Friday, May 23, 2008

Is It Me? Am I Retarded?

So Matt took me to the mall the other day to go clothes shopping for the Versailles tour. Now, I haven't done this in years. Other than a few new t-shirts here and there, I haven't done any significant clothes shopping since high school. As soon as we got there though, pretty much what I feared was confirmed. The fashion trends I loved in high school are dead. Wide leg jeans, club shirts, fish nets, long coats, and just over all baggy clothing are dead. It has been replaced with... almost the polar opposite: skin tight jeans, medium to small sized brand name and designer T-shirts, and hoodies. As a result, I walked away with almost nothing. Yeah, I was able to find baggy clothes at wigger and maternity stores, and some ridiculously over priced bondage pants at Hot Topic... so needless to say I walked away with a Mortal Kombat t-shirt, a normal fitting pair of jeans, and 1 cheap-ass pair of sneakers. Maybe I should stop living in the past... but today's fasion trends really suck dick.

Journey's doesn't even carry my Heely's anymore.