Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Big Releases and Featured Artist of the Week: The Pillows TONIGHT

Tonight, we continue our on-going streak of presenting you with new rock! Tonight, we have the new singles from: Alice Nine, Phantasmagoria, Kagrra, and Gackt. Also tonight, we'll be bitching about Myspace, I finally rant about how awesome Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter was, go ape shit over the movie Hostel, and I finally reveal details about how YOU can become my next co-host!

On top of all the new music mentioned above, we just got a copy of The Pillows brand spankin new CD, My Foot. So, I felt ever so inclined to make The Pillows our Featured Artist of the Week!

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The Pillows - My Foot

My Foot is The Pillows we have come to love for nearly 17 years now. The album holds no surprises for those familiar with the band and is basically the same sound they have been making for years. You may be asking yourself however "Is this a bad thing?". Here's my answer. No. There's just something about The Pillows' sound that never gets old to me, much like AC/DC. It is good to have this driven, alt-rock sound in a time where it is almost non-existant. It's the kind of music that makes high school/college kids want to pick up a guitar, and just jam in their garage with 3 of their friends. You don't care what the lyrics are about, you just get the vibe out of the music. None of the songs really stand out. It's just an even flow of wholesome early 90's rock goodness. I guess this is why I like it so much. As Craig said once, our generation is absolutely nostalgic, with me being no exception. In my opinion, not even Peral Jam captures the feel that this music used to give me. However, The Pillows do. If I did have to pick a fave track though, the title track is probably the one I would go for, with its danceable drum and bass line and air guitar-inspiring licks. By no means as good as Little Busters or White Incarnation, My Foot, however, is a pretty good CD. A step above Penalty Life in my opinion and a true sign that, ever after a decade and a half, The Pillows are still going strong.

Be sure to tune in tonight, and make those requests!



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