Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Hyde, BLOOD, MUCC and Others, Plus a MAJOR Announcement TONIGHT!!!

Tonight, we will not only debut a shitload of new music from Hyde, BLOOD, MUCC, Alice nine, and Art School, but we have our final Featured Artist of the Week for this season: The Back Horn, reveal the future of J-Rock Ink Magazine, plus a major MAJOR announcement that you will only hear on TR! Be sure to tune in!


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Must Be Those Damn Buzzard Hawks

I HATE CD3!!!!!

Antique Cafe - hatsukoi
Isabelle - Love & Peace
nil - Inplosions Teenage Girl
Moi Dix Mois - Unmoved
Rentrer en soi - Protoplasm
Asian Kungfu Generation - Blackout
DespairsRay - Pig
*Malice Mizer DOUBLE SHOT!!!*
Malice Mizer - Bel air
Malice Mizer - N.P.S.N.G.S.
Lolita23q - Gokusaishiki Castle
Nightmare - Raven Loud Speaker
*NEW ROCK* Mask - Sakura
The Back Horn - Chaos Diver
Bauhaus - The Man With X-Ray Eyes
Phantasmagoria - Gensou Kyoku -Eternal Silence-
Bauhaus - Third Uncle
Luna Sea - Face To Face
Sex Machineguns - Tekken II
Mucc - Rojiura boku to kime e
Buck Tick - Ai no Uta
*NEW ROCK* bis - Dayz
Kra - Cab.D
*Our Reaction to Dir en grey Landing Family Values*
*NEW ROCK* TOOL - Vicarious
Art-School - Waltz
*The Season Finale of Tainted Reality*
Kirito - Hameln
Theater of Tragedy - Flower of Carnage
Zigzo - Wonderful Day
Coheed and Cambria - Keeping The Blade
BLOOD - Caught In the Spiral
Coaltar of the Deepers - Wipeout
*NEW ROCK* Lareine - Kyokutou no Koibito

Requests in Italics
Special Events in **

Well, I tried to keep it a rather alt-rock show, but you guys wouldn't have it with requests such as MUCC, Sex Machineguns, and Moi Dix Mois. However, the show is meant for 1 thing, to entertain you fans, and we were very happy to see the highest request count we've seen in weeks! We had so many that I'm on IOU's for people who requested Kiyoharu and Johnny Cash, among others!

The biggest event of the night was our reaction to Dir en grey landing Family Values with KoRn. We said that we're happy for Dir en grey as this is the tour that made Rammstein popular here in the US, but KoRn will ultimately benifit from it the most. Personally, I don't think koRn can pull the audience it once could, and neither can the other bands on the bill. After seeing how dedicated the Deg fanbase is, they know they will pay full price to go to this tour, just to see this one band, maybe multiple times.

However, even though the wording in the article we read suggested that Dir en grey was indeed booked, it was brought to our attention that the tour overlaps with an already booked Deg Japanese tour! So, we will continue to cover this story as it developes and make sure you guys get full details.

We also revealed that the season finale of Tainted Reality will be May 4th and will be dedicated to the bands that broke up in the past year, such as Scissor, Pierrot, and Psycho le Cemu. Also, we will be paying tribute to the bands on hiatus, to try and give them a little extra umph to get back together and continue creating music. So, once again, we call out to you, the fans. Here's what we'd like you to do. First, we would like you to request the music that will be played in these tributes. Then, we would like you to e-mail us at with any comments about the band or messages you would like read on air! We really wanna give you the chance to be heard when it comes to these bands that were close to you, so, if you'd like, send those e-mails to us.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Mask, Lareine, bis, and TOOL TONIGHT

Tonight is gonna be a bit of a special show. Not only are we gonna debut new rock from Mask, Lareine, bis, and (omfg) TOOL, but tonight, you're gonna hear some bands that have never been played on Tainted Reality before! Be pleasantly surprised! Plus, we give our reaction to Dir en grey landing the Family Values Tour 06, and we let out the first information on the season finale of Tainted Reality! All of this, plus your requests TONIGHT so tune in!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dir en grey To Tour With KoRn

Billboard and MTV have simultaneously released statements that Dir en grey has been booked for The Family Values Tour 06. Since we hate MTV, here's the Billboard article

For TR's reaction to this, tun in tomorrow night!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

One For The History Books....

