Thursday, February 23, 2006

Katsucon Coverage and the seek and Aya Panel all TONIGHT!

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Tonight, we will be presenting our full coverage of Katsucon 12, as well as airing the seek and Aya panel in its entirety! (Mostly because I've been to overwhelmed with school work, so you guys gotta put with the obligatory "seek are you single?" and "Aya, why are you so cute?" questions).

Also, tonight, as our featured artist of the week, we will be featuring a little known industrial band called SIN. I would have a CD review of their's up, but once again, the school work is really building up, so you gotta wait for tomorrow.

As always, requests are HIGHIY encouraged! Give us a call at 717-872-3518 or 717-872-3519 as well as the AIM name wixq917. Hope to hear from ya!


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Katsucon Down and Out!

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Katsucon has come and gone, a DAMN was it a blast. Amoung the many things we accomplished down there is that there are now 190 new photos on the photobucket which include exclusive pictures of seek, Aya, and the Cosplay event.

Speaking of seek and Aya, as part of our katsucon coverage, we will air their ENTIRE panel. Something you will only be able to hear on Tainted Reality, thanx to John Lo of JHouseRock!

So, be sure to tune in this Thursday for full Katsucon coverage, including the exclusive air of the seek and Aya pannel, as well as a major announcement on who our next interview will be! In the meantime, feel free to check out the plethora of pics in the photobucket, linked above!


Monday, February 20, 2006

Mucho Requests Make Baby Fu~ki Happy

Thanx to BLOOD for participating in the interview, Becky for translating, and you all for listening! Here's the playlist:

BLOOD - The Funeral For Humanity
Hora - Inner Universe
Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug (Kiwamu)
Schwarz Stein - Addictive Epicurean
HORSE The Band - Birdo
Mindless Self Indulgence - Shut Me Up
Janne da Arc - Freedom
*Dir en grey in the USA* [That rhymes!]
Dir en grey - Koduo
D'espairs Ray - Marry of the BLOOD

*BLOOD Interview Part 1*
Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends
Negative - Frozen To Loose It All (Fu-ki)
Atreyu - This Flesh A Tomb
Sentenced - Cross My Heart and Hope To Die (Fu-ki)
*BLOOD Interview Part 2*
BLOOD - Caught In The Spiral
Vidoll - shinbun masukomi kankeisha no kata e

The Cure - Disintegration (Kiwamu)
Candy Spook Theater - Trick or Treat
Rammstein - Reise Reise
SID - Ajisai

*BLOOD Interview Part 3*
BLOOD - Voices
The 69 Eyes - Gothic Girl (Fu-ki)
MUCC - bouzenjishitsu
Reggie and the Full Effect - DWARF INVASION!!!!!!!!
The Pillows - My Foot
Coaltar of the Deepers - Mars Attacks!
*BLOOD Interview Part 4: Fan Questions*
BLOOD - Nevermore
*Tainted Reality: The Myspace!*
SADS - Hello

Requests in Italics
Special Events in **
BLOOD Requests in ( )

A full transcript of the interview should be up next week, and the interview itself available for download on Soulseek by the end of March.

I'd write more, but I'm late for work! Massive update tomorrow! I promise! Two BIG announcements to come!


Monday, February 13, 2006

Co-Host Application

So, you wanna be Tainted Reality's new co-host huh? Bullshit aside, here's what you do:

1. Ask yourself these questions:
A. Can I get a ride to Ocean City, New Jersey every Thursday and arrive by 6:30pm?
B. Is that ride reliable?
C. Can I handle a bit of a work load that will include promotion, blogging, and contacting J-Rock bands and labels to obtain promotional CD's?
D. Am I over the age of 18?
E. Will I be enthusiastic?
If you answered no to any of these, you probably shouldn't apply.

2. After that, send an e-mail to titled "application". Write about your favorite bands, general interests, where you live, Phone Number, method of travel, and write as much as you want about why you want this gig, and what you can contribute to it.

