Monday, January 15, 2007


This is probably the most fan-girly article I'm ever gonna write.

Before you read this entry, I think you should read this:

Wikipedia of MUGEN

Assuming you either have read the article, or have prior knowledge of MUGEN, I now propose tis idea (if it hasn't been done already).

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a J-Rock version of this?

Think about it, you can create you own characters, special moves, music, backgrounds, everything really. You'd get to live fights you always wanted to see, such as Yoshiki vs. Toshi, Kiritio vs. Aiji, Gazette vs. Morning Musume, Gackt and Hyde vs. Jay and Silent Bob, Atsushi vs. Jesus, the list goes on.

Now, here's what I picture to be the ultimate match up:
The background is the stage of Family Values, and there are 2 fighters. On the left side of the screen is Kyo. On the right is Marylin Manson (who is very noticably taller than his opponent). The opening lick to IIID Empire is heard as the word "ready" appears on screen then just as the song punches in: "FIGHT!". What ensues is a Guilty Gear style bout with over the top acrobatics, flashy special moves, spashes of blood everywhere, and Dragon Ball Z inspired super moves which include Kyo's "AgitatedScreams of Maggots" super move. I'll let your imagination run with that.

Wow... this sounded way more fan girly that I originally thought.



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