Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ok, It SHOULD Work Tonight, so TUNE IN

Alright, I have been told by the WIXQ powers that be that everything is up and running, so its safe to assume the show is good to go for tonight. Tonight, we will basically be doing the show we planned for last week, which will include new tunes from Alicenine, Phantasmagoria, Kagrra, and Gackt, and the Featured Artist of the Week being The Pillows, but we also have the new release from Gazette, NIL. And you know what, I may have an old friend I haven't seen in YEARS stopping by who I beleive doesn't know a thing about J-Rock, so I might do a block of Sakurai Atsushi-related music. As always, call in and make requests tonight!


P.S. For those of you tuning in for the BLOOD interview tonight, once again, it has been delayed until the 16th.

*Edit* THIS JUST IN! PLAY DOLLs and not obtain+1 from 12012!!!


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