Monday, October 31, 2005

Suicide Ali Interview Available for Download on Soulseek and Interview Transcript

The Suicide Ali interview is now available for download from my account on Soulseek, as well as some of my past works with Bad Transitions including the BLOOD interview done last February. My SN on there, like everying thing else I use in the world (Except forums) is akilatem. Feel free to go ahead and grab these interviews. The Richard Cox and Mitsukazu Mihara interviews will be uploaded soon aswell.

For those of you who do not have Soulseek, or want to post text of the interview on a website, here is the transcript. If you are going to post this on a website though, please ask my permission first, and gimme your addy so I can send that to the band members themselves!

Roger - Please introduce yourselves
-Goshi: The people listening to the radio, good afternoon. I am vocalist Goshi.
-Yuu: I am Suicide Ali guitarist Yuu.
-Hiroshi: My name is Hiroshi. One of the popular names. I am playing the guitar part.
-Yuu: I am Suicide Ali drummer Hisashi. I have no penis. Ok?
-Hisashi: No, I am real Hisashi!
-Yuu: Sorry, I'll study.

Roger - What are the Origins of Suicide Ali?
-Goshi: It was more than a year ago. Out of all the ideas I was thinking about, there was one that stood out as a good image, and a really cool concept came from that. At the time I just thought, ‘this could be kinda cool,’ but now I’m confident that it really is very cool. I told Hiroshi all the ideas I had in my head. How many hours did that take…? Well, anyway, it took a really long time to explain it all. Actually, it was a very one-sided discussion. But he understood my thoughts very well, so I was happy. So we said then and there, “Why don’t we work together?” and it began from there. But working to bring the image together took me about half a year, so I kept him waiting for a long time, but somehow he waited patiently and never left me behind. So we wrote 3 songs and decided to bring in more members, which took another half a year. It’s been 3 or 4 months since then, and that brings us to today.

Roger - What past musical projects have you guys done?
-Hiroshi: First Goshi and I discussed a visual image and world view for a new band, and as a result, we decided to make our music available through our homepage until all the members were brought together. We’re still working on writing songs while we look for good new members. I think there are a few things that some Americans have misunderstood – we weren’t “born” out of any other band, and we didn’t all come together until recently, when we formed this band. For now, we’re just working toward our first live show and perfecting the image and visual aspects of each member.

Roger - What Inspires your music?
-Goshi: Just observing people. I watch the flow of people walking along the street, wondering what kind of life this person lives, what they plan to do that night, what kind of sex they have… I have fun imagining stuff like that.
-Yuu: I get inspiration from the dreams I have when I sleep. I try to keep them deep in my memory. As for more musical sources, I like music from the “good ol’ days.” I listen to a lot of hard rock. That’s where I get my inspiration.
-Hisashi: I get my inspiration from negative emotions of things like books and paintings. Musically, I love 80s hard rock. Especially Motley Crue.

Roger - Where does your visual inspiration come from?
-Hiroshi: I usually combine the ideas Goshi gives me with the ideas in my own head, which come from my own favorite movies, anime, and bands. After bringing our ideas together, I try to blend them with Suicide Ali’s concept, and I guess that’s where it all comes from. Where do your ideas usually come from, Goshi?
-Goshi: I look at Salvador Dali paintings, and ideas start to flash in my mind.
-Yuu: I don’t get my inspiration from anyone in particular, but I guess maybe the usual stuff inspires me and I don’t realize it.
-Hisashi: As for me, my image is a sort of halfway point between male and female. Basically, glamorous – except I’m not quite that shiny.

Roger - Who writes Suicide Ali's music?
-Hiroshi: Up until now our songs have been primarily written by Goshi and myself, and he writes the lyrics. When I’m about halfway done with a song, I have each of the other members listen to it, then I pass it on to whoever comes up with a good idea for finishing it. That’s how I’ve done it so far. Recently Yuu has been writing new songs that are a little different… Yuu, how would you describe your method?
-Yuu: When I write a song, I basically just finish as much of it as I can, as well as I can, and leave the vocal melodies up to Goshi. I just point out the parts I think are most important, tell him to do his best, and leave the rest to in his hands.
-Hiroshi: So Goshi creates the melodies.
-Yuu: Right.

