Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Late As All Hell and Featured Artist: Why?thingsburn

Sorry about how late this is, but I had one weeeiiiirrrrd ass weekend. Here's the playlist:

The Back Horn - Colbalt Blue
MUCC - Bouzenjishitsu
HORSE the Band - Birdo
Schwein - You're My Disease
Psycho Le Cemu - Love Is Dead
Moi Dix Mois - Vizard
*Do NOT Go To http://www.myspace.com/ndws *
MOVE - Dogfight
*WEBCAM EVENT! - The Waltz*
Buck-Tick - muma -The Nightmare-
The Last Dance - Once Beautiful
hide - Beauty and Stupid
Gackt - Vanilla
Vidoll - Deathmate
Phantasmagoria - Mikansei to Guilt
Pierrot - Overdose
BLOOD - Wings of Rebellion
(Fucking CD's)
The Mission UK - Severina
Lacuna Coil - Heaven's a Lie
Tiamat - Brighter Than the Sun
HIM - Your Sweet Six Six Six
Y Front - Eccentric Moon Dancer
My Chemical Romance - You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison
*New Rock* The Rasmus - Night After Night
*New Rock* Secret Secret - Nichiyobi
*Featured Artist* Why?thingsburn - Press Start
*Featured Artist* Why?thingsburn - beLEIF
Suicide Ali - Favorite Song
Coaltar of the Deepers - MARS ATTACKS!
Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon
Dir en gry - -saku-
*New Rock* Hora - Spellbound
*New Rock* Miyavi - Senor Senora Senorita

Requests in Italics
Special Events in **

Wow, you guys really love HORSE The Band, Schwein, and most of all, Frank Sinatra as he got 4 fucking requests!!! This is what I like to see, so keep it up guys!

From the get-go of the show (or atleast after Birdo), Craig took over the computer and chatted with the fans for a good while. What he said to you guys, I am clueless about. If he tried to get anyone to send lude photos of themselves, that was alllllll him, I had no hand in it, I swear! Anyway, Craig is in a third band now (The other two being Lost Hope and Hang In There Kitty), however, this third band, Nightmares Dreams Whispers and Screams, somehow spawned its own Myspace (which is http://www.myspace.com/ndws ). Craig, being the humanitarian that he is, warned ALL of you to never ever ever visit this site. Ever. It will warp your mind. It will melt your brain. It will make you lay eggs. Don't ever go there.

As further proof that we take any and ALL requests, more than a few of you demanded that Craig and I waltz to Buck-Tick's muma -The Nightmare-. So, as a webcam event, we did. And those of you who stay tuned for the end got a little extra. Oh, and don't worry. There will be MANY webcam exclusive events to come!

Our featured artist of the week is a little known darkwave band called Why?thingsburn that I felt deserved a bit of exposure. So, they became the first US Goth band to be featured in our Artist of the week segment. I couldn't upload the review of their EP "Your Flowers" before coz blogger was down, so here it is now!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Why?thingsburn - Your Flowers

First and formost, I never even heard of these guys before a week ago. It was sent to me as part of a promotional kit I got for the show. This was the second CD I cracked open, and I must say, from the get go, I was very impressed with what I heard. Starting out with dark, ambiant strings, I was immediately emersed in a haunting dark gloom. The bass line is utterly addicting and inspiring of images of a dark, foggy London night. The lyrics are delivered in a foreboding voice that entices, not frieghtens. The bulk of the the EP continues this way, under slight variations for each song. The second song, 630, approaches the sound in a much more danceable, club worthy format. The third song, sweet as honey, opens, driven by vocals and drums, and soon has you rocking out and wanting to sing along. Over all, this is a great album for those of you out there not looking for something heavy and thrash, but more mood enducing, ambiant affair. I personally can't wait to here more of what this band puts out!

If you wanna know more about Why?thingsburn, or wanna know where you can get their music, check out:

Why?thingsburn Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/whythingsburn
Why?thingsburn Website - http://www.whythingsburn.com/


P.S. Don't forget: BLOOD - February 9th

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Coaltar Of The Deepers Interview Transcript

Image hosting by Photobucket
Here is the transcript from our exclusive interview with Coaltar of the Deepers last December!

Roger (R) - How many years has Coaltar of the Deepers been a band?

Narasaki (N) -We formed in 1992, so 13 years now.

R - How was Coaltar of the Deepers formed?

N -I started the band, the same way pretty much all bands are formed. From the beginning we had 2 guitarists.

R - What music did you listen to when you were younger? Is it different from now?

N -“Shoe gazer” music of England, “junk” music of America, and basically metal, like grindcore, thrash and death metal.