3. After that, I will request an interview depending on whether I like your application or not. I will tell you more about that when we schedule the interview. It will be here in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Simple enough. However, please keep in mind that this IS NOT A PAYING GIG! This, for all intents and purposes, is strictly for fun.

Good luck to all of you who may apply! Any question, post in the comments here!


Sunday, February 12, 2006

I need fooooooooood

Pretty clockwork show last week. Here's the playlist:

Lolita 23q - Gokusaishiki Castle
SID - Alibi
Phantasmagoria - Mikansei to Guilt
MUCC - Bouzenjishitsu
*The Kosher Junk*
*The Sakurai Atsushi Related Music Block*
Buck-Tick - Romance
Sakurai Atsushi - Sacrifice (Last Confused Mix)
Schwein - Spank The Monkey
KMFDM - Free Your Hate
* , I hate Myspace*
Isebelle - Stage Again
BLOOD - Caught In The Spiral
*New Rock* 12012 - Wriggle Girls
Suicide Ali - Favorite Song
*New Rock* Gackt - Redemption
X - Vanishing Love
X - Orgasm
HORSE The Band - Cutsman
Dir en grey - Clever Sleazoid
*New Rock* Kagrra, - Chikai no tsuki
D - Sleeper
Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection
*New Rock* Gazette - Bathroom
The Back Horn - Ikusen Kounen no Kodoku
*New Rock* Alicenine - Kyuu Ryuu-NINE HEADS RODEO SHOW-
*Featured Artist of the Week* The Pillows - My Foot
The Pillows - Disintegration
HIM - Rip Off The Wings of a Butterfly
The Rasmus - In My Life
The 69 Eyes - Brandon Lee
*New Rock* Phantasmagoria - Shinsokyoku - Variant Jihad-

Requests in Italics
Special Events in **

Aw man. Come on guys! Where were the requests!? I bring a cute girl by the studio, trying to impress her and all, and I get the lowest request count since I was on Bad Transitions. Agh, now I look like a douche!

Narcisitic rant aside, we had a pretty decent show going. As stated before, I was joined in the studio by old high school buddy, Kitty. After Craig showed-up 20 minutes late, we were joined by Mike Gaskin where we had a discussion about how his junk became kosher. Immediately afterwards, the IM's lit up with people going on about how hilarious it was! Too bad we can't record our own shows.

Craig also when ape shit over how poorly Myspace is run. All those annoying error and maintenace messages have really been pissing us off, and Craig was disillusioned into beleiving it was gonna get better coz of all the "maintenance". Yeah right. He also had a good theory that Myspace actually doesn't cateer to the users, only the advertisers as the are their only source of revenue. Kinda makes ya think doesn't it? Its kinda hard to promote a crappy band like Nightmares Dreams Whispers and Screams ( when 1. Myspace keeps failing you, and 2. YOU CAN'T EVEN PROMOTE IT ON YOUR OWN SHOW!!!!.

Also, Craig talked about what it was like to spearhead our first ever Mailing List Exclusive Content with a periodical editorial entitled Confessions of a Sleep-Deprived Mind. In this edition, he spoke about how people should not be in fear for their love of comic books, and told neigh sayers taht they are not just for kids. Wish to recieve future editions of this editorial? Go ahead and sign up for our mailing list which is now ever so conveniently linked at the top of the page! For those of you who did get it, we are anxious to get you 2 cents! MAKE COMMENTS HERE! PLEASE!

As the night progressed, we played our loads of new rock for you, including our featured artist of the week, The Pillows. We even did a few shout outs for fans, as well as a block of Sakurai Atsushi related music for Kitty who was having her first true exposure to J-Rock.

Other than this, it was a pretty sleepy night. Not much happened, spun alot of music, kept the webcam on Kitty most of the night, made a few plugs, and that's about it.

And I don't like that. I know you guys tune in for inovation, excitement, and humor, as well as the music. So, I am very please to announce I have come up with the terms on how you can become my next co-host! I will put them up on this very site tomorrow.

