Thursday, March 30, 2006


You read that right! There will be 6 hours of Tainted Reality TONIGHT starting at 4pm and ending at 10pm. Since we are gonna be on the air so long, I was thinking that, for the first 3 hours, I'll spin some stuff in my CD case that you guys never or hardly ever hear! All requests are still welcome, so don't let that deter you, but you will be hearing some stuff you don't normally hear on TR. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Starting at 7pm though, its back to the TR goodness you know and love as we will be talking about PLC's rumors, Aikaryu's unfortunate accident, and, the much anticipated, SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!! We will also be airing songs from our Featured Artist of the Week, Pillars of Nein, all through out the night!

Once again, requests will be honored all night, so be sure to tune in!


Monday, March 27, 2006

Toshiya Would Be Proud

If you're a Dir en grey fan, last Thursday was you night! The playlist is as follows:

Dir en grey - Amber
MUCC - Ware zai rubeki basho
Enomine - Mitternacht
Coaltar of the Deepers - Star Love
*Don't Buy BLACK*
BUCK-TICK - Buster
The Back Horn - Kiseki
Suicide Ali - Favorite Song
D'espairsRay - Dears
*Psycho le Cemu Farewell*
Psycho le Cemu - Omoide Aruki
X Japan - Celebration
Sex Machineguns - Onigunsow
HIM - Rendezvous With Anus (The Theme Song for the Yaoi Fangirl/boy)

*The Dir en grey US Tour Celebration Super Block Countdown*
7. Drain Away
6. Raison Detre
5. Umbrella
4. Cage
3. Kodou
2. KR Cube
1. Embryo

*Dir en grey NYC - Getting there*
BLOOD - Wings of Rebellion
Candy Spook Theater - Nightmare
Schwarz Stein - Creeper
Gackt - Redemption
*Dir en grey NYC - Waiting in Line*
The Pillows - My Foot
Berry - ai . hakujou romansu
BLAM HONEY - Suspect
*Dir en grey NYC - Preshow*
Dir en grey - Saku
Isabelle - Tenjouura no YUU
Okuto - G
*Dir en grey NYC - The Show*
Dir en grey - wake
*Hey... guess what*
hide - Beauty and Stupid
Moi dix Mois - Nocturnal Romance
Dir en grey - Akuro no oka
Dir en grey - Shokubeni
Kagrra, - Satsuki
*Webcam Event - Craig Screams Clever Sleazoid*
Dir en grey - Clever Sleazoid
Fear Factory - Edgecrusher
Deadman - Jukeisha no nikki
Rammstein - Keine Lust
Schwarz Stein - Last Hallucenation
Miyavi - ♂papa mama ♀~ nozomare NU Baby~

Special Events in**
Requests in Italics

Of course, the night was dedicated to Dir en grey, and them finally invading the US. Through out the night, we honored DEG requests, had our fan voted countdown, and shared fan stories of the NYC show (which will all be published, unedited, right here later in the week!). Craig even showed up later and enlightened us, as he needed to blow off some steam, by screaming Clever Sleazoid for the webcam viewers!!!

Also, unexpectedly, a bit of news was posted on . The news was that seek had released a message on the band's official website announcing that Psycho le Cemu was dispanding, perminately. Caught of guard, we tried to pay tribute to the band for the time being until we could prepair a more fitting tribute next week, as we played Omoide Aruki. However, now there is speculation as to weather or not this has been translated correctly. We hope to have the message correctly translated for you by this Thursday, as, I, myself, am a HUGE PLC fan and need to know the truth!

Apparently I was a mind reader during the show as, no more than 8 fans, as well as Craig, said they were just about to request a song, just as I started playing it! As a result, for the first part of the show, there were only a few requests!

We also had a legnthy discussion about the game Black. It wowed us in some ways, but left us disapointed in more. Bottom line, if you like short, curse ridden, smoke filled, blood lacking shooters, this game's perfect for you. Otherwise, only rent this. There's not even any multi-player.

