Saturday, August 26, 2006

Snakes On TR!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, after constant refferences during the spring 2006 season, after a whole episode of TR dedicated to this, after thousands of unintelligeble IM's from myself to select fans, ladies and gentelmen, SNAKES ON A PLANE HAS FINALLY BEEN RELEASED AND IS THE NUMBER 1 MOVIE IN AMERICA!!!

To comemorate this historic event, we have a full blown Snakes on a Plane update here for you on the Myspace in the form of not 1, not 2, but 5 SNAKES ON A PLANE RELATED MOVIES!!! Also, still available, is the audio only trailer submitted to us months ago by Kim.

And, now, 4 very special additions to our top 8!!!

Also, for those of you who have seen the film, we highly enourage you to spam the shit out of our comments section and tell us what you thought!


Friday, August 18, 2006

Tainted Reality Returns to the Air September 7th

The wait is about to end. Tainted Reality will finally be returning to the air this Thursday, September 7th, and with us, we will be bringing many special events for your listening pleasure:

The full detailed tour wrap-up of BLOOD's Les Fleurs Du Mal Tour
Details on the upcoming first feature film from Tainted Reality: The Otakon Documentary
The Iron Otaku Network's Exclusive Interview with MUCC at Otakon
The Iron Otaku Network's Exclusive Interview with Nana Kitade at Otakon
A Preview of the Iron Otaku Network's Exclusive Interview with Yoshiki at Otakon

And, of course, it would not be a TR season premiere without a slew of prizes that you listeners have a chance to win!

Here's the list of prizes:

MUCC - Utagoe (Limited Edition CD/DVD Set)
SID - Otegami Type B (Limted Edition CD/DVD Set)
Penicillin nano - Unborn Child's Dream (Limited Edition CD/DVD Set)
Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII - Official Soundtrack (Limited Edition Double Disc Boxset)
A Mystery Prize!

All prizes will come bundled with a Tainted Reality Care Package that includes a BLOOD armband, a Suicide Ali sticker, Purple Sky Magazine goodies, and a Goth goodie bag from

How can you win these prizes? The only way to find out is to tune into the season premeir of Tainted Reality on September 7th. Check here at the Myspace for local air times!


Note: Special thanks goes out to Jason Heltin of Iron Otaku for including us in the Iron Otaku Network and giving us the once in a life time opportunity to interview two of Japanese music's biggest acts, and for the chance to meet and interview a true, living, rock and roll legend!

Note: All interviews will also be broadcasted on Iron Otaku, only available on XM Satellite Radio channel 29.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Photo by Roxanne Davis
Photo by Roxanne Davis
Photo by Roxanne Davis

BLOOD's first true US tour and Tainted Reality's first produced tour, Les Fleurs Du Mal, has concluded and was an absolute success thanx to you, the fans!!! BLOOD played to packed concerts halls in LA and NYC, with people wanting to get in NYC even long after we sold out the venue! The Last Dance, Ghost Orgy, lo:lita, Secret Secret, and Annie's Grave all also did great jobs brining the masses to their feet, arousing nothing but cheers! BLOOD was hugely impressed with the turn out, and had the time of their lives as the crowd cheered them on during the show, and swarmed them afterwards to show their appreciation and get autographs! Infact, they are so pleased with the tour, and the fans, that they are already working with us to return to the United States for another tour!!!

With special thanx to Roxanne Davis, Kathy Chee of Purple Sky Magazine, and Alwin Mui, we will soon have hundreds of BLOOD concert photos! We will even upload some back stage ones taken by TR staff! Also, feel free to submit your own unique pics to TR, and we will put the in our BLOOD gallery as well! Any one get a pic of the band putting a pair of panties on my head in LA?

Special thanx go out to all of the opening bands, Purple Sky Magazing for all the help in NYC, and most of all you guys! This would never have been a success without you guys, and thanx to you, it was a near historic accomplishment! Not many times in the history of rock has an unsigned, foreign language band been able to pack concert halls on both coasts!

From the bottom of everyone's hearts here at Tainted Reality, thank you guys for making Les Fleurs Du Mal a huge success!


Edit: And SPECIAL thanx goes out to all street team members in LA and NYC for packin' 'em in like sardines and sacrificing their own time to do so!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Otakon 2006 Wrap-Up: Tainted Reality To Air Exclusive Interviews With MUCC, Nana Kitade, and Yoshiki!!!

Photo Taken by Alwin Mui
Photo Taken by Alwin Mui

Otakon 2006 went by in the blink of an eye and became the most successful kon in TR history, which would not have been possible without the help of Iron Otaku.

Iron Otaku booked us exclusive interviews with all three musical guests: Heavy metal all-stars MUCC, Gothic Lolita Princess Nana Kitade, and, the God of all Japanese music, Yoshiki himself. All three interviews will air on both Iron Otaku in the coming weeks, and Tainted Reality as part of our season premier this September!

For a full detailed report of all of TR and IO's activities at Otakon, sit tight for the very first film from Tainted Reality, a documentary about all of our events at Otakon 2006, including all 3 interviews in their entirety! How will you be able to see it you may ask? It will be available for free on the upcomming new, and improved,!