Saturday, June 26, 2010

if you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?

Jesus. We have alot to talk about

Just don't hurt me!

Friday, June 25, 2010

What's your favorite band to Recommend to others?

Oh God, Metallica of course! I would love to say a J-Rock band, but you tastes have to be either real specific or real open for me to throw Malice Mizer at you. However, Metallica has almost universal appeal, because their music and lyrics are relate-able to almost everyone! The have written some of the best albums, and songs I've ever heard. To go through life without hearing them is a true shame as they are truly magnificent musicians and song writers.

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whats your fav word to say?

Douche bag. I just like the way it rolls off the tongue.

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which superhero sucks?

Superman. Can't stand the fucker. It's really hard to make an all powerful being with absolutely no moral conflict interesting. I mean it can be done, by introducing insecurity, bad decision making, and confusion to the character, you could have something decent. Unfortunately, no Superman writer to my knowledge has ever done that. This is what makes Batman so magnificent. He is just a man, and has the gray morals and conflicts of a man. With Superman, everything is black and white "Truth, Justice, and the American way!".

I would say loneliness might be something you might try to introduce... but oh wait we had that already with that snore fest Superman Returns...

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opinions on the return of velvet eden to the vkei scene?

Yeah, they announced they are, but once I start seeing a steady live schedule and a new album, then I'll actually have something to talk about. I'm just afraid it'll kinda be like the X reunion. 2 songs 3 years ago, and a fist full of lives. WOOHOOO!

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Are you quick to forgive?

Try to be. I don't like having bad blood with people. It bears on my conscience too much. I don't like negativity. However, there are some people who have crossed a line so hardcore that I just try to avoid them all but entirely now. And you have to cut really REALLY deep for that to happen.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

May I please have a recording of the Tainted Reality show where you interview Phantasmagoria? .......I would rather be listening to it live but I won't be able to get to the website. I fail as an avid fan this week....Damn you life!

The interview will be available for download once the new site is opened!

Just don't hurt me!

Have you ever attended anger management classes? :D

I probably should.... especially when it comes to video games. I have been know to smash controllers, game discs, and even entire systems! However, my brother insists I broke 4 of his Playstations... which is bullshit I broke 1. AND I DON'T POUR PANCAKE SYRUP IN SYSTEMS WHEN I GET MAD MATTHEW! I BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA THEM WITH THE CONTROLLER!

Just don't hurt me!

just out of curiosity , is the website almost done?

Its chugging along! We just had to switch hosting around, but its on track. We should be able to announce something soon! Stand by and thanx for being patient!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Why does it seem like you don't want anything to do with me anymore?

Well, how do you want me to respond to all the perverted questions you sent? I get enough as is and I'm running out of creative answers to dodge them!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Are you ever gonna write something else in your bio section on here?

When I reach 200 answers

Just don't hurt me!

What's your oldest shirt that you still wear sometimes and how old is it?

I think that would be my Metallica Garage Inc. shirt.. and I bought that 3 months after the album came out. Its really faded and the image is all cracked up, but I love it damnit!

Just don't hurt me!

What if I wanna hurt you? What if Im a kinky bitch? What if you liked it?

Wtf is wrong with you people!?

Just don't hurt me!

Nostalgia is the story of my life

So... its starting to get a bit ridiculous. For the past 3 years, I have had these reoccurring dreams about me graduating high school. And the weird thing is... rarely are they ever a flash back. While the same feeling of glee, achievement, and moving on to something better are in the air... they usually take place where I currently am in life without any acknowledgment to anything I have done Tainted Reality related. The story is always slightly different too... and almost always takes me back to my home of 20 years that I moved from around the same time the dreams started. Here... there wasn't really that much going on that was different from the others. Social high point of my life, actually going out and doing stuff as simple as catching dinner with friends, taking my final bus ride home (this pops up a lot for some reason... but I can't even clearly recall it in real life),and this grand feeling of an overall happy ending. There never usually is a plot to it. Just all of this conclusion and finality... I really don't know why I have 'em so often, and now it's at a point where I have 'em at least twice monthly... Why?