As stated on the show, the Artist of the Week is indeed Dir en grey. I wanted to give a review of the US release of Withering to Death, but it seems to have been delayed by reasons undeknowst to anyone on TR. So, instead, the review will be based on the Japanses release of WTD and will make refferences to the upcoming American release. As also stated on the show, this is something I have been wanting to do ever since the CD was released. So, here it is, my most ambitious CD review yet, Dir en grey's Withering To Death

Image hosting by Photobucket

I was going into this CD expecting Dir en grey's St. Anger. The way everyone was talking about this CD, it seemed DEG had put a half assed effort into making a generic metal CD. And, by the word in the community, they had almost completely dropped their visuals. Things were looking gloomy for DEG on my part. So, I finally got my copy of the CD and listened to it for the first time with Craig (He probably barely remembers it. IT WAS IN ADVANCED AUDIO LAST YEAR WHEN WE WERE DICKING AROUND WITH PROJECTS ONE NIGHT! 'member now?)

I kinda just let it play a bit first, trying to get an idea and feel for the album as I tinkered with my work. However, the tunes were getting to me. By the time Jesus Christ RnR came on, I crooked an eyebrowl, turned to Craig and said "Ya know... this ain't so bad."

That was indeed an understatment. Today, Withering to Death is not only my fave Dir en grey album, it ranks amounst my top 10 favorite albums of all time.

Before the die hard DEG fans crucify me, yes, I have all of DEG's CD's and have listened to all of them. This CD, I am not afraid to say, is the first CD where they didn't steal someone else's musical style (Don't lie to yourselves. And I'm not just talking about Obscure sounding like a KoRn song). I'm not saying pervious albums were bad at all, but there's only so many times I can hear Kuroyume in a different voice.

This is the first time they have really searched for any sort of autonomy, and damn did it work well! They have achieved a truely original rock sound that doesn't manage to repulse like an overly expirimental album. That word "rock" is key. This is an inovative rock album. Weather it be in heavy freak out mode in Saku, somber, depressing, and emotional in Dead Tree, poppy and catchy in The Final, to just flat out, true to roots rock in Kodou, this is a rock album through and through. This album captivates, intrigues, and most of all, entertains. This CD is a rollercoaster ride that never lets up and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very last note.

They key to this CD is the bands maturity, which is apparent throughout the CD. In many ways, their writing style is almost completely different. However, you can hear traces from Vulgar and Kissu throughout the CD, the good traces. The sporatic jumpiness of several Vulagar songs can be heard in Itoshisa wa fuhai nitsuki and Machiavellism, while a forboding creepiness reminicent of some Kissu tracks can be heard in Higeki wa mabuto o oroshita yasashiki utsu. However, on this album, they just pull off these sounds better and do a far better job of invoking the emotions they want to make you feel. Long story short, their writing style has come a long way since Missa.

Alot of people's arguments against this CD to this day is that the band is not visual anymore, and this is therefore, their worst CD. The visuals, to be honest, I don't care about. Seeing the PV for -saku- made me wonder why everyone was going nuts about them ditching visuals. Yeah, they aren't as colorful as they oncee were, but that was pretty visual if you ask me. Then they made Kodou, where you almost never get a clear shot of the band, and I could see where the complaints were coming from, but to be honest, it still didn't matter to me. I fail to understand when, at any point in time in ANY band's history, that visuals had any kind of effect on the writing of a CD. Dir en grey did the right thing with this CD: They cared less about what they looked like and more what they sound like. Reguardless on if you're VK or not, this is how the mind set of EVERY band should be. I don't care if you're visuals are the only thing on the face of the earth that could turn me 100% due to your incredible beauty and craftsmanship that pulsates from you image. If you sound like shit, you're not getting any support from me! I love my VK bands and all, but if a band wants to ditch its visuals for the purpose of a fantastic sounding album, the sacrifice is WELL worth the price!

Dir en grey got everything right with this CD. They finally made an orginal sound that seperates them form other bands and sets them at the top of their game. The visuals may be gone, but it was for the purpose of something better: an exceptional peice of music that is presented as just that, music. They left the visuals behind so that people would pay more attention to this. While this may have backfired with many fans, it has made people like me very very happy and more willing to support the band. This is probably the best new rock CD I have heard in a long long time, and I can't encourage all of you out there enought to buy Withering to Death as soon as it debuts in the US.

