Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Very Tainted Halloween: TR Podcast Now Available

Trick or Treat Everyone!

And to help you celebrate all of your haunted festivities for the night, the first ever TR podcast, The Halloween Edition, is now available for download, comercial free, uncensored (You get a few "fuck"s and a skit from another radio show that we couldn't play on air) and with extra songs not played in the original broadcast!

The catch? None for you, except the first four talk breaks sound horrendous. There's actually a long story behind this that I'm probably going to write about in my personal journal and post here as it was one of the most frustrating expiriences of my life.

However, minus those talk breaks, it sounds fantastic! Extra special thanx go out to Mike Gaskin and Rob Spicer for helping to produce this, and Matt who will be uploading the podcast to bittorent. We tried to actually upload this to iTunes, but there were some complications, so we uploaded it to Yousendit.

We here at Tainted Reality wish you all an absolutely dreadful Halloween, and hope this podcast becomes its soundtrack!


Download Here - http://download.yousendit.com/27D11B9E2486D5A7

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ok, there's good news... and then there's some hard hitting bad news

Guess we better start with the bad.

After speaking with members of the upper management of WIXQ, it seems that it is unknown when the webcast will return. They assured me they are doing everything within their power to bring it back, but certain factors seem to be out of their hands.

To make matters worse, my brand new 2 month old Dell XPS computer, crashed, erasing all work on Sailor Moon Chapter 2, Otakon 2006, and pretty much everything else that wasnt on my external HD.

Now the good news

The podcast WAS NOT on the HD! While it won't be up as soon as I had hoped, we'll do our best to get it to you before Halloween!

We also created a brand new outlet for Tainted Reality fans! You Facebook users will be very happy! We have started our own Facebook Group!You can join by going here:
http://millersville.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2215649874 (not sure if this link will work for people)


Doing a Group search for Tainted Reality.

The group is still under construction, but you can be one of the first
to join!

Also, re-working on both Sailor Moon Chapter 2 and Otakon 2006 has already begun. So sit tight, because we'll be trying to get these to you as soon as possible.

Now, there is a bit of uncertainty reguarding the BLOOD interview schedualed for this week. With the webcast being down, the majority of Tainted Reality's audience will be unable to hear it. So, we will be exploring several different options of making it available to you guys. If the podcast works out well, we might do it that way. Worse comes to worse, we'll upload it to the Myspace, either before or after we upload the Dir en grey interview.

We hope to get these problems rectified soon. In the mean time, we hope you enjoy the good news and look foward to the brand new interview with BLOOD!


Thursday, October 26, 2006

Tainted Reality: The Halloween Edition TONIGHT... but still now webcast... So We'll Podcast It!!!

Tonight, Tainted Reality will air a special Halloween edition, filled with scary tunes from your fave J-Rock horror/goth, goth, and industrial bands!

However, unfortunately, the webcast is still down due to the hacker.

But we will stand idle no longer!

Tonight we will record our show and later make it available for podcast! Once again, we feel horrible about the webcast situation, and will try to rectify it any way possible.

So, since this broadcast will be brought to your ears, feel free to make Halloween requests! Tonight from 7-10pm, IM us on AIM and we WILL play your request for the first ever Tainted Reality podcast!


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Otakon 2006 Documentary Preview Released

We feel really bad that we haven't been able to deliver you guys the
show in a while. So, to make up for it, we have created a preview to
our up coming first ever feature film entiled Tainted Reality
presents Otakon 2006

There are two ways you can view it:

You can watch the low quality verion on Youtube at


On our Myspace profile!

Give us some feed back and let us know what you think guys!

There is also a high quality version available for download! However, it is an exclusive for mailing list members only. If you would wish to join, just put your e-mail address in the Yahoo! box at the top of the page!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

No Webcasted Tainted Reality Tonight

As of right now (9:45am Thursday morning), the WIXQ webcast is still down due to the hacker. I believe it will be a safe bet that it will not be up tonight either.

My suggestion to you fans? Take the night off! Enjoy your Thursday night. Go out to you local arcade (if it still exists), start that exercising rutine you've been putting off, slay Ruby Weapon, drool over your fave J-Rock star more than you usually do, or have a night of raunchy fun with your significant other/friend with benifits.

Just don't waste the night all depressed in your room that Thursday night is ruined for the second week in a row because some fat, balding slob with the worst acne you've ever seen (we're not talking pizza face, we're talking about a Chicago deepdish meat lovers supreme!), who obsessively downloads Whores of Warcraft got jealous when he found out that uber cute girl he met on Myspace (who happens to think he's the lead singer of a screamo band and looks like Gerard Way) decided that listening to WIXQ rox0r more than showing him her breasts over webcam, which this pathetic puke-tard tub of lard begged and begged for.

Can you tell I'm pissed?


Thursday, October 12, 2006

WIXQ HACKED! No Webcast Tonight!

Ok, get this.

Some D-bag hacked into the WIXQ servers and basically destroyed them.

So, for tonight atleast, the server is down and you will not be able to connect.

The only way you can listen is if you live in the Lancaster PA area and tuning into 91.7 FM.

Very sorry for the inconvenience, but blame it on the fucker that hacked us!



Tonight, we got the new single "Spleen" from BLOOD's new CD Spleen [Despair], which was just released. Also, we discuss the Deathnote craze (fan comments submitted over AIM are welcome and may be read on air!!!) and we play all of your requests TONIGHT!