It seems our tribute to Pierrot moved a few people. I think we can do better. The playlist is as follows:

BLOOD - Maria
HIM - Vampire Heart
Duel Jewel - Reincarnation
Hanzel und Gretyl - Helleluja
D'espairsRay - Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana
Tiamat - Cain
Kagrra, - Chikai no tsuki
MUCC - Rojiura boku to kime e
The Pillows - My Foot
Coaltar of the Deepers - Dead by Dawn
HIM - Pretending
Hora - Inner Universe
Gackt - Vanilla
Katamari Damacy OST - Theme
Dir en grey - Child Prey
Polysics - Kaja Kaja Goo
SID - Watashi wa Ame
Sakurai Atsushi - Sacrifice ~Last Confused Mix~
Say No More Tongues - Ritual of Forbidden Blood
The Back Horn - Ikusen Kounen no Kodoku
Isabelle - shavada-be
*NEW ROCK* Kiyoharu - Seiza no Yoru
Metallica - One
Gilgamesh - Mouja no Koushin
Schwarz Stein - Creeper
Pierrot - Aoi Sora no Shita
Pierrot - Heaven
Pierrot - Oni to Sakura
Pierrot - Super String Theory
*NEW ROCK* Miyavi - Dear My Friend

Joining us in the studio for part of the show was The Brandon, former WIXQ Cheif Announcer, DJ, and long time friend of mine.

The highlight of the night was our fan requested tribute to the recently disbanded Pierrot which took up nearly the last half hour of the show. The selection was a bit limited as we only had 3 albums in studio, as the break-up caught us way off guard. However, we swore to give a more fitting tribute in a later show.

We also did quite a bit of bitching for once, specifically about 2 things that really urk us. The first being the downward spiral of [adult swim] which seems to have hit a new all time low with the recently announced 2 week airing of (*vomit*) Saved By The Bell, which is not only a horrible show and annoying in it's own right, but fails to even qualify for the chanel's namesake, A CARTOON! We fail to understand why in the hell [adult swim] would do this, except to intentionally piss people off... which seems like something they would do.

Also, we let off some steam on the recent announcement of Paul W.S. Anderson, imfamous for destroying great franchise such as Resident Evil, Alien, and Predator with horrid movie incarnations and sequels, has landed the rights to produce Castlevania into a movie. He has been signed on to both direct and write, and those familiar with his past, know that this means he is sacrificing the core story and premisis of his own "unique artistic vision". Translation: You could make a 2 hour movie about Arnold Schwarzenegger taking a dump and it'll be more entertaining. While we admitted that he did a some-what good job with Mortal Kombat, he is one director/writer that has just gotten worse as time has progressed. In short, if he continues as director, expect this movie to be on the calibur of the BloodRayne film.

Lastly, just like Zealous Veil before it, we showcased music coposed by a fan of ours. The project is called Say No More Tongues and the song we played was it's first single: Ritual of Forbbiden Blood. As always, we encourage you to support the fan's musical project by supplying feedback! Here's some ways you can contact Say No More Tongues:

AIM: saynomoretongues

Please contact Say No More Tongues and express your thoughts on the music!


Monday, April 17, 2006


THIS JUST IN! This Thursday, Tainted Reality will debut the BRAND NEW song from TOOL, Vicarious as a part of another explosion of NEW ROCK to debut this week on the show! Tune in for TOOL'S return after 5 long years of absence!


Thursday, April 13, 2006

We're Gonna Be Harsh TONIGHT...+ new Miyavi

On a very rare negative airing of TR, we will be talking about Pierrot's sudden disbandment, adult swim making a very very BIG mistake, and imfamous film director Paul W.S. Anderson landing the rights to make Castlevania: The Movie.

Damn.. all of this negative stuff... we'll find a way to brighten things up somehow! How does brand new Miyavi sound?! That and all of your J-Rock requests tonight! Be sure to tune in!


Monday, April 10, 2006

Wooohoooo! A Show Rundown!

Bet ya haven't seen one of these in a while! Here's the Playlist:

Hyde - Season's Call
Camino - Hell Wonderland
BLOOD - Sweetest Disease
D'espairsRay - Tainted World
*NEW ROCK* The Back Horn - Chaos Diver
Gazette - Cassis
Between The Burried And Me - Alaska
Dir en grey - C
MUCC - Gerbera
*NEW ROCK* Gilgamesh - Rei Zero
Luna Sea - Mother
Sonic Adventure 2 - Live And Learn
*NEW ROCK* Asian Kungfu Generation - Sakurasou
Schwarz Stein - Addictive Epicurean
Hanzel und Gretyl - Lust
Hanzel und Gretyl - Frikk Dikk Micht Fire
Kagerou - XII Dizzy
*The Elder's Scroll IV: Oblivion*
12012 - My Room Agony
Coaltar of the Deepers - Mars Attacks
Pillars of Nein - Epic
Gackt - Black Stone
*The Current State of Isabelle*
*NEW ROCK* Isabelle - N
*NEW ROCK* Dacco - Tropical Hip
*The Moi Dix Mois Situation*
D - Akuma Kurai
Psycho le Cemu - Sei Excalibur
Malice Mizer - Au Revior
Vidoll - Deathmate
*NEW ROCK* D'espairsRay - Kogoeru Yuru ni Saita Hana
Miyavi - Senior Seniora Seniorita
*NEW ROCK* Phantasmagoria - Gensou Kyoku -Eternal Silence-

When CD 3 wasn't royally fucking me over, I was either playing music or struggling to get through a solo talk break (PLEASE PLEASE SEE THE CO-HOST APPLICATION 2 POSTS AGO!). The biggest news of the night is the buffet of new music we played though out the show (listed above with the NEW ROCK marker). We did do a 6 hour show technically, but I tried to keep the first 3 hours a kinda "not TR" show so that the people who didn't know wouldn't miss anything, as it happened very spur of the moment (the show before us never came in).