This is one of the few dreams that transitioned into what it should, my summer job (though irl, there was a week in between where I ran away to Buffalo, NY to do charity work with my at the time girlfriend... which is alot less noble than it sounds because it really was an excuse for the both of us to spend time together away from our parents who strongly disapproved of our relationship, with her parents to the point that she was not allowed to date me). The only thing is, instead of transitioning to my ice-cream-cart-on-the-beach job that I had back then, it transitioned to my current manager-at-Jack-and-Jill job. This portion started with my boss calling me and yaking on about some bullshit I didn't care about that was holding me up from something important that I was trying to do at the time (irl, this happens almost daily). During the convo, I realize I am running MAD late for work... like I am supposed to be in in 15 minutes and I'm a 2 hour drive from work! I pull an "I know I'm dreaming" and wake up briefly to end the dream and save my self from the self torment of knowing the wrath of my boss for being so astronomically late, and went back to sleep.

Then things get strange.

It's the same setup, current point in life reliving the past... except this was done with my freshman year of college. Though, it wasn't my freshman year. It couldn't have been. I knew alot of people there, I knew the layout of the campus, the surrounding town, the routine.. it was just the feeling in the air that made me think it was 2003 again. That sense of awe and new beginning. I start this dream off by visiting a dorm, meeting with some friends... then Method Man and Redman show up. I high five Redman and ask him what he thought about E3. We start talking games, and ask him about a game that he's in. He talks about it real quick, then I let him make his rounds around the room. I then meander into another room... and join the campus baseball team. I was excited about getting back into sports, as I was a football player in high school. However, because of my stature, I didn't feel I could compete at a college level (a real life notion of mine), so baseball seemed like a viable alternative. Plus this was a winning team, having gone to the championships 2 times in the past 2 years and winning the first time they went (Phillies?). Oh, and their coach was my friend CJ's boyfriend.

After that, I met up with a a dude and a girl who seem to be friends of mine, and I ask them if they enjoy swimming. They say they do and I take them to a near by lake swim club. So, we go there and live it up a bit. Have a good time goofing with each other, enjoying the water and the last breath of summer. We then leave, and I guess the nameless dude had a little too much to drink, and was a being a total dick. He eventually climbed on top of my car and did a whole "I'M THE KICK OF THE WORLD" thing. I try to get him off the roof and smack right into a brick wall... totaling my car. Me and the girl have it out with him briefly. Then... I think its Grand Theft Auto for a moment and just... grab another car! I purposely find a parked, small ass 2 seater just to fuck with this guy. Sure enough, I drive up and the dude's like "hell no" and I'm like "hell yes! Get in!".

So we drive off to the opposite side of the lake we were swimming in, as the sun is setting over the water. This guy starts talking mad smack about how he was the greatest Power Ranger of all time (wtf?) and was gonna prove it right now. This is mainly an argument between him and the girl. Finally, at one point, he whips out a morpher and, BAM, Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin' (WTF!?). She then has enough and morphs into a pink ranger (what series, I dunno). It seems like its gonna be a friendly beat down, and he starts talking mad smack ending with "You got no chance of surviving this babe.". She just nods at me... and I pullout a morpher and morph into a red ranger!!!!!?!?!?1?! (I said something about dinos... and I definitely was not the Mighty Morphin' red ranger, which makes me think i was a dino thunder red ranger, but I was kinda ninja'ed out!). He stands in disbelief for a second then turns to her and shouts "Ok... you now got a 15% chance". We wipe the floor with this mother fucker, in a more magic based fight than I have seen on Power Rangers. She summons a water nymph from the lake, and I'm just whacking him relentlessly with fire balls. The fight is over pretty quickly, he admits defeat and stfu. Me and the anonymous pink ranger, then walk down to the water. We sit up against a sharp dirt drop between the gravel parking lot where we had the fight, and the water, and watch the sunset and the water nymph fly back off to the center of the lake. We talk and laugh for a moment, and as a practical joke... I Jedi grab the nymph and dunk her under water. Me, the ranger, and the nymph have a good laugh... then me and the ranger have the obligatory awkward silence. Then we kiss.

And I wake up.

There's gotta be a point to these dreams... You got any theories?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

If you could have any animal for a pet, what would you choose? (guess who this iiiiis!)

As if I couldn't tell by your pic!

If I could have any pet... I'd want my pet chihuahua Sparky back...

Just don't hurt me!

have you ever had sex outdoors?

Tis my fave place!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What ever happened to that awesome show you used to have on TR, Bad Transitions? I hear that the hosts are now world-renowned superheros!