Dir en grey's official site -
Dir en grey's US Record Lable -
Dir en grey's Management (Free Will America) -

Also, as stated before, the US package will come pack in with a live DVD. Please support the J-Rock scene and make this CD a success!


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dir en grey US Tour Celebration TONIGHT!!!!!!




Sunday, March 19, 2006

To celebrate Dir en grey finally arriving on US soil, this Thursday, Tainted Reality will be featuring a half hour long SUPER BLOCK of the boys!

Oh, but that's not all!

YOU guys get to vote! It will be a countdown of sorts! Basically, you all get to vote for ONE SONG (Mulitple submissions will be void. Example: "I vote for Zomboid or Saku"). You can vote for ANY SONG in Dir en grey's cataloge (except the remix album). All votes will be cast on the TR Myspace comments section ( linked above ). The most voted for songs will appear in the super block this week, with the #1 most voted for song to be the dramatic climax! The deadline for submissions is the stroke of Midnight, east coast time, Wednesday night.

Oh, but that's not all!

Those of you going to the NYC show can share your stories on TR!!!! These you can submit any way you want. Here, E-mail, Myspace, LJ, this will be left to you! You can tell the crazy stories of how you got there, shit that went down at the show, afterwards, or even a review of the show itself! As long as it relates to the show, send it to us! Only the most interesting stories will be read on air, so make 'em good! Also, include you handle (name you go by), home town, and state! The deadline for these will be Thursday at 5pm east coast time. Hope you all enjoy the shows! Be sure to vote and subbmit your stories!


Thursday, March 16, 2006

If You Liked It, That's Alllll That Matters

You guys must love this Evil Dead quaility stuff. Here's the Playlist:

Hyde - Countdown
KMFDM - Juke Joint Jezebel
BLOOD - Caught in the Spiral
Deathgaze - Dies Irae
Camino - Spiral
Sisters Of Mercy - Temple of Love
Malice Mizer - Gardenia
D'espairs Ray - Grudge
*Nightmares Dreams Whispers and Screams Thank The Fans*
*Featured Artist of the Week* Hanzel und Gretyl - Lust
*Featured Artist of the Week* Hanzel und Gretyl - Fikk Dich Mit Fire
HIM - And Love Said No
The Candy Spooky Theater - Devilish Kidnapper
Plastic Tree - Crack Pot
12012 - Swallow
Gackt - Redemption
Phatasmagoria - Mikansei to Guilt
Reggie and the Full Effect (as The Common Denominators) - Linkin Verbs
Dir en grey - Clever Sleazoid
Miyavi - Papamama ~Nozomare nu Baby~
Kagrra - Nanagatsu Nanaoka
*Featured Artist Of The Week* Hanzel und Gretyl - Hellalujau
Psycho le Cemu - Gekiai Merry Go Round
The Rasmus - Lucifer's Angel
SID - Alibai
The 69 Eyes - Devils
*Featured Artist of the Week* Hanzel und Gretyl - S.S. Deathstar Supergalactik
Moi Dix Mois - Vizard
The Pillows - My Foot
Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues
X Japan - Rusty Nail
Gazette - Ruder

Special Events in **
Requests in italics

Not much to talk about except NDWS stopping by and the Artist of the Week. The show was so disorganized and spaz-tastic (I HATE CD 3) this week, yet you guys seemed highly amused. I don't get it, but as the title suggests, as long as you all liked it I guess.

The two founding members of NDWS, Nick and Craig, stopped by to thank the fans for their support, and ass pictures. And even gave a special live performance, a first for TR!!! Then they gave us 5 minutes of dead air.

Immediately afterwards, we played our Artist of the Week, Hanzel und Gretyl, who immediately generated the highest response ever for the feature! We overall played 4 of their songs (if you count the intro track), to high praise and people demanding to know more information about them. Well, as requested, here ya go! A full album review of their CD, ScheissMessaiah and links to all things Hanzel und Gretyl. Enjoy!

Image hosting by Photobucket

When I first saw the album cover for this, I was a bit discouraged. See, Hanzel und Gretyl is the only non-Japanese Artists of the Week that I was a fan of way before hand. Seeing this was a bit of a shock for me. I am used to the Hanzel und Gretyl with all the sci-fi goofy-ness and crazy techno jargon. I was afraid, after the first glance of this album art, that they sold out and went black metal. Then I saw the title and releif washed over me. They just took on a different theme (religion as it would seem) and decided to grow a bit, but the essential Hanzel und Grtyl is still there: inovative music filled with ironic parodies.