Roger - Were the current Suicide Ali songs written for Suicide Ali?
-Goshi: I can’t write a song unless I can see images in my head to create it from. So all of our current works were created based on the world view and outlook of the band, and then put into their final musical form.

Roger - Has the band run into any difficulties?
-Hiroshi: One thing that’s always been really difficult is how lonely it can be as a band member. There are times when you really want to be with someone, but we’re still in a position where that would be pretty much impossible. So I think being unable to share a relationship with someone is the most painful thing.
-Goshi: I wanna do a live show soon!
-Hiroshi: In our present situation, there are a lot of circumstances that force us to focus strictly on band activities in preparation for starting to get out and play live shows, so I hope we can present the band to everyone as soon as possible.

Roger - Has Suicide Ali gotten many girls? Alot of Sex?
-Yuu: We have lots of girls! On a good day I can have sex 5 times. I can last 24 hours, though.

Roger - What do you guys do in your spare time?
-Hisashi: I like to relax with a coffee in one hand and just not think about anything. Having Motley Crue playing in the background is the best.
-Goshi: I’m a real Dandy. Very chivalrous. I also watch movies and read books. Recently I’m really into philosophical and psychological stuff too.
-Hiroshi: I watch a lot of Yahoo streaming video, and I also like Japanese comedy. I like playing games too.

Roger - What is your favorite alcohol?
-Yuu: Whiskey. I don’t drink weak alcohol, because it tastes like crap.
-Goshi: You just like the fancy stuff.
-Yuu: As for brands, I drink a lot of Old Parr and Hennessey.
-Hiroshi: I like Keika-Chinshu (a Chinese olive liquor). Keika-Chinshu soda-wari is my favorite. Do they have those in America?
-Yuu: Probably.-Hiroshi: You think so? How would you translate that?
-Yuu: Soda-wari? Hmm… it has soda mixed in for carbonation, so… it’s like a cocktail, right? Yeah, cocktail. It’s like a cocktail.

Roger - What did you think of the 3 Matrix Movies?
-Yuu: I wasn’t really interested. I think Hisashi said he wasn’t really interested in the Matrix either.
-Hiroshi: The first one was really interesting. The main character started out weak but ended up really powerful. I got kinda worried when he went flying at the end.
-Yuu: Did you see the sequels?
-Hiroshi: I did, but… well, in the second one, the highway scene was pretty cool…
-Yuu: I haven’t seen it at all, so…
-Hiroshi: Smith shows up a lot in it.-Yuu: Smith?
-Hiroshi: Other than that there’s not much to say about it.
-Goshi: Isn’t that the second one?
-Hiroshi: That’s what I said, the second one. Anyway, that’s my opinion.

Roger - Do you enjoy videogames? What are some of your favorites and why?
-Hisashi: Metal Gear Solid. It’s interesting to see how good you can get at making your way through it. Hiroshi, you like RPGs, right?
-Hiroshi: Yeah, I do.
-Goshi: Which RPGs?
-Hiroshi: Like, the Final Fantasy games. Goshi, you’ve played those too, right?
-Goshi: Yeah. Final Fantasy 10 was great. I couldn’t stop crying.
-Hiroshi: The story was really well done. It was interesting.
-Goshi: Sin is really strong.
-Hisashi: It was good, wasn’t it?
-Hiroshi: Yeah, it was good.
-Yuu: You’ve played it?
-Hisashi: Yeah. I beat it.
-Goshi: I thought I’d never beat it.
-Hiroshi: It makes you feel like you’re immersed in the fantasy world of the game. It’s a cool feeling.
-Goshi: You don’t sleep. You get so into it, and before you know it, it’s tomorrow.
-Hiroshi: I play action games on occasion too. There’s one called ICO… it’s really… how would you say it?… I guess you’d call it a fantasy world. It has a really simplistic feel to it. It’s really fun.

Roger - Do you have any random insane stories that have happened to Suicide Ali?
-Yuu: I don’t think anything like that has really happened… but we do have a major announcement for you guys. Hiroshi?
-Hiroshi: We will finally be bringing in a bassist. This is really major news for us. With all five members, we can finish creating the world of Suicide Ali and go on to play our first live show. I think we’ll be uploading all the details on our new bassist at our homepage very soon, so please look forward to that.