Just don't hurt me!

Vblog 6/15/10: Nintendo and Sony E3 Press Conferences Reaction

Roger shares his opinion on the last of the Big 3 press conferences

What're you going to be for Halloween?

I honestly haven't celebrated the holiday in years, and I'm not proud of that. Though I did spend last Halloween in Kabukicho, which was pretty fun.

Just don't hurt me!

Considering the success of TR listeners banding together to buy merch just to see GPK take off his clothes, do you think you'll use that as a future marketing tool?

If I can get over my guilty conscience of doing it the first time!

Just don't hurt me!

if we have to find out how large your penis is then how do we find out?


Just don't hurt me!

Do you liek mudkips?

How do I shot web?

Just don't hurt me!

does your safety bubble sound like bubble wrap when it pops? :]

Ever put a bunch of fruit in your hand and just squish it? More like that

Just don't hurt me!

What's your favorite thing to do after a long day at work?

You don't wanna know

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Have you ever considered yourself a jerk?

There has been a couple of times I look back on things, and realize without intending it, I came across as a HUGE dick. This is one of the few times I was intentionally an asshole without trying to make someone laugh. Like I was a legit fuck head here. One time was when I had to drop Izzy off at a bank so she could cash her check. There was like no place to park here, at all, so i pulled around to this apartment complex which is part of the parking lot where I could stop to let Izzy out. Just as I do, I notice this old fart who was just chatting with who looked like the bank manager make a B line for me the second I let Izzy out. Izzy isn't even out of the car yet, and he gets right up on me an says "You can't park your car here!". I was all calm about it at first and said "I'm just letting her out", and he kinda gives me a look over and walks back off with the bank manager. I get back in the jeep and a car pulls right infront of us, and since the parking lot is so busy, we can't move. So, I just sat in the driver's seat and went back to a text argument I was having with my friend Sarah. I wasn't paying attention and the car infront of me moved... just as the Bag of Bones came back out of the bank. My friend Jeff was with me and said "Roger, he's coming back". Another car pulls infront of me, but this one I could pass... but at this point, something about this guy was really pissing me off. The way he darted right at me the second the car stopped just so I could let someone out, they way he just about barked that I couldn't park there (not like I was blocking traffic like other cars in the lot), the tone of his voice, and the sheer fact that he was coming straight for my jeep after just exiting the bank... oooooh man was this guy gonna get it.

Sure enough, the first words outta his mouth was "I told you to move your car!". He barely finished his sentence before I exploded on him. Top of my lungs, fire in my eyes, sheer "who the fuck do you think you are?!" tone in my voice, enraged at his inability to have sympathy for an over crowded parking lot, just trying to drop a girl off so she could have some money to get her through the week. And, like I said before, it wasn't like I was in an apartment parking spot or blocking traffic... I was off to the side against a concrete wall! After I was done (I find that somehow when I have done this in the past, I have incredible self control to not curse, which is very unlike me and something I will never understand) he gave me a good stare down like he was gonna swing. I didn't care and just went back to texting. After a moment of trying to stare me down, he walked off. About a minute later, I look up in my rear view and see him right behind my car, joting down my plate number. At this point I was thinking "what's he gonna do? Cry to the cops about something that, at worst, would amount to a $20 parking ticket? Or get off with a whimpering, childish voice "He yelled at me!"? I didn't care. I had enough of this asshole, saw that I could leave now, did, and just called Izzy and told her to meet us across the street.

I still kinda feel like a dick, coz I usually try to be polite to strangers and chalk something up as a mis-understanding, or in most bad case scenarios, kill 'em with kindness, but this guy just had it coming. I have only ever done something like that 3 or 4 other times in my life, and I always feel shaken up after I do, but that was one of the few, and most recent times I was intentionally a jerk.

Just don't hurt me!

if you could have any superpower what would it be, and why?

I never really gave that much thought before. I guess the most useful would be Dr. Manhattan's ability to split himself and his consciousness off multiple times to carry on several different tasks all at once. I say that coz then having a day job wouldn't be an obstacle and I could work on the tours, radio, web content, videos, and comic books that I have to create, while I'm earning money.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Vblog 6/14/10: Microsoft E3 Press Conference Reaction

Roger and Izzy give their thoughts on Microsoft's E3 press conference.

