Friday, January 13, 2006

WE'RE BACK! First Tainted Reality of the Year: January 19th

Ready for another semester of pure wholesome TR goodness? Well, you're gonna get it coming up on January 19th when we once again take over the airwaves of WIXQ from 7-10pm on Thursdays! We have a few special things lined up for this semester, as well as special appearances from some of your fave J-Rockers! So be sure to tune in to the first show which is this coming Thursday, 7-10 PM. Hope to hear from ya!


P.S. To those of you who won prizes during our Coaltar of the Deepers and Josephine Yun interviews, we had some issues. For those who won copies of JRock Ink, I accidently lost your addresses, but recently found them. You will be getting your copies soon. However, those of you who won Coaltar CD's, we had a translation problem and the shipments (which are coming direct from the band in Japan) are stuck in limbo. We ask for your patience as we recolve the problem.


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