R - Why is Coaltar of the Deepers so versatile? (Example: Mars Attacks and Taste)

N -I’m not really sure why, but maybe because I like so many different kinds of music. I listen to different styles like death metal and ambient in turns.

R - Americans mainly have knowledge only of visual kei. Why did you avoid being a visual band? What do you think of the visual kei scene?

N -I guess I’m just not really interested in the visual scene. Plus, there just wasn’t really a visual image that suited our style. And I only want us to be judged for our sound.

R - Coaltar has only had one release this year (The DVD). What is happening with Coaltar recently?

N -We’re searching for what will become our next style, so that will take some time. Right now we’re creating a new sound for the Deepers.

R - What is your favorite alcohol?

N -Tequila. I like it because it’s the most fun of all types of alcohol.

R - What kind of movies do you like?

N -I like Iranian movies. My favorite director is Abbas Kiarostami. I also watch a lot of movies by the Czech director Jan Švankmajer. Oh, I also like Tim Burton.

R - What do you do in your free time?

N -On my days off, everything I do is both work and play, so I guess there’s not really much difference. Even on days off I write songs and stuff. I do like playing games like Mahjong, though. I play it a lot.

R - What do you guys think of all of the hip hop (rap) music in Japan? Is it destroying rock?

N -IT SUCKS! When I listen to it, I don’t even want to think that it’s Japanese music. I do think it’s destroying rock.

R - Do the girls like Coaltar? Does Coaltar have many girlfriends?

N -I think we have a pretty even number of guys and girls in our fan base.

R - Do you have guest musicians play support at lives?

N -We are basically a three-member band, but we do have two support guitarists to play live shows with us. We also bring in a keyboardist on occasion.

R - Have you ever played outside of Japan? If so, where?

N -In 2003 we played in New York and Hollywood, about 6 or 7 times total.
Where do you want to play more than anywhere else? Do you have any American plans in the future? If we get a chance, it would be great to play in America again.

R - How can Americans buy your music?

N -Please visit our label’s official website. The URL is http://www.musicmine.com/cotd/.

R - In the album "Come over to the Deepend", many of the songs are introduced in different languages. Sometimes these are very funny. Is there a story about why you did this?

N -We did the mixing for that album in New York, and there were people of many different races working there, so we asked them all individually to help. An engineer in the studio even introduced us to Art Lindsey in Portuguese.

R - What album of yours are you most proud of?

N -Penguin EP. Even though it only has 4 songs.

R - What are your future plans?

N -Our goal is to continue playing music that no one else in the world except us can play.

R - Please say something to your American fans.

N -Please tell your friends to listen to Coaltar of the Deepers!

Also, hopefully soon, we will have a re-mastered version of the interview available for download on Soulseek. And please don't forget our Soulseek account: akilatem. There, you can download such files like last year's BLOOD interview on Bad Transitions, the Tainted Reality Music Video from Otakon 2005, and the (probably) never to air Suicide Ali Tainted Reality Promo! Be sure to check out these rare files on Soulseek!


Saturday, January 21, 2006

BLOOD Fan Questions

We are now taking submissions for BLOOD fan questions! All submissions must be posted on the comments section of this post. All submissions must be in by Monday, January 23rd by 8pm (EST). Only the 5 best, most thought provoking questions will be chosen. Any questions reguarding rumors will not be accepted as the will be addressed in the interview itself. Once again, only the really really head scratching questions will be asked, so do your best!


Friday, January 20, 2006

Vengeance For TR: BLOOD Returning to WIXQ!!!!!

First show of '06 is down and out. Here's the playlist:

BLOOD - Vengeance For BLOOD
Dir en grey - Cleaver Sleazoid
berry - ai hakujou romansu
A Perfect Circle - Judith
Antique Cafe - Odoru meruhen tokei
Malice Mizer - Ju Te Vuex
D'espairs Ray - Born
Miyavi - Sukki Yanen MYV ~MYV Man Koushiki Ouenka~ (First)

Gazette - Cassis
Candy Spook Theater - Ferris Wheel
Plastic Tree - Reset

Lolita23q - kyokusai shiki castle
MUCC - Ware arubeki basho
HORSE The Band - A Rusty Glove
Vidoll - Eliza
Y Front - Mellow Cosmos
Bill Hicks - A Buddah Named Bubbah
SID - Izon no niwa
Rammstein - Keine Lust
Coaltar of the Deepers - Wipeout
Schwein - Crown
*Featured Artist*BLOOD - Caught In The Spiral
HIM - Wings Of A Butterfly
Kagrra, - Ouka Ranman
Mindless Self Indulgence - Backmask
Mindless Self Indulgence - Bitches
Dacco - Koigaoka
Isabelle - Automatic Destruction

(Requests in Italics)

After this, we went on for 2 hours, most of it making fun of Isabelle (well, the lead singer atleast since, as Myra from Texas said "He sounds like Cookie Monster") and trying to divise a way we can get free porn.

