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Coaltar Of The Deepers Interview Transcript

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Here is the transcript from our exclusive interview with Coaltar of the Deepers last December!

Roger (R) - How many years has Coaltar of the Deepers been a band?

Narasaki (N) -We formed in 1992, so 13 years now.

R - How was Coaltar of the Deepers formed?

N -I started the band, the same way pretty much all bands are formed. From the beginning we had 2 guitarists.

R - What music did you listen to when you were younger? Is it different from now?

N -“Shoe gazer” music of England, “junk” music of America, and basically metal, like grindcore, thrash and death metal.

R - Why is Coaltar of the Deepers so versatile? (Example: Mars Attacks and Taste)

N -I’m not really sure why, but maybe because I like so many different kinds of music. I listen to different styles like death metal and ambient in turns.

R - Americans mainly have knowledge only of visual kei. Why did you avoid being a visual band? What do you think of the visual kei scene?

N -I guess I’m just not really interested in the visual scene. Plus, there just wasn’t really a visual image that suited our style. And I only want us to be judged for our sound.

R - Coaltar has only had one release this year (The DVD). What is happening with Coaltar recently?

N -We’re searching for what will become our next style, so that will take some time. Right now we’re creating a new sound for the Deepers.

R - What is your favorite alcohol?

N -Tequila. I like it because it’s the most fun of all types of alcohol.

R - What kind of movies do you like?

N -I like Iranian movies. My favorite director is Abbas Kiarostami. I also watch a lot of movies by the Czech director Jan Švankmajer. Oh, I also like Tim Burton.

R - What do you do in your free time?

N -On my days off, everything I do is both work and play, so I guess there’s not really much difference. Even on days off I write songs and stuff. I do like playing games like Mahjong, though. I play it a lot.

R - What do you guys think of all of the hip hop (rap) music in Japan? Is it destroying rock?

N -IT SUCKS! When I listen to it, I don’t even want to think that it’s Japanese music. I do think it’s destroying rock.

R - Do the girls like Coaltar? Does Coaltar have many girlfriends?

N -I think we have a pretty even number of guys and girls in our fan base.

R - Do you have guest musicians play support at lives?

N -We are basically a three-member band, but we do have two support guitarists to play live shows with us. We also bring in a keyboardist on occasion.

R - Have you ever played outside of Japan? If so, where?

N -In 2003 we played in New York and Hollywood, about 6 or 7 times total.
Where do you want to play more than anywhere else? Do you have any American plans in the future? If we get a chance, it would be great to play in America again.

R - How can Americans buy your music?

N -Please visit our label’s official website. The URL is http://www.musicmine.com/cotd/.

R - In the album "Come over to the Deepend", many of the songs are introduced in different languages. Sometimes these are very funny. Is there a story about why you did this?

N -We did the mixing for that album in New York, and there were people of many different races working there, so we asked them all individually to help. An engineer in the studio even introduced us to Art Lindsey in Portuguese.

R - What album of yours are you most proud of?

N -Penguin EP. Even though it only has 4 songs.

R - What are your future plans?

N -Our goal is to continue playing music that no one else in the world except us can play.

R - Please say something to your American fans.

N -Please tell your friends to listen to Coaltar of the Deepers!

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Anonymous Valerie said...

Thank you for the interview! I wanted to know more about them, and now I love them even more. The idea behind the intros in different languages... augh, just augh. *happy sigh*
I hope they come to America again! I'd love to see them.

4:16 PM, January 26, 2006  

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