Roger - Where did the name "Suicide Ali" originate?
-Goshi: “Ali” is Arabic for “supreme,” or basically “perfect.” So altogether, the name means “the perfect suicide.” But it carries stronger implications than just a band name; it’s more like the title to a long novel containing everything we want to express as a band from now on.
-Hiroshi: I think everybody goes through their entire life wondering what they should be doing, and searching for their own reasons for living. Another way to put it is that we’re all looking for our own personal ideal way to die. That was the idea we had in mind when we turned that concept into our band name.

Roger - What are your current activities in Japan?
-Yuu: We don’t have any live shows scheduled yet, so currently we’re writing songs, getting together as much as we can, and making preparations for our first live. We’ve made plans to start recording, so I think we’re moving along pretty well.
-Goshi: I want to play a live show soon!

Roger - Will you make PV's? What kind will you make?
-Hiroshi: I really want to make one. If we can, I want to make it in a desert or something, and give the image of us traveling through various places.
-Goshi: I’d really like to go to a desert. We should definitely make one in a desert.
-Hiroshi: The image of a desert would be perfect for Suicide Ali. But then, if we threw in some occasional shots of something like a forest, I think that would make for a really interesting contrast. And that’s the kind of thing that would fit perfectly with our concept.

Roger - What do you not like about the current Japanese music scene?
-Hiroshi: Tickets to live shows are really expensive.
-Goshi: They are really expensive.
-Hiroshi: There’s so much good music out there. It really sucks when you can’t go experience that at live shows.
-Yuu: I think, here in Japan, Japanese music is kept very separate from the music of other countries. They’re kept separate on the charts and everything, and it’s like they’re two entirely different things that can’t even be looked at in the same light in the Japanese music scene. I can’t stand that.
-Goshi: I feel the same. There’s so much great music in the world.
-Yuu: The fans are totally different between the Japanese and non-Japanese music scenes, so it’s like the two groups can’t accept each other in Japan.

Roger - Do you have any plans for America? Will you tour here?
-Yuu: Our plans for America… well, if you guys listening to the radio right now like even one of our songs, and would like to see us perform, we would love to go there and do a live show.
-Goshi: I wanna go there!
-Yuu: I’d like to just visit there normally too.
-Goshi: Me too! You’ll be my guide, right?
-Yuu: Me? I’ve never been there. Well, except passing through on the way to Mexico.
-Goshi: Can you speak the language?
-Yuu: Oh, I can speak it pretty well. But only body language.
-Goshi: Well, that could be a problem.
-Yuu: I’m very adaptable.
-Goshi: Then maybe I better stay in Japan.

Roger - When will your first CD be released? How can Americans buy it?
-Goshi: I think we’ll release a single with just one song before we release an album. We’ll work it out so you can order it from our homepage.

Roger - What are your goals?
-Goshi: It’s really hard to just name one thing. I guess I want our works to be popular on a global level, and I want us to become established. I don’t want our music to just come and go. I want to leave a mark on the world somehow. Even if no one understands the words, I want our message to be conveyed across language barriers. I want to be able to move the hearts of people all over the world.

Roger - Do you have anything you want to say to your new American fans?
-Goshi: We’ll do our best to write good songs, make good videos, and meet up with you all, so please be waiting for us.
-Hiroshi: We’ll definitely go to America someday, so look forward to it. Keep supporting us.
-Yuu: There isn’t much information available on our band yet, but keep checking our homepage.-Hisashi: We’re only just beginning, so get your friends to listen to Suicide Ali’s music. Finally, to all of you in America: I love you!

Special Thanx go to Becky for translating and writing this up!


Sunday, October 30, 2005


Last week's show was one weird mofo. We didn't keep a track list because, well, we said "Fuck it" after we had A TOTAL OUTTAGE OF ALMOST ALL EQUIPMENT!

Anyway, here's how the night went. First, we laid out all of the bad news for the listeners: D-Ray is in disaray and the Tainted Reality Logo Creator Give-away was cancelled due to the loss of my car and lack of funds. Thanx go to everyone who did submit logos, and I wish I could reward you somehow for your efforts, but as of now, I am flat broke. However, I revealed some good news. On November 17th, Josephine Yun, the author of JRock, Ink., will be joining us in the studio! However, just when I revealed this, the computers started fucking up... then we lost the network... then we lost pretty much everything. Frustrated, we returned to the air and just played random music because we thought we lost the webcast yet again. When we finally went to talk, and I challenged myself to flawlessly censor TOOL's Hooker with a Penis and was bitching that the webcast was down, BLOOD's translator, Becky from Ohio, called to tell us the webcast was actually up! So, we actually started trying again and revealed more good news: Tainted Reality's next musical interview will be noe other than a band I've been going on about for months: Coaltar of the Deepers. Since the computers were all completely down, we couldn't take requests, so we played a pretty good mix of J, American, and UK artists (Yes, BUSH is UK, I'm surprised no one called in to call me out on that).