Note: Please forgive Roger's flip-flopping of Kinect and Your Shape. He fails at English like that

Vblog 6/9/10: Mortal Kombat Rebirth Reaction


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oh, and btw. If you had the choice between eating rainbow sherbet, Gushers, and those snow-cap rolls you can buy at, like, Krogers/eatnpark/etc, which would you choose? Because I'm starving and indecisive.

Rainbow Sherbet

Just don't hurt me!

Hm...if me and Anthone pooled more than sixty. But no less than twenty. We'd have to bargain from there.

HA! better get some other sponsors

Just don't hurt me!

Man... those questions you get are quite.... Epic... I almost laughed out loud at this, huhu~

I'm starting to get really scared honestly...

Just don't hurt me!

Indeed., well, it's kinda hard to rape somebody from six hundred miles away. So I think they don't mind too much. And how much money would those ringlets cost? Because honestly, I think the TR folk would probably pay to see that, too.

Never doubt the crusaders.

About the ringlets... how much ya got?

Just don't hurt me!

Fifteen, Are you prejudiced against us shortlings?

No, just fear police and crusading parents that would love to see anyone sending, or even receiving the slightest bit of attraction from a minor to the slammer for statutory rape. Trust me, they don't care if its just you saying I'm good looking. They wanna see Bubbha tear my asshole open wide enough so that it can fit a basketball in it. Though, in the reverse (younger boy flirting with older girl), 7 times outta 10, the parents say "That's mah boy!". Don't you just love hypocrisy?

Just don't hurt me!

what was your most memorable valentine's day?

I have 2. V-Day 2004, for bad reasons, and V-Day 2009 for good reasons. Don't wanna drop details on either

Just don't hurt me!, damnit X.X I'll just pay Izzy to dump a bucket of ice on you one show.

Aren't you like 16 anyway?

Just don't hurt me!

no it doesn't >.>

Go look it up honey. New feature called Pro Mode.

Just don't hurt me!

I'll take the bait. I think you're nice looking, and I'm not anonymous, I have a photo, you're my friend on facebook, we have interacted via blogtv, and we hugged at Tekkoshocon. So HA. Call me anonymous. I dare thee :D

You live 600 miles away and are therefore, no threat to my safety bubble.

Just don't hurt me!

Hm...if you had to choose between switching bodies with either Izzy or Don for a week, which would you choose?

Izzy coz she lives in another dimension called Izzy Land which from what I understand is a magical land of green and purple and cyber

Just don't hurt me!

I agree that you nice looking and I'm not anonymous. :O

You might as well be! I have no idea who hides behind that SN! And you don't have a URL on your profile!

Just don't hurt me!

I think rather than waste time on Rock Band 3, it is more important to learn how to play a real guitar. At least for me.

RB3 TEACHES you how to play real guitar!

Just don't hurt me!

why do you have a fixation on The Doors today?

Coz Harmonix announced today that The Doors are gonna be in Rock Band 3!

Just don't hurt me!

you aren't being trolled to my knowledge. Reading the other Q's and A's about sex brings other sex questions into mind. You didn't answer me!!!11!!


Just don't hurt me!

I feel bad that I stopped listening to TR. Japanese rock seems to be getting further away from me.

Ok, Anon, lemme ask you, why do you feel that way? Seriously?

Just don't hurt me!

Why do you always assume that girls don't read/watch/write real porn? I'm starting to get offended.

Because its a well known fact that girls don't get horny. They never do. Ever

Just don't hurt me!

wheres the strangest place you've had sex?

I swear all of these sex questions are probably one dude trolling me COZ THEY ARE ALL ANON

Just don't hurt me!

If you had no other choice but to have sex with a jrocker, and be the bottom, who would you pick?

Dude I know half of these people personally! WTF

Just don't hurt me!

Have you ever received a text from a wrong number? What did you do?

Not really... I'd probably just tell 'em wrong number I guess?

Just don't hurt me!

What's your favorite song from the 90's?

Oh snap! Holy fuck goddamn... see for more than half of the 90's I really listened to only country music... so most of my 90's knowledge is retrospective and not lived in terms of what was more listened to by people our age. So, by singling out what I lived through, it would be Ain't Going Down 'Til the Sun Comes Up by Garth Brooks. As for retrospective... I have to really think about it...