After reintroducing the world to TR, we launched a barage of requested tunes, and jams spun by me. Craig joined me in a talk break about our winter breaks, which mainly consisted of the games Trapt (The sequel to Tecmo's Deception 3 for PS2) and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (A first person shooter/RPG based on the live action/pen and paper RPG for the PC). After playing some of the new music mentioned in the previous entry, we got a request for a band I never heard called HORSE: The Band, which we strangely had in the studio. It was a HUGE hit as many many people IM'ed the station proclaiming how the loved the song and wanted to know more about the band. Unfortunately, I know jack. Maybe someone else can in the comments section...?

Also, we gave a huge promo for the new magazine I'm writing for, J-Rock Ink Magazine. I urge EVERYONE to check them out at http://www.jrockinkmagazine.com and sign up for a subscription. The first issue is free and contains my report about BLOOD's May tour in Mexico! Please support this magazine as they have some BIG names attatched for the first issue as, along with BLOOD, they have The Pillows, and D`espairs Ray! Again, that first issue is free, so check it out as it will incline more J-Rock artists to be interested in the US!!!!

We then got to our new segemnt, The Featured Artist, where we showcase a new J-Rock or Goth band every week in an effort to expose you out the to new artists or hype up new releases. This week, we showcased BLOOD's brand new release Vengeance For BLOOD 3, which was a bit futile as, 4 days after release, the CD COMPLETELY sold out! Either way, we opened with the epic Vengeance For BLOOD, and later played Caught In the Spiral. Normally, I think I would talk more about the CD/band here, but there's kinda no point since I think you guys know alot about BLOOD as is, and the CD's frikken gone already. However if you wish to become more involved in the BLOOD fan community, here's some links to get you started:

Official Website: http://curecreate.com/
Official Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bloodofficial
Live Journal: http://community.livejournal.com/codenameblood/
Yahoo! Group/Mailling List: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/ImmortalBlood/

Finally, as soon as I got online the other day, 1,000,000 of you pounced me about Kiwamu's latest blog entry that left many of you in doubt about the band's future. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on this at this time. I'll see what I can do to clear things up though. One thing that will help though is this:

BLOOD WILL BE RETURNING TO THE WIXQ AIRWAVES FOR AN EXLUSIVE INTERVIEW ON FEBRUARY 9th! They will be using this to promote their newest projects, such as the DVD and upcoming Vengeance For BLOOD finale tour, be answering some questions about their past, and hopefully, making light of recent rumors of a US tour and possible disbandment, if those don't come to light before hand (which I hope they will).

So, once again, BLOOD will be doing an exclusive interview again in February on WIXQ on the 9th. Mark your calendars mofos!!!


P.S. Also, don't forget about our LJ and mailing lists!

LJ User Name - Taintedradio
Mailing List - eternal_pictures@yahoo.com

Thursday, January 19, 2006

First Tainted Reality of 2006 TONIGHT! Plus, New Feature: Album Review: Vengeance For BLOOD 3

Tonight is the long awaited (if 4 weeks was as long for you as it was for me) return of Tainted Reality for the 2006 year. This semester, we will be on from now until mid-May, and we are working on getting loads of new music, back music, new features and segments, and of course, bringing some of your fave J-Rock and Goth fans onto the show. Tonight, we will be showcasing some of the singles, EPs, and albums that came out during the break and slightly before. Tonight we will be playing new music from:

Candy Spook Theater

And I finally caught a break and was able to do some back catolouging and got these CD's for the show:

Antic Cafe - Amedama Rock
berry - 1st Mini Album
bis - Aoi no Risou
bis - Freestyle Rock
bis - Kyokutou Strip
Blam Honey - Typical Ingeniousness -suggest-
Gazette - Cockayne Soup
Gazette - Gama
Gazette - MADARA
Isabelle - chain.1999
Lolita23q - 23ku Kikagaku Kan
MUCC - zekku
Nightmare - Libido
Nightmare - Raven Loud Speaker
Plastic Tree - Cell
Plastic Tree - Puppet Show
Schwein - Schweinstein

And I also got another CD in the mail which will be the start of a new segment. Every week from now on, we will have a featured artist from the J-Rock or Goth scene, coupled with an album review on the blogger here, and 2 or 3 song block of music from that CD on the show. I felt it only right to start this new segment with a band that has helped the show become as big as it is and also has helped me big time in my personal endevors. The first Album Review for Tainted Reality will be BLOOD's Vengeance For BLOOD 3

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Before I start the review, I believe trust must be established. Most of you know I have a relationship with BLOOD that extends both on a proffesional and personal level, so I have to get this out there as I think it proves that I don't just constantly kiss their ass or am a rabid fan boy.