This album, to the delight of many of you out there, is much much heavier than their past work, and seems like a progression from Uber Alles (their last CD). It ditches most of the electronic beats and synth for the pounding drums and heavy guitars, which they started doing with Uber, but it comes full force here in Sheissmessiah. The album starts with a speech seemingly made by an enraged televangelist, warning his audience about the reprocussions of lust. Immediately, you are launched into one heavy guitar riff followed soon by the driving drums and riviting vocals that simple make you wanna smash stuff, especial since the only recognizeable word in the song for most people is "fire". Yes, a good portion of the album is in German, which means alot of the jokes will be over many people's heads. However, that should not detract you for the incredible aray of heavy hitting songs throughout the album. The HuG of old still exisits in the song "Burning Bush", with its vocal samples, dancable beats, and one line chorus that will have you chanting over and over again "BURN THAT MOTHAFUCKA!!". If you wanna hear it (Don't bother requesting it. Too many fucks) it's the featured song on the Myspace this week! While all of the songs on this CD are incredibly awesome, my favorite is by far "Hellalujah". While it would be easy for me to describe what makes this song so amazing, I'd rather you guys just request it on the show again so you can hear it for yourselves. As I said to one fan "Christianity never rocked so much!". This album comes HIGHLY reccomended from me to you out there looking for one refreshing heavy metal extravaganza. This album, simply put, rocks. Best of all, unlike every other Artist of the Week, you can easliy find this at Best Buy!!! You must buy this CD, I'm serious! If my reccomendation is not enough for you, take this under advisementr: These guys became the Artist of the Week to generate the highest response out of any band to be held in this spot. To give you an idea of what I am talking about, after playing the first song, in 1 night, they generated more requests than Dir en grey has in the past 3 weeks! Food for thought. Once again, BUY SHEISSMESSIAH!!!!!

Hanzel und Gretyl links
Official Website:
Official Myspace:
Metropolis Records Profile:


P.S. Once again, we are on Spring Break, so NO SHOW TONIGHT

Monday, March 13, 2006

BLOOD 2/16/06 Interview Transcript

You guys demanded it, so here it is! The transcript from the BLOOD interview last month! For those of you who want to use this, you're more than welcome, just contact me first before you do. Other than that, enjoy!

Roger: Vengeance For BLOOD 3 sold out very quickly. How does this make you feel?

Kiwamu: I think it’s a natural result of people recognizing the high quality of the world our band has created.

Roger: What inspired the vampire trilogy? Why did you do it?

fu-ki: I was reading Anne Rice novels at the time I came up with the vampire concept trilogy idea. I wanted to try to depict that kind of world myself.

Roger: For the new CD, you used the new costume designer, UnVolLkomMEN. Please talk about them.

Kiwamu: The name UnVolLkomMEN isn’t actually a proper word in German, but she’s an indies designer who likes to make gothic costumes. She started designing for us because she liked what she saw and heard from us, and she understands what we’re trying to do, so I think this is a good collaboration. This was also her first time making costumes for men.

Roger: Will you print more copies of Vengeance For BLOOD 3?

fu-ki: We’re not planning to!

Roger: BLOOD is about to release their first full length DVD. Please Talk about this.

Kiwamu: I wanted to make a DVD that would illustrate the world of VENGEANCE for BLOOD. Your own DJ Roger made the image scenes, a video team in Mexico recorded the live footage, and I did the editing. So in the end, the creation of this work spanned 3 countries. I think that’s something only BLOOD is able to do.

Roger: What single song are you most proud of in the Vengeance For BLOOD Trilogy?

fuki: At first, BLIND was my favorite because it was the first song I wrote for the band, but now my favorite is Vengeance for BLOOD. I think it summarizes everything that BLOOD is.

Roger: Where is Kaede?

Kiwamu: He’s probably lazing around at home

Roger: What is your favorite alcohol?

fu-ki: Beer, of course!

Roger: Do you have any random, insane tour stories?

