Wednesday, February 21, 2007

J-Rock Guitar Hero: Top 10 Most Wanted

Another wishful videogame/J-Rock cross-over.

If Guitar Hero were to ever accept J-Rock songs, here would be my top 10 most wanted:

1. X Japan - Silent Jealousy
2. Onmyouza - Rasetsu
3. MUCC - Bouzenjishitsu
4. Malice Mizer - Bel Air
5. girugamesh - Fukai no Yami
6. D'espairsRay - Yami ni Furu Kiseki
7. BLOOD - I Remember You
8. Dir en grey - Saku
9. Hotei Tomoyasu - My Name Is Desire
10. hide - Hi-Ho

What do you think? What's your list?



Blogger Melony said...

I don't play Guitar Hero, nor do I know anything about's a few that would be cool:

Bel Air - Malice Mizer
Pink Spider - hide
Haunted Boogie - Kiyoharu
Night Creature - Közi (is this maybe more synth stuff? I'm not sure...)
Suna no Shiro de Nemuru Koibito - Lareine
Vain - Moi dix Mois
livEvil - Nightmare
kimi to ~""~ to - Panic*Ch
mikansei to guilt - Phantasmagoria
Are you ready to rock -Rhythm Battle Mix- - teh Meevers

12:13 PM, February 21, 2007  
Anonymous Lain said...

I was thinking about that too, haha. I think for a Dir en grey song that "kodoku..." would be awesome because of the intro. And "[KR] cube" from the guitar battle XD

I completely agree with the Malice Mizer song. It'd be so kick ass.

I'd love to play nightmare's "livEvil" as well :D

12:46 PM, February 21, 2007  
Anonymous Quilla said...

Well said.

2:53 AM, November 11, 2008  

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