Anyway, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave all comments you may have right here. Don't be silent! I wanna know what you think, seriously! Good or bad, drop us a line!


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ok, It SHOULD Work Tonight, so TUNE IN

Alright, I have been told by the WIXQ powers that be that everything is up and running, so its safe to assume the show is good to go for tonight. Tonight, we will basically be doing the show we planned for last week, which will include new tunes from Alicenine, Phantasmagoria, Kagrra, and Gackt, and the Featured Artist of the Week being The Pillows, but we also have the new release from Gazette, NIL. And you know what, I may have an old friend I haven't seen in YEARS stopping by who I beleive doesn't know a thing about J-Rock, so I might do a block of Sakurai Atsushi-related music. As always, call in and make requests tonight!


P.S. For those of you tuning in for the BLOOD interview tonight, once again, it has been delayed until the 16th.

*Edit* THIS JUST IN! PLAY DOLLs and not obtain+1 from 12012!!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Student Interview With Rog

Wouldn't ya know it, I did my first interview! Mienai Kizu, a highschool student out in the midwest, interviewed me as a project for school! She sent the interview back to me, and I though it would be cool for her, and you guys if I put it up here. So, here ya go! My first interview for Tainted Reality!

How did you come into doing Tainted Reality?

-Last year, I did a show called Bad Transitions with a friend of mine named Andrew Wieler. He played mostly American music, and I played j-rock. However, our fanbase seemed to only care about the J-Rock, plus Andrew hated the music. So, I decided to do my own show. This is my third show now.

Do you work on the show alone or do you have co-workers?

-Mostly by myself, but when it comes to what we do when I turn the mics on, I take everyone's input. I do all of the blogger content, promotion, booking of interviews, and production work, but when we talk, or do special segments, I usually let everyone participate, even fans.

How do the fans participate exactly?

-IMing and calling in. We are trying to find a way to actually air calls, but there are certain FCC (Federal Communications Commission) rules we need to follow for that. As far as IM's, we usually read 'em on air.

That's pretty nifty. And fun to do. Okay, on with the questions. How large is the number of listeners?

-We really don't know because we are college radio. We don't have fancy shmacy sound scan like comercial stations. The only way I have an idea of who's listening is by who is viewing the webcam (which we can see totals for) and requests.

So how do you feel knowing that quite some people are listening to you and watching you on that webcam?

-Pretty damn happy. But I'm always trying to find ways to get more and more listeners, so while I'm happy people are listening to the show, I always want more.

What made you decide to add J-rock to the catergories?

- My hatred for mainstream American music is a big factor, but also because, next to Goth and metal, its my fave genre of music. I really hate calling J-Rock a genre though, as it is only a classification for rock music that comes out of Japan, and as we all know, there are many sub-genres of rock. J-Rock bands shouldn't be called J-Rock bands, which is why I appreciate Dir en grey's recent push saying "We are not a J-Rock band, we are a Rock band."

For those who have no idea about Japanese anything, can you please explain the different sub-genres there are?

-Basically everything there is in the American music: Pop, rock, metal, industrial, goth, alternative, punk, emo... It's just as diverse as our music scene is.

To get back to the radio, what goes through your head when something goes wrong, like when you have to broadcast through a door?

-To be honest, "Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck", which is usually what I can be heard screaming when I turn the mics off. I wanna add censorship is a horrible evil in today's society.

Amen to that. How does it feel to have someone interviewing you instead of the other way around?

-Kinda weird. This is my first time being interviewed about the show. I like being able to explain stuff like this and hope it happens more often.

If you could change anything about Tainted Reality, what would it be? You can even be creative if you'd like.

-Nothing about the show in particular, but I just want more listeners and more bands. It is so hard to get bands. I equate it to fishing. It's pretty much you send out a million e-mails as bait, and hope someone bites.

How exactly do you obtain your music? Do you buy the Japanese albums and singles, even though they're pretty expensive?