Kiwamu: I got food poisoning during our first tour in Mexico. I had to go to the hospital for emergency treatment the day before our first live show there. It was awful.

Roger: Some people are confused why Takeshi and Dai were fired from BLOOD. Please talk about this.

Kiwamu: Even though BLOOD had grown a lot as a band, those two hadn’t grown with us at all. They just didn’t have what it took. They also stole money from the band and ran off, and that was inexcusable.

Roger: In the past, you (Kiwamu) have shown respect for Taichi. If he ever wanted to rejoin BLOOD, would you say "yes"?

Kiwamu: Right now, I handle all the guitar parts myself and write all the songs together with Fu-ki, so we don’t really need him anymore.

Roger: BLOOD has some plans to make the Goth scene bigger in Japan. Please talk about the plans.

fuki: Compared to other countries, the goth scene in Japan is very divided between the hardcore goths and the more average people, so as a band that has experienced the visual and goth scenes in Europe and around the world, we’re hoping to bring Japan’s goth scene to life. Goth as a genre is also very broad, so we want to hold events that display all of its different aspects.

Roger: Fu~ki! How could you say Hide From The Sun was better than Dark Light!?

fuki: Of course, Dark Light was great too, and out of the two bands HIM is my favorite. But in terms of the CDs themselves, I just liked Hide From The Sun more. But HIM is still the better band.

Roger: If you are walking down a dark alley, and you encounter a vampire, what should you do?

Kiwamu: If you meet a vampire, bite him!!

Roger: If you could tour with any band, current or disbanded, who would it be?

fuki: I’d love to tour with Cradle of Filth.

Roger: Why hold the Vengeance For BLOOD Last Tour in Europe?

fu-ki: We also went to Mexico in February, so from Japan that means we’re traveling to both the east and the west to commemorate the end of our story. So we didn’t really choose Europe specifically for this last tour.

Roger: The fans must know, is BLOOD disbanding after The Last Tour?

Kiwamu: We’ve been working on this concept for 2 years, and we just need some time off to take in various new experiences so we can create new and better music. We’re just a little tired.

Roger: Do you have any future US plans?

Kiwamu: One reason why we haven’t been able to get shows in America, even though we’ve played for audiences of 200-500 people in Europe, is the 21-or-over age limit in American clubs. We want to go where people of all ages can see us, but those places are hard to find. If there are any club owners listening to this who can let us perform without age restrictions, please contact Roger.

Roger: Will BLOOD always be an indies band, or will they ever go to a major lable?

fu-ki: It depends on the terms.

Roger: What is next for BLOOD?

Kiwamu: We haven’t decided yet. We’ll think more about it after the last tour in April.

Roger: Please Say something to your fans.

fu-ki: If there’s anyone listening who doesn’t have our CDs or only knows bits and pieces of our music, please buy our CDs and experience our world. I think you can buy BLOOD CDs at CDJapan, and you can also hear our music at our profile at

Roger: Nick asks: Do you play videogames? What are your favorite videogames?

Kiwamu: I don’t play them anymore, but I do like the Final Fantasy series.

Roger: Dix Infernal asks: In your opinion, what are the three most important things in life?

fuki: Rock music, beer, and beautiful women.

Roger: Helen asks: What or who was your inspiration for starting BLOOD?

Kiwamu: I started BLOOD with the goal of creating works that no other band could make, so I wasn’t inspired by any particular band.

Roger Shitsuka asks: If you could fly, and go anywhere, where would you go and why?

fuki: To where you are.

Roger: Myra asks: Have any of you been to jail?

Kiwamu: I did some time just before I formed BLOOD. But I can’t tell you why.

Special thanx go to Becky for translating, and BLOOD for participating!!!


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Think We Have A Winner

Image hosting by Photobucket

Congratz go to Akuma for COMPLETELY fucking up his room while listening to the "Music So Heavy You'll Shit Your Pants" Block. He has won a goth goodie bag from and bragging rights as far as I'm concerned. Many of you send pics in, but after view the sheer destruction that Akuma caused, I think you can see just WHY he won. I'm so proud I could cry....