So, mark your calendars guys! November 17th, Josephine Yun will join us in the studio to promote her book JRock Ink,. and on December 1st, one of my new fave bands, Coaltar of the Deepers!! Be sure to tune in! Sorry about last show, but we dunno what the hell happened, and neither does anyone in the station. I'll make up for it with a shit load of stories and pictures from my trip to Mexico to tour with BLOOD this weekend!


P.S. Special thanx go out to Sarah of UD for keeping everyone informed as to what the hell was going on!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

There's Good News, and There's Bad News

You guys may be wondering why the blogger has been inactive this week after the Suicide Ali interview. Well, as the title suggests, a lot has happened this week, both good and bad. I will say this right now, it's nothing like the show being cancelled or anything like that, so don't get worried. I will reveal all news tonight on the show. As usual, call in or IM us and make requests! To listen in, follow the instructions at the top of the page.


Monday, October 24, 2005


Solariel has won the copy of D's The Name of the Rose! There is nothing more annoying, pathetic, ignorant, or stupid than paying for all that in total pennies. The other stories were very good as well, but this one just stood out as one that would make the writer scream "OMFG" louder than any of the others. For those of you who lost, don't worry. The Tainted Reality Logo Creator Give-away is right around the corner! The deadline is fast approaching, so make sure to get those submissions in ASAP to win you own personal J-Rock care package!

Congratz again to Solariel. Please e-mail us your info (Name, address and e-mail) to to claim your prize!


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Suicide Ali Interview TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight's the big night gang: America's debut of Suicide Ali. Be sure to tune in for an interview that gives a rare glimpse of an ambitious band just as they are starting out, with moments that are both heart warming, and drop dead hilarious! We will also be playing a track list tonight of some of the member's favorite bands and songs (Don't worry, we are still taking requests!). Lastly, be sure to listen in for your chance to win prizes! Listen in tonight to find out what they are, and how they will be given away. I will say one thing though, WE ARE GIVING AWAY THAT PUFFY AMI YUMI CD TONIGHT DAMNIT!!!!!!

AND DON'T FORGET TO MAKE REQUESTS!!!! Call us up at 717-872-3518 or 717-872-3519 as well as the AIM name WIXQ917. For listening instructions, please check the top of the page.

Please show your support tonight for Suicide Ali!


P.S. If you have serious trouble trying to listen tonight, try this method: Right-click on the "LO (24kbps)" or "HI (96Kbps)" links on the main page, and go to properties, then copy the address, go into Winamp and go to ADD at the bottom of the Winamp window, and then click +URL and paste the address into the window that comes up. Special thanx go to TR fan Roxanne for sending in this information!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Suicide Ali Interview This Thursday

We have decided that we will go ahead and air our interview with Suicide Ali this week as scheduled. We have been told that the technical issues that arose last week should not happen again. However, in the case that this does happen, we will re-air the interview, and have all prize give-aways at a later date. We want to make sure our webcast listeners have every opportunity to catch this interview, as we want to try to do everything we can to spread awareness of this awesome new band.

So, be sure to tune in Thursday for America's first glimpse of VK's brightest new band, Suicide Ali. As well as the interview, we will be playing a track list specifically selected by the members of the band, and giving away prizes to winning callers. Be sure to tune in! We look foward to hearing from ya!

And please tell all of your friends about Suicide Ali. Lets get these guys popular here in the States!


Friday, October 14, 2005

Cries For Help Heard By NONE

Last night there was a show, but unfortunately, the webcast was down and I was not informed of this until several concerned fans IMed the station. As of now, this is an unidentified technical error. Things like this are unavoidable unfortunately, and might be blamed on the horrible weather we've had recently. This was not a human error like several weeks ago where the webcast was routed to the wrong outlet. There was simply no webcast at all. The only thing we can be blamed for was that no one was available to fix the problem, and since I am not part of the station's managemnet, I do not have access to the webcast.