I was not a fan of Vengeance For BLOOD 2.

The album just seemed lacking to me. To this day, I only listen to the first half of the CD, and that half consist of an intro track and I song I heard twice before (3 times if you count the piano version). Granted, its a great version of the song, but I was a bit disappointed to see that they were re-working an old favorite in favor of more original work. Forever Lost, granted is one of the band's best songs too, but it all goes down hill after that. It sounded like the band conformed to mediocre VK and weren't doing the songs the set them apart from other bands in the genre. The songs were just not memorable, or any fun to listen to, and they didn't seem to fit in with this grand story that the band is trying to tell. On top of that, Fu~ki's vocals were not up to his usual standards, Kaede didn't even play on half of the album, and the over all production value was a bit poor.

That aside, Vengeance For BLOOD 3 is the best work the band has put out yet. They must have really realized the mistakes made in VFB2 and really went all out for this conclusion of their Vampire concept. The album opens with the 7 minute self titled epic, Vengeance For BLOOD. Opening with one haunting guitar solo, you soon come to realize something: BLOOD has discovered the double bass pedal. Imediately you are engulfed in a symphony of sheer and utter chaos that would make Dimmu Borgir jealous. When Fu~ki finally hits the mic, you realize that he is really back in full form as, for some reason, this seems to be the song to scream in, but instead, he opts to actually sing, and it works very well. Kaede's bass is clear and prestine as it almost litteraly hitting you right between the eyes every time he plucks a chord. Kiwamu manages not to be overlooked as, for the guitar solo, he hits the fastest, hardest, and longest solo he's ever done. This opening song really showcases how far the band has come, both in how much their skill both in playing their instruments, and in their knowledge and skill of production as, personally, this ranks as the best song the band has ever done.

Wings of Rebllion is a step back. It is a fantastic song that harkens back to VFB1 without the energy and rawness of the opening track, but instead more along the lines of Tanmei as as hard rock song with very obvious 1980's California Goth influences. As the song ends, this is when they hit you with something out of left feild, a piano ballad. Opening with a seranade that sounds like something straight out Yoshiki's hand book, it soon hands off to Fu~ki as he softly coos the opening vocals, slowly building up to a climax. Then the drums, guitar, and bas kick in and you you suddenly find your self wanting to sing with the same power and emotion pulsing from the song.

Voices bleeds into Caught in the Spiral, and from the get-go, you find you self banging your head ferociously. This is when it hits that, for the first time, BLOOD has put alot of cosiderable thought into the production of the drums, and is the driving force through out the album, despite the fact that BLOOD has, and may never have, an official drummer! Caught In the Spiral is controlled by Kaede and the drums with absolutely thuderous beats until the chorus hits and Kiwamu's guitars take over and Fu~ki make the song almost anthemic. The final song on the CD, Nevermore, is a suprising happy, almost anime-ish, tune that counters all of the sorrow and rage expressed in the album. Happy chime and simple guitar licks are heard throught the song, and you can hear the cheerfulness in Fu~ki's voice.

The album concludes with a haunting child's music box that is enought to send shivers down one's spine and is a fitting conclusion to the CD, as well as the trilogy. Overall, I cannot express how much this CD needs to be in any VK, heavy metal, or Goth fan's library. The EP is a combination of everything that is great from all 3 genres, and it show the progress the band has made as musicians and producers. Hopefully, one day, they can become known as more than a indies VK band. Needless to say, I dig this CD and urge all of you out there to get this!

Tonight, the show will open with Vengeance For BLOOD and another song will be played later in the night. Stay tuned tonight for several BIG announcements too, and don't forget to make request!


Friday, January 13, 2006

WE'RE BACK! First Tainted Reality of the Year: January 19th

Ready for another semester of pure wholesome TR goodness? Well, you're gonna get it coming up on January 19th when we once again take over the airwaves of WIXQ from 7-10pm on Thursdays! We have a few special things lined up for this semester, as well as special appearances from some of your fave J-Rockers! So be sure to tune in to the first show which is this coming Thursday, 7-10 PM. Hope to hear from ya!


P.S. To those of you who won prizes during our Coaltar of the Deepers and Josephine Yun interviews, we had some issues. For those who won copies of JRock Ink, I accidently lost your addresses, but recently found them. You will be getting your copies soon. However, those of you who won Coaltar CD's, we had a translation problem and the shipments (which are coming direct from the band in Japan) are stuck in limbo. We ask for your patience as we recolve the problem.