Thursday, December 08, 2005

Try No. 2 - Josephine Yun TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's hope it works this time! Tonight we will have our first ever in-studio guest: Josephine Yun, the author of J-Rock, Ink. She will be discussing her book, taking fan questions, giving-away signed copies of J-Rock, Ink. to listeners, and be selecting the playlist for a good portion of the night! Same deal as before basically. YES! I copied and pasted this post from the one made 2 weeks ago. Please forgive me coz I have a huge scary ass Japanese final tomorrow! The request lines will still be open, so make sure to call us up at 717-872-3518 or 717-872-3519 as well as our AIM name WIXQ917. Please submit all fan questions on AIM so we won't accidently mis-quote you. We look foward to hearing from you guys tonight!


P.S. If you have serious trouble trying to listen tonight, try this method: Right-click on the "LO (24kbps)" or "HI (96Kbps)" links on the main page, and go to properties, then copy the address, go into Winamp and go to ADD at the bottom of the Winamp window, and then click +URL and paste the address into the window that comes up. Special thanx go to TR fan Roxanne for sending in this information!