My deepest apologies go out to all of you who took the time out of your night to listen to us, only to be met with a 407 error message. I have spoken to our station manager, Andrew, about this already, who proclaimed his disgust and hatred for computers in response. I will take all measures to ensure that this does not happen again. This is also a negative because this throws the show's schedual for the next couple of weeks out of whack and I have my tour with BLOOD in Mexico comming up in the first week of November.

All details about any drastic schedual changes will all be posted here as soon as they arise. I do not want to leave you all hanging again. Once again, I deeply apologise for what happened last night.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cries For Help to (hopefully) Be Heard By All: TAINTED REALITY TONIGHT

Tonight, once again, is Tainted Reality!

One major mission we have tonight is how to reach out to new fans. We are opening up the IM and request lines to suggestions as to how we can broaden our audience, as we want to be heard by as many people as possible.

Also on the agenda tonight we have new rock from SID, Plastic Tree, and (hopefully if it gets in my hands on time) Miyavi. We also have a couple of new CD's come into the TR office recently that you can request from, such as D's The Name of The Rose, Gackt's Diablos, Merry's Nu Chemical Rhetoric, and a few others that will be announced tonight, as well as the usual skits.

And damnit, this week, we WILL give away that Puffy Aumi Yumi CD!!!

Don't forget about our new mailing list that seems to have been working well recently too. Just send an e-mail to titled "Mailing list" to be added. It seems to be a good way to keep updated on the show and such! Also, don't forget about the Tainted Reality Logo Creator Give-away (Less than a month left!!!), our interviews with Suicide Ali and D'espairs Ray, and Tainted Reality: The Wake-up call which will air only for the next few weeks from 9am-12pm Friday mornings!


Don't forget the request lines! 717-872-3518 or 717-872-3519 as well as the AIM name WIXQ917

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Very late track listing,,,

Sorry for the ridiculously late track listing from last weeks show. (Oct. 6th) Hopefully, this wont happen again.. *please* excuse the spelling for the song names and the bands themselves. I'm totally new to this music. Hopefully Roger can correct it before you yell at me!

D'espairs Ray - Born
Suicide Ali - Kazeno Slave
Fake? - On My Tide
Malice Mizer - Beast of Blood
Dir en Grey - Clever Sleazoid

*MSI - JPolysics Soundalike block*
Mindless Self Indulgence - SevenEleven
Polysics - New Wave Jacket
Mindless Self Indulgence - Tornado (OH FUCK!!!!)
Mindless Self Indulgence - Backmask
Polysics - Lookin' Lookin' Gaa
Machine - Sorrow
Nightmare - Akane
Blood - Tanmei
Janne de Arc - Romance
The Pillows - Dead Stock Paradise
D - Mahiru no Koe
Sid - Ao

Moonspell - Trebraruna
Hyde - Countdown
Miyavi - papamama nozumore nu baby
Zealous Veil - Breathless
Dir en Grey - Cage

HIM - Beautiful
HIM - The Crimson Door
PLC - Love is Dead
Reel Big Fish - Why do all Girls Think They're Fat?
Merry - Watashi wa Suteneko
Coaltar of the Deepers - Star Love

Kaggra, - Haha e

The list definately needs some editing and I apologize for the mess. I also apologize for the late post and will definately avoid posting it the night before the next show. Thank You. *Recently edited by Roger*

Tune in tomorrow for an all new "Stooopid peepel" and much more!

*Edit by Roger*

Unfortunately, I have to prepair for tonight, so I don't have much time to type, but I wanna cover one important thing that happened last week. For the first time, we played music composed by a fan of the show. Ningyou, all the way from Scotland, has started a project called Zealous Veil. We played one of his songs, Breathless, to high fan praise. For now, for more info, you can check out Zealous Veil's Myspace:

I extend this same offer to all of you out there. If you have good quality music, and want it to be played infront of an audience, IM me at my persoanl SN: akilatem2



Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Minor Folly

I forgot to grab last week's playlist from Charles. No worries though. He should have it up soon.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tainted Reality to Interview D`espairs Ray: Fan Questions submissions

It has been confirmed by Harry of Jpophouse: Tainted Reality WILL interview D`espairs Ray!!!