-I try to do my best to buy everything, ask for promotional copies of CD's, etc.

Wish I could do that instead of spending $30 bucks on a CD. And lastly. Why are you so cool?

-I'm not. I'm a dork.

What Did ya think? Let Mienai know if she did a good job or not by commenting here on the blogger. Thanx Mienai! It was alot of fun!


Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Superbowl Shuffle GO STEELERS!!!!!

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The Only 6th seeded team in history to go, the first quarterback to take his team to the championships in his first 2 years in the NFL, a future hall-of-fame running-back who won't settle for anything but the ring as his finalle, and they're from Pennsylvania! You bet I'm ruding for the Steelers! Good luck to them in the Super Bowl tonight!



Thursday, February 02, 2006

Deepest Apologies

Sorry about the show tonight guys. When I entered the studio today, it was a complete and utter mess. Everything was down except the webcam! I don't know what happened, but I fixed what I could. I got the station back on air, but without a council member, I did not have access to the webcast. You guys didn't miss much. All of the special events I have planned for tonight will be done on the 9th. Unfortunately, that means the BLOOD interview is also postponed. It will now air on the 16th. So, please spread the word about this as well. Once again, I deeply deeply apologise about tonight. Circumstances happened far beyond my control, and hopefully we will return to the air, full force, next week.

*EDIT* As you read this, our computer administrator is here at 11pm mad as hell coz apparently our server was disconnected by the campus!!!!!! Send all complaints to Millersville University's Boyer Front/Help Desk.


P.S. Extra special thanx go to those of you out there who, despite the webcast being down, stayed with me, chatted, and tried to cheer me up through out the night. We even got requests from people who couldn't listen! Thanx guys. Tainted Reality really does have the best fans in the world!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Big Releases and Featured Artist of the Week: The Pillows TONIGHT

Tonight, we continue our on-going streak of presenting you with new rock! Tonight, we have the new singles from: Alice Nine, Phantasmagoria, Kagrra, and Gackt. Also tonight, we'll be bitching about Myspace, I finally rant about how awesome Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter was, go ape shit over the movie Hostel, and I finally reveal details about how YOU can become my next co-host!

On top of all the new music mentioned above, we just got a copy of The Pillows brand spankin new CD, My Foot. So, I felt ever so inclined to make The Pillows our Featured Artist of the Week!

Image hosting by Photobucket
The Pillows - My Foot

My Foot is The Pillows we have come to love for nearly 17 years now. The album holds no surprises for those familiar with the band and is basically the same sound they have been making for years. You may be asking yourself however "Is this a bad thing?". Here's my answer. No. There's just something about The Pillows' sound that never gets old to me, much like AC/DC. It is good to have this driven, alt-rock sound in a time where it is almost non-existant. It's the kind of music that makes high school/college kids want to pick up a guitar, and just jam in their garage with 3 of their friends. You don't care what the lyrics are about, you just get the vibe out of the music. None of the songs really stand out. It's just an even flow of wholesome early 90's rock goodness. I guess this is why I like it so much. As Craig said once, our generation is absolutely nostalgic, with me being no exception. In my opinion, not even Peral Jam captures the feel that this music used to give me. However, The Pillows do. If I did have to pick a fave track though, the title track is probably the one I would go for, with its danceable drum and bass line and air guitar-inspiring licks. By no means as good as Little Busters or White Incarnation, My Foot, however, is a pretty good CD. A step above Penalty Life in my opinion and a true sign that, ever after a decade and a half, The Pillows are still going strong.

Be sure to tune in tonight, and make those requests!



Here they are! The brand spankin new photos from Suicide Ali, before they are even on their own website! The band encourages you all to comment on them here as they actively read the blogger and really want to know what you think!

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Image hosting by Photobucket
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Image hosting by Photobucket

Also, feel free to download and distribute these. The band needs your help as they want to come to the US real bad, but they need to get a fanbase. If you haven't already, start spreading the word about Suicide Ali NOW!