Just don't hurt me!

Do you get grossed out easily?

Not really. Over react some times to stuff, but as for being legitimately grossed... I can't remember the last time I was!

Just don't hurt me!

aww just to get the topic off your hair, i think you have nice eyes. xPPPPP ~ren

And I think you need to listen to the mother fucken Doors!

Just don't hurt me!

How big is your penis?

Did I already answer this? If you wanna know, find out for yourself!

Just don't hurt me!

how many times have you worked with Dir en Grey? and who do you think is the best japanese band live? idk if someone already asked this if they did sorry lol

I really only interviewed them once about 3 1/2 years ago... and that's about the extent of it. The best Japanese band I've seen live, hands down, is MUCC. They were fucking BEASTS and played Bouzenjishitzu which is one of the greatest pit songs EVAR. They had such stage presence and energy, and it was also one of the few J-Rock shows were people weren't afraid to mosh, which is something that's sorely lacking for J-Rock shows.

Just don't hurt me!

Does it annoy you when people ask you questions anonymously? :P


Just don't hurt me!

i think you wouldn't look that bad with short hair :D ... Have you ever skipped questions? And why?

Yeah, I have coz of them being a little embarrassing to answer publicly, or fear that the answers would sound like a pathetic cry for help and attention.

Just don't hurt me!

What's the funnest haircolor? (it doesn't have to be on yourself, just in general) ^.^

SiSeN color

Just don't hurt me!

Why does your questioning thingy thing up there says we shouldn't hurt u? ... can questions hurt?

Of course they can! and I'm fragile, like glass. And my feelings get hurt easily... and I cry alot,,,

Just don't hurt me!

THAT WAS JRR'S PANEL?! Wow, I was such a noob back in 2009... >___> Well, I think TR should still have some sort of meet-up. :D

Hey, feel free to start a thread in the discussion section of our facebook page! We would LOVE to do a TR meet-up at Otakon or be invited to a panel!

Just don't hurt me!

if you were in a band, what would you play?

You might find out soon enough!

Just don't hurt me!

Name one physical trait that you find highly attractive, but also one physical trait that you find most unappealing. ^^

Umm... I'm big on faces and eyes. I can't explain it, but its always the first thing I notice on a person. As for unappealing... I can say I'm not concerned with butts. Blame Michael Brown

Just don't hurt me!

What's your IQ score?

I honestly forget. I think the last time I took a legit IQ test was when I was really young. I remember people being impressed with the score, but I couldn't give ya an exact number.

Just don't hurt me!

Trust me hun, I didn't ask the other two, but you have alot more going for you than your hair. Yes its pretty, yes its uber fun to play with, but its not all you have. And I swear if you shave your head, I'd cry...and hurt you.

If it's not all I have, then why such an extreme reaction if I cut it? And how do you know about playing with my hair Anon?! WHO ARE YOU???

Just don't hurt me!

If someone paid you money, would you ever put your hair into ringlets for a show?

I'm kinda strapped for cash right now. How much you offering?

Just don't hurt me!

I also agree your very good looking. ;D The hair is just extra perks. :333

I couldn't help but notice that the only compliments I get are from Anon, which makes me think I'm being trolled!

Just don't hurt me!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Vblog 6-8-10


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I hope you realize how incredibly good looking you are. ...and it's not just cause of your hair :]

Where were you 2 questions ago?

Just don't hurt me!

LOL, that shows how much I appreciated JRR last year, hahaha! I would DEFINITELY invite you to a panel if I could... But I have very little influence. D= Are you guys coming at all, though?

We will be there in some shape or form. We are just waiting to see how certain things pan out. But, we will announce on our facebook ASAP

Just don't hurt me!

If your best friend told you that they were moving and you may not see them again for a very long time, how would you react?

I have had that happen to me twice. They were really difficult times in my life, and I tried to make the best of the time I had left with them. Afterwards, I tried to bridge the gap. One time it worked, the other didn't. That still hurts me to this day.

Just don't hurt me!

How much money would you shave your head for?

I've actually contemplated doing it recently. Why? Coz its the only physical trait I have that people seem to find attractive. Makes me feel like a one trick pony.

Just don't hurt me!

You're NAUGHTY!!!!!

Listening to The Talkshow for 5 minutes would have told ya that!

Just don't hurt me!