For fan question submissions, please put them in the comments section of this blogger post. Questions must be submitted before 3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific Friday, October 7th. Only the most thought provoking questions will be chosen as we can only submit 5. Lastly, and again, all fan question submissions MUST be submitted in the comments section of this post.

We will be giving away D`espairs Ray merchandise to callers during the interview as well.

The date is TBA.


More MTV Fads to smash, a CD Give-away, and a Possible Earth-Shattering Announcement all TONIGHT!!!

On the agenda tonight for the 5th edition of Tainted Reality is another Blitz Round where we will butcher another MTV fad, a new Stoopid People segment, a surprise CD Give-away to callers, and the possibility of an announcement that is guarenteed to make several people scream "HOLY SHIT" louder than a banshee. I say "possibility" because I recieved some news today that may de-rail this event. However, as of now, this event is confirmed. There is just one last detail that must be ironed out before the news of this goes public. I don't want to announce it tonight, only to have this one detail come up and have the event cancelled. So, I'll talk to the people involved and do what ever I can to iron out the detail so I can announce this tonight. If not, keep a very close eye on the Blogger the next few days.

Don't forget also that we now read AIM comments on the air after every talk break. So, if you wanna say something about what ever we talk about, feel free to drop us a line.

And of course, most of all, MAKE REQUESTS!!!! 717-872-3518 or 717-872-3519 or the station's AIM name WIXQ917.

Hope to hear from ya!!!


P.S. For listening instructions, please view the very to of the page. If you still have trouble, try this method: Right-click on the "MP3 Simulcast" link on the main page, and go to properties, then copy the address, go into Winamp and go to ADD at the bottom of the Winamp window, and then click +URL and paste the address into the window that comes up. Special thanx go to TR fan Roxanne for sending in this information!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Suicide Ali Fan Question Submissions and Tainted Realitly: The Wake-up Call

I am now taking submission for fan questions for our interview with Suicide Ali. Please just post them as comments on this thread. The deadline is Saturday at 8am (EST).

Also, Firday mornings from 9:15-noon for the next 5 weeks will be a special morning edition of Tainted Reality: The Wake-Up Call. If you don't have classes or work, tune in for a good morning's worth of nothing but J, goth, and indie music with minimal talk! So, basically, if you love the music we play, but our talk breaks annoy the hell out of you, then this will be the show for you. It will only be on for the next 5 weeks though, so make sure to catch it before its gone!


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Expirimentation is Fun

With no Charles, we tried a few things differently this week. Here's the playlist:

KMFDM-Megalomania Remix
The Backhorn-Ame
Phantasmagoria-Material Pain
God Lives Underwater-Tricked
HIM-Buried Alive by Love
Killswitch Engage-Breathe Life
Larc~en~Ciel-Lost Heaven
Dir en Grey-Saku
Julian-K-This Machine
D'espairs Ray-Born ~White Stream Mix~
NIN-March of the Pigs
12 0 12-Shudder
HIM-Vampire Heart
Coaltar of the Deepers-Unlimber
BLOOD-Forever Lost
*Stoopid People - Roger's Speeding Ticket*
HIM-Your Sweet 666
HIM-Wicked Game
Mindless Self Indulgence-Bull Shit
Dir en Grey-The Final
HIM-The Face of God
Miyavi-Rock and Roll is not Dead
Hora-Synthetic Anthem
Skinny Puppy-IAmmortal
X Japan-Silent Jealousy
hide - LEMONed I Scream
MUCC-Daremo Inai Ie
Y Front-Mellow Cosmos
Malice Mizer-Ju te Veux
Malice Mizer-Garnet
The Pretenders-I'll Stand by You
*The Polysics in Philly*
Polysics-Kaja Kaja Goo
Buck Tick-Kimi No Vanilla
*Stoopid People - HIM Fan Girls at the Nov. '04 Philly Show*
SADS-Porno Star

As some of you may know, we started the show an hour early. Why? I just walked in to the studio for some last minute preperations for the night, and the studio was empty! I just couldn't let quality air time go to waste, so I assumed control. Turns out that Andrew suspended them for one show for niether showing up to this last weekend's station meeting, or sending in an excuse. So, tough luck for them, good luck for you guys!

