Sunday, August 22, 2010

What are you afraid of?

Aliens and sharks... I'm not joking

Just don't hurt me!

Who's your favorite person?

My grandfather

Just don't hurt me!

What's your phone number?

Who wants to know?

Just don't hurt me!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

If you could sit down for a meal with anyone past or present what would you choose to eat?

I'm in the mood for a good BBQ sirloin atm

Just don't hurt me!

Who's your celeb look alike?

I get Jim Morrison alot

Just don't hurt me!

WHO let the dogs out?

Just don't hurt me!

Where IS Klaha and what do you think of the new Gackt stuff?

If I knew where Klaha was, I'd resurrect his career. As for Gackt, his new stuff ain't bad

Just don't hurt me!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don't. I have to shape my future.

Just don't hurt me!

What's one of your favorite breeds of dogs?

Don't really have a favorite. I just like dogs.

Just don't hurt me!

Who makes you star struck?

I got star struck the first time I met Yoshiki. It hasn't really happened ever since though, but I guess that because, other than Mana, I haven't been face to face with Metallica, Kevin Smith, or Akari Yamasaki.

Just don't hurt me!

I see...well, speaking of that, what non-Japanese/American bands DO you like? Even if they have been here!

Oh dear God, tons! Faves being Metallica, HIM, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pink Floyd... oh man, so many. I could go on forever about how so many bands from outside of Japan have inspired me in so many ways...

Just don't hurt me!

Is laughter really the best medicine?


Just don't hurt me!

how were the yoshida bros?

Fucking blew my mind! I knew almost nothing about 'em before Otakon, but they won a TON of respect from me. Our interview with them was really awesome too!

Just don't hurt me!

Would you ever dye your hair blue?

I'm actually thinking about it!

Just don't hurt me!

would you like to be a woman one day?

And bleed for a week at a time once a month, go through terrible, needless pain, and have uncontrollable, hormonal rages?


Just don't hurt me!

do you play an instrument?

I play the drums, but not very well. I wish I had time to learn to be a bit better though. I've also been told by several people I could develop a good singing voice, but I need work.

Just don't hurt me!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

VBlog 7/20/10 - Inception Review

Roger takes time out of a busy schedule to share his thoughts on Inception.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Are there any artists that are non-Japanese that you would like to bring over to the states?

No one I could think of off of the top of my head that hasn't already been here. But I would none-the-less like to work with an established non-J Band some time to build my resume!

Just don't hurt me!

Have you ever actually met a Felicia cosplayer? :P

Nope. Mainly coz I haven't ever seen one that did her justice.

Just don't hurt me!