Monday, March 06, 2006

Last Week's Rundown and 2 CD Reviews (Coz I suck)

Yeah, there actually is an update this week (last week was a fluke)! Here's the playlist:

Zilch - Electric Cucumber
Kagrra - Jajauma Himedan
*NEW ROCK* MUCC - Gerbera
Gazzette - Cassis
*Myspace Prostitots*
Asian Kung-fu Generation - N.G.S.
*We Want Your Ass*
*NEW ROCK* Rentrer en Soi - Protoplasm
*NEW ROCK* SID - Hosoikoe
Gazette - Anti-pop

*The "Music So Heavy You'll Shit Your Pants" Block*
Dir en grey - Obscure
Kagerou - XII Dizzy
Gazette - $ocial Riot Machine$
Dimmu Borgir - Puritania
Deathgaze - Chaos
Coaltar of the Deepers - Dead By Dawn
Strapping Young Lad - Detox

The Pillows - Ride On Shooting Star
*NEW ROCK* Hyde - Season's Call
D'espairs Ray - Forbidden
Hora - Modulate God
*Featured Artist of the Week* Raphael - Hanasuku inochi aru kagiri
Buck Tick - Muma The Nightmare
Johnny Cash - Walk The Line
BLOOD - Vengeance For BLOOD
*NEW ROCK* Alice nine - Fantasy
*NEW ROCK* Ayabie - Japaneses ROUREZO caramel town
*Featured Artist of the Week* Raphael - Lost Graduation
*NEW ROCK* Phantasmagoria - kyousoukyoku ~Cruel Crucible~

Major sorries go out to those, and there were many of you this past week, who's requests I didn't get to. As you can see, we had alot planned with the heavy music block, the bundle of New Rock, the Featured Artist of the Week, and the talk break that generated the highest response in TR history, Myspace Prostitots.

For this talk break, we responded to the local media's presentation of young children on Myspace. The one I saw on NBC 10 in Philadelphia was one warning parents to safe guard their kids against impropper use of the site, such as lying about age and posting sexually suggestive photos of themselves. In a 180 from what we usually do at TR, Craig and I actually took the new's side, only to go further and call out the young teenagers that do this and the parents that let them, and speaking our mind about how these kids are complete and utter Jackasses. And, as stated before, this prompted the largest response a talk break has ever generated on TR. We had so many IM's from listeners responding to the subject that it'd take an entire hour to read them all! Unfortunately (and I use that term loosely), we couldn't find anyone with a different point of view from us, as we generally like to see both sides of an argument represented, but all of you seem to believe these kids should stop lying and put some damn clothes on! Pat yourselves on the back! You actually all have some common sense!

However, in true TR form, one song later we were asking for pictures of your asses! Nightmares, Dreams, Whispers and Screams is going to have a collage of (clothed) butt pics as the cover of their next album and they need your help! Post all of your (clothed) butt pics at and it will appear on the cover of their next CD No Asses Left Behind, and even sung about!

We also held our block of "Music So Heavy You'll Shit Your Pants", and it seems like that was no lie for some of you! We held a contest that who ever could cause the most destruction and chaos inspired by that block would win a goodie bag from! We weren't disappointed! Some of you sent in some CRAZY pics, but only one of you could win. They'll be annouced tomorrow.

Other than that, we debuted a shit load of New Rock for you all, listed up in the playlist, and featured an almost forgotten band as out Artist of the Week, Raphael.

Speaking of which, I owe you guys 2 CD reviews! The first is last week's artist of the week, SIN, and below that is the review of Raphael's Singles Collection.