Charles, Tainted Reality's beloved co-host, was unable to make it to the show this week because his girlfriend was very sick, and he opted to care for her, which is admirable. So, to fill his void, temporarily atleast, we were joined by Chris Carl, the only other J-Fan I know on campus, Craig Carestia who stayed longer than usual, and someone who was in the studio but refused to get on any mic, Whitney Coolidge, who is new to the J-scene. That was supposed to be the "out of the ordinary" part of the show, that we were actually gonna have a female on. But oh well.

As stated earlier, we decided to switch things up a bit this week. The big change up was that we did less talk breaks and focused more on the music. Good thing because we had a true OVERLOAD of requests this week, not to mention some asshole turned the ringers on the phones off before our show, so once we turned 'em back on, they wouldn't stop ringing! Once again, I know we missed a few requests, and for that, I deeply deeply apologise.

We also played more non-J bands to help shake things up a bit. We even had several non-J requests! That's good, because it fit in with our celebration of the release of HIM's 5th album, Dark Light, which you all MUST get!! We played a couple of tracks from the album, and we'll probably play more next week. I wanted to play more, but I got so caught up with the requests. I gotta learn how to better manage time.

We also did not one, but TWO Stoopid People segments this week! The first we did was against me for getting my first speeding ticket. You may think that's not too bad, but considering I got clocked at 75 in a 35 on a country backroad and was passing old people on the double lines, I think I deserved it. Surprisingly, the fans we not too hard on me, though I was really hoping they would. Some people sent in some choice words about my driving performance, which were read on air such as "You're a dumbass". Fair Enough.

The second was directed squarely towards the HIM fan girls who pretty much ruined their November '04 stop in Philly for me and Charles. Being as this was a night for HIM, I felt it appropriate to share this story, even though its not relatively recent. These girls kept trying to force their way up to the front, even though there was no room to move. This caused massive crowd sways and packed the fans so tight in that you couldn't even raise your hand if you wanted to, let alone breathe. When HIM finally took the stage, it only got worse. The crowd swaying wouldn't stop and people were getting packed in tighter and tighter because of the fan girls. We could all tell something bad was going to happen, and it did no less than half way through the second song, were a large group of people fell. It wasn't just bad that people fell, but the fan girls behind them started climbing OVER the fallen bodies to get closer to the band!!!!! HIM, for the first time in their existance (to the best of my knowledge) stopped the show the second this happend. They had everyone calm down and recollect themselves before continuing the show. What made things worse was that Charkes was at the very bottom of that pile that fell. I had to pull him off of the ground, and when I relaized he was barely consious, I took him out of the crowd. Even then, with somebody obviously very hurt, the fan girls almost wouldn't let us out, because they were too focused on continuing to force their way to the front.

We weren't able to get fan responses on this because it was at the very end of our show, however, feel free to post them here!

Lastly, we did coverage on the Polysics show at the TROC in Philly. Let me tell you something: If you didn't plan on seeing these guys and they are playing near you, change you plans NOW! They really put on a great show, sold all of their own merchandise, and were more than willing to sign autographs. Once they took the stage, they never let up, whether it be rocking out wildly during a song, or front man Hiro "pleasuring" his guitar. I haven't had that much fun at a live show in a long time. Unfortunately, there is only one date left on this tour (NYC CBGB Tomorrow Night), but they promised their return to the U.S. So, if you are in or around a city that will be hosting Polysics in the near future, please go see them! You won't be disappointed!

Don't forget about our 2 BIG upcoming events!!! First is our exclusive interview with band new J-Rock band, Suicide Ali which will air October 20th. Check them out at their website Please tell your friends about this these guys becaues they need all of the support they can get! Second is the Tainted Reality Logo Creator Give-away. Once again, send us your original, uncopyrighted logos and symbols that you come up with for the show, and if you win, you will recieve a J-Rock Care Package, a T-Shirt with your design on it, and your logo will become the official logo of Tainted Reality! The deadline for this has been EXTENDED to November 9th! Multiple submissions ARE accepted. Please send all submissions to

Also, I want to try a new expiriment. I'm gonna start a mailing list. If you would like to be notified of blogger updates and shows through the e-mail, send an e-mail to titled "Mailing List". Hopefully this will be a good way to keep people posted on Tainted Reality, as well as other Eternal Pictures activities.

Special thanx go out to Chris Carl, Whitney Coolidge, and Craig Carestia for coming by to help out in Charles absence. Don't forget to wish Charles and his the best in our comments section.

Also, don't forget to check out Craig's clothing line: Bi Polar Clothing



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