: It definitely has, only it is difficult for us to pin point what it really is.
T: For me, I’m not solely interested in the music aspect of things but also in art. With music and art linked together I have gained a lot that I am able to channel into my music. That is why I wish to see many other places.

Sarah of Connecticut asks: How does taking on a visual role that is neither male nor female affect your male identity?
H: I am 100% man!
K: I don’t really see the visual role being that way.
Z: I don’t think it really matters if you are male or female, what is important is what you are doing now.
T: I’ve never felt for once that we are playing a certain role or character. I just continue to do what I am capable of and it doesn’t matter if people think I am a faggot at that!

Jessica of Maryland asks: If you were told you were going to die in one day, how would you spend the last remaining hours of your life?
H: I would like to perform a concert to my last breath.
K: If I am in a state where I am still able to, I would definitely want to play a final Live.
Z: It doesn’t matter what and it could be the smallest thing in the world but I’d like leave something behind.
T: If it is OK with all of you guys, I’d like for everyone to come our last concert and I would play my heart out. And then I can peacefully die without any regrets!

Please say something directly to your fans.
H: Nothing is confirmed yet but when we Tour in America again next year, please come to our shows! I’ll be looking forward to see all of you again.
K: We are currently working on our next album so please look forward to it. And hopefully, I’ll see all of you again.
T: Let’s all go sky diving together!! It seriously changes the way you look at things! (laughs) I will definitely return to America again. Thanks!

Once again. Special thanx go out to Harry and Nora for making this happen. I hope we can work with them again sometime in the near future. And, once again, from everyone here at Tainted Reality, HAPPY CHRISTMAS MOTHER FUCKER!!!


P.S I asked the band a question about mosh pits that was deleted because, to my surprise (I swear to the newborn Christ I didn't know this) there ARE mosh pits in Japan!


Anonymous Jonny said...

I loved this answer: "T: A person who enjoys MP3s music does not know what real music is. If you are satisfied with bad quality music than you can never understand D’espairsRay."

Thanks a ton for the interview bro. Hope you're having a great holiday. My thoughts go out to you bro. Have a great one.

4:30 PM, December 25, 2005  
Anonymous Stella said...

Huh what is mosh pits? O.o

Awesome interview ^o^ and your question were really good much as their answers lol

Thanks for the chrismas present ;) Joyeux noel à toi ^^

5:28 PM, December 25, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, no more CBGBs!

Merry Christmas! Eat lots of food and ...well, I was going to say drink, but you's a straight man. Or are you 100% man?

-The Fundapillar

1:09 AM, December 26, 2005  
Anonymous Roxanne said...

Thanks so much for posting the interview, and thanks for asking them the question I submitted. (^_^)I hope you get a chance to catch one of their shows sometime. They are really amazing.

1:19 AM, December 26, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOU JERK!! Here I was ready to go charging down the warpath!!! You were holding out on me!!!!
The interview was very amusing, not to mention full of insight into D'Ray as individuals. You had some really good questions. Now lets see if we can get that other interview ;)

Teleute(aka death)

6:32 PM, December 26, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i was backstage with them i asked "if you were a girl, which member would you date?" and hizumi said, "NO ONE!" XD he basically spoke for them all!

(lain from maryland @ pukakalain [lj])

11:32 PM, December 26, 2005  
Anonymous Clean said...

For those who don't know D'espairs Ray is coming back!

I really liked the interview. It's about time they got around to it.
I thought the "Do you have any pre-show rituals question was really good, but Karyu's answer was priceless.
"Get high."
X___X I wonder if he means like.. high on life or.. high on substance. Dx

6:23 PM, January 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

first time posting here..

P.S I asked the band a question about mosh pits that was deleted because, to my surprise (I swear to the newborn Christ I didn't know this) there ARE mosh pits in Japan! amused.why didnt u think there wont be a mosh pit in japan? XD


4:14 PM, February 02, 2006  
Anonymous Roger said...

I forget where I heard it, but I swear a reputable source told me they hardly, if ever, happened there. I wish I didn't listen to them coz now I look like a Jackass to D-Ray!


10:09 PM, February 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:16 AM, January 25, 2010  

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