SIN - Errare Digital EST
Image hosting by Photobucket

SIN was a little gem that I happened to find as I was scowering through a stack of industrial artists. Almost immediately upon turning the the on, I was very pleased with what I was hearing. It was only gonna get better from there. Almost immediately you are swamped with this futuristic sound that wouldn't surprise me if it came straight from The 5th Element soundtrack! The vocals, which go back and forth between singing and screaming, are there, but they don't take center stage. They seem to be there more to spice the actual product here, which is the music. Infact, there are several instrumental tracks on the CD. Throughout the CD, the weapons of coice are heavily distorted guitars, synth beats, and keyboards. As the album progresses further, it keeps that same futuristic feel, but a little more gritty. This kind of sound, for me, would perfectly fit in futuristic first person shooters, such as Perfect Dark, Deus Ex, or Codename: Tenka (Most of you will have to look that title up. Those of you who don't deserve a prize). Seriously, this CD had me pumped to go out there and save the earth from either A. Space aliens or B. An evil, all-controling 1984 style government/company. Deeper into the second half of the CD, however, the CD gets dark and ambient, and sets a bit of a spooky mood. However, it still fit that nature of the dark futuristic FPS. If I had to pic a favorite track, I would go with the instrumental "Hard Ebm". It opens with this hard driving, frantic feel, slows down to a somewhat peaceful, bewildering medly in the middle, then slowly crawls back to where it started. I strongly recomend this to people looking for something a little different from the usual idustrial rock band who are prepaired for a rollercoaster ride of furturistc sounds, riffs, and thrills.

Official website -
Nocturnal Movements -
CD Baby (Carries SIN CD's) -

Raphael - Singles Collection
Image hosting by Photobucket

Sorry for the redunculous small pic, but it was the largest I could find, which shows you something about this band... They're being forgotten, and thats a sin (no pun intended). Raphael is a band I've heard of for a while, but never heard until recently. Many of the older VK fans have been telling me for a while "You gotta hear these guys!" and I've always been like "Yeah yeah, I will"... then I did... wow. Granted, I started with a pseudo "best of" collection, but I assume its a great place to start with these guys. Their concept, as I said on the show, is the complete opposite of many of the bands in the scene, who use dark, chaotic, disturbing imagry. This guys, instead, take on the concept of angels. Their music reflects it too. The very first song on the CD is a Christmas song! Don't expect the CD to have the flow of a real album. Alot of the times it jumps from song to song with dramatic difference. However, they all have the same style. Wheather it be a soft ballad, or a double bass driven jam song, they all retain that heavenly sound. No, I don't mean the Cristian Rock/Creed version of heavenly. Think more along the lines of Tchaikovsky or Uematsu. While the entire album is great, my favorite is by far the epic "Hana saku inochi aru kagiri". That song just hits me on all of the right spots: it's fast, great guitar licks, violins, keyboards, morgans, and ohhh that double bass pedal (heart). You gotta hear it... infact, you can on our myspace! (linked above). It's sad that most of us in the newer generation of VK have no exposure to this incredible band hopefully, this will spark some renewed interest in the band and incourage people to go out and purchase what's left of their CD's!

Raphael Lable's Official Website:
Promise Raphael Fansite:
Raphael Fansite:

This week, there IS a show, however, on the 16th we will be on Spring Break, so please take the time to do some homework, or bake some cookies and send it to us!


Thursday, March 02, 2006

MASSIVE New Rock, The "Musice So Heavy You'll Shit Your Pants" Block, and The Featured Artist of the Week: Raphael. All TONIGHT!!!!

We have a jam packed show for you tonight. Along with our half hour non-stop fuck fest entitled The "Music So Heavy You'll Shit Your Pants" Block, we will also be featuring new rock from:

Rentrer en Soi
Alice nine

Lastly, our Featured Artist of the Week is a band that has broken-up, and unfortunately, seems to be a bit forgotten except by the older VK fans. So, I felt it right to expose these talented musicians to those who may not have heard them. This week, our Featured Artist of the Week is the angel themed VK band, Raphael.

Don't forget the request! We look foward to hearing from ya!


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Been awhile... I'll make up for it with NEW ROCK

Maybe I've been playing with that new Myspace toy a little too much recently! Sorry for the lack of updates here. It won't happen again once I get everything stable with the Myspace and school. Those of you still waiting for the SIN CD review and last week's track list, it should be up tomorrow.

As I said, I'll make up for it with the SHIT load of new music we just got! These include new alicenine, MUCC, Hyde, and SID and more to come!

Also, we will be doing a half hour block of music entitled "Music So Heavy, You'll Shit Your Pants!". This will be a half hour block without talk or commercial interruption of the heaviest, angriest, craziest music out there. If you wanna request music you think will fit in this block, go right ahead and tell us!

Once again, major apologies for the lateness. School's been kicking my ass and this Myspace... wow, we're gonna do things with this!