I (and you fans) also suffered the agony of me having to talk solo, talking about such subjects as Oldboy ( and The Elder's Scroll IV: Oblivion ( but the other 2 talkbreaks generated the most reaction and we actually have follow-ups on.

Isabelle, very suddenly, sent an e-mail to their fans in Japan that they will be stopping activities. I personally hoped this would be a temporary thing, however, on the Synectics website (, they are advertising Isabelle's last live. This comes on the heals of translated blog posts from seek, Lida, and Yura-sama that the upcoming May tour will be the last "Hoora" for Psycho le Cemu.

The other talk break centered around Batsu claiming to be sponsoring a Moi Dix Mois US tour. I tried to take a neutral standpoint on the matter, trying to state only facts, but it was hard to support Batsu as we asked for a statement from them and recieved none. However, that changed over the weekend as Batsu did release a statement to us! That statement can be read in the post below. Here on TR, when ever speaking about anything, especially controversial matters in the J-Rock world, we try to have both sides represented, so we are very happy Batsu wrote us back and would like to thank them for it.

This week we had no artist of the week, as last week's Artist of the Week, Pillars of Nein, didn't get their proper share of the title, which they really, REALLY deserve!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Pillars of Nein - Apathy

Pillars of Nein's Apathy is a great mid-90's style industrial rock album. Combining hard rock guitar riffs, vocals that seems to be a mix between Peter Steele and Gavin Rosdale, and soothing ambiant keyboards, PoN manages to deliver a knock out punch! Their lyrics tackle everything from seperation to drug addiction and, added with the delivery in the vocals, it give the words more emotional meaning, like a man contimplating his life up to this point. Their songs have 2 modes. While I love the rock out songs like Need and Coming Around Again, its their slower "ballads" that put the true power in this album. Songs like Epic and Broken Bones have an incredible amount of feeling in them added with the use of dark moody keyboards (and female back-up vocals in Epic). You deffinately get a true sence of meloncholy while listening to the band, even when they rock out. Maybe THIS is what Emo should be, that that sissy cry-baby shit like Fallout Boy. I tell ya what, if emo sounded even half this good, it might be worth listening to. It's hard to pick a fave song on this album, because there are so many high class tracks. However, I think the edge goes to Epic. It is the most musical of the songs, and it has this tendancy to make you reflect on things, especially if you are in a relationship. Apathy is a brilliant work of industrial rock that shouldn't be passed up for anything!

Pillars of Nein Official Website:
Pillars of Nein Official Myspace:


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Batsu Entertainment's Official Statement to Tainted Reality Reguarding Moi Dix Mois

Soon after the show on Thursday, Batsu Entertainment sent a statement to Tainted Reality reguarding the Moi Dix Mois Summer Tour. Here it is:

Hey Rog,

My staff and I are very VERY swamped right now preparing for the Tour and it's pointless to write to you now that you've gone on the air already.

I guess you can have a follow up show or something.

Tell the neighsayers this: "Dix!"

Good luck and have fun with it!


In other words, Batsu says this is legit. Lets hope so, as I really REALLY wanna see M10M here in the US! When more information is released on this tour, you bet you'll hear more about it on TR!


Friday, April 07, 2006

We Need a Co-Host NOW!!!!

Tainted Reality is in desperate need of a perminate Co-host! So, we are now accepting applications for the position! If you, or someone you know is interested please ask them to fill out the application at

Please look over the requirements on that page before you apply however. Please send them in as soon as possible!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

New The Back Horn, Dacco, Isabelle, Phantasmagoria, and others all TONIGHT!!!

Sorry I haven't been able to update ANYTHING the past week. I've had so much shit to do its not even funny. However, just because I didn't have time to update doesn't mean I haven't been planing for tonight's show!

It was a BIG week to be a J-Rock fan, and we'll cover all of the key events tonight, as well as debut new songs from The Back Horn, Isabelle, Dacco, Phantasmagoria, and a few others (if the come in on time)! As well, we will also be talking about a few amazing things I've expirienced in the past week: The PC/Xbox 360 game The Elder's Scroll IV: Oblivion and the 2003 Korean cinematic masterpeice, Oldboy. Fan Comments are HIGHLY reccomended for these two talk breaks, so send all coments on AIM. Lastly, we'll discuss a little project I have going on my personal Myspace. More details later on in the show.

So, even though all has been quiet around here, the most important thing counts as we have a jam packed show for you! Be sure to tune in tonight, tell you friends to tune in, and make requests!