Be sure to tune in!


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Welcome Aboard Alwin and Maria; BLOOD Interview Novemnber 2nd

Sorry for the lateness, but Blogger seemed to be down the past few days, then my internet went down. Here's last week's playlist:

Buck Tick - Nakayubi
D'espairs Ray - Dears
Duel Jewel - Reincarnation.flow
An Cafe - Hatsukoi
(NEW ROCK)12012 - Pistol
Dir en grey - Ryojoku no Ame
MUCC - Rojiura Boku to Kimi e

Sads - God 13
X Japan - Rusty Nail (WTF!?)
Coaltar of the Deepers - Wipeout
X Japan - Scars
hide - Beauty and Stupid

The Pillows - My Foot
HIM - Rendezvous with Anus
Ellegarden - Slamander
Sadie - Malicious Female Pigs
Phantasmagoria - Never Rebellion

(NEW ROCK) Kra - Heart Ballance
Miyavi - Selfish Love
MOVE - Dogfight
Kagrra - 2
Penicillin - 4
Inugami Circus Dan - Bin-zume no Taiji
Nightmare - Raven Loud Speeeeeeeeker
Psycho le Cemu -
(NEW ROCK) Gilgamesh - 9
Suicide Ali - Favorite Song
BLOOD - Under The Sensual Moon
Gazette - Bath Room
Platic Tree - Circus

(NEW ROCK) Kirito - Period

(Requests in italics)

First and foremost, we welcomed two new staff member's to the TR coven (lol), our photographer Alwin and our animator Maria. They joined us in the studio to contribute their unique personalities to the night, and inserted random comments to the talk breaks (they were a little shy).

Second, we announced that we will be doing a new interview with BLOOD coming up November 2nd, and that we were taking fan questions (which are now closed), and that we will be giving away prizes! They will be answering questions about their past USA/Mexican tour, their new album Spleen [Despair], and the future of the band. Thank you to eveyone who submitted fan questions!

Lastly, this coming week, we will be debuting the new single from BLOOD's new album! Be sure to tune in for your first chance to hear the new music of BLOOD's new concept!


P.S. There were alot of requests and shout outs that we missed last week due to frequent computer problems (For you MAC users: a.k.a. Spinning Pinwheel of DEATH). Try again this week if you didn't hear what we wanted!

Friday, October 06, 2006

BLOOD Fan Question Submissions

Submit all of your fan questions here by Saturday midnight (EST). Only GOOD questions will be accepted. 5 will be chosen!


Thursday, October 05, 2006

4 New Songs, 3 Peice Band Interview Announcement, 2 New Staff Members, and 1 Discussion about Disbanding Bands TONIGHT!!!

Tonight on Tainted Reality, two brand new staff members will be joining us in studio! Also, we will be announcing TR's next broadcast interview (and information on how YOU can submit fan questions for this one!) and discussing why in the hell these bands keep breaking up! Plus new rock from Kirito, 12012, Kra, and Gilgamesh all TONIGHT on Tainted Reality!


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Night That Made History

Thursday night was a record breaker in every way, shape, and form. Whether it be the number of requests, an audience that spanned from Europe, North America, South America, and Asia, or that our servers were maxxed out starting 5 hours before the show even started (only the second time in WIXQ history this has happened to the best of TR's knowledge, the first being last Thursday's show), I think it's safe to say that the productions of the Iron Otaku Network are now your number 1 source for Japanese Rock in the entire United States.

Here's the Playlist:

Dir en grey - Amber
Boris - Pink
Coaltar of the Deepers - Unlimber
The Back Horn - Ikusen Kounen no Kodoku
Plastic Tree - Ghost
Dir en grey - Obscure
Dir en grey - KR Cube
Dir en grey - CHILD PREY
Hyde - Its Sad
Dir en grey - Clever Sleazoid
Igunami Circus Dan - Minnagoroshi no Lullaby
Buck Tick - Kagerou
Dir en grey - Cage
Dir en grey - Ryojoku no Ame
Dir en grey - R To The Core
Dir en grey - Ugly
Dir en grey - Audrey
The Last Dance - Once Beautiful
Kozi - Que Sera Sera
Dir en grey - Kelloid Milk
Dir en grey - Spilled Milk
Dir en grey - Berry
Dir en grey - Zan
Dir en grey - Mercilless Cult
Dir en grey - C
Dir en grey - The Final
Dir en grey - Raison Detre

Mars - Genjitsu
lo:lita - Monster In My Pocket
Dir en grey - Missa 6
Dir en grey - IIID Empire

Requests in Italics

Of course, the big draw of the night was Jason Heltin's interview with Toshiya and Die. In it, they discussed the Family Values Tour, the up coming new album, and "I'm a fucking rockstar, BITCH"! If You were unable to connect, the interview is available on the link at the post below this, and soon, uncensored on the Tainted Reality Myspace!

Other than that, for one night only, we threw the "One song, per band, per show" rule out of the window, and were sent a fucking shit load of requests for none other than the night's honored band.

We also breifly showcased 2 bands that will be playing Califonia's up coming J-Rock Connection J-Rock convention. These bands were the up and coming USA based J-Rock band Mars, and our good friends lo:lita. If you are interested in them, please check 'em out on their myspace links below.

Mars - http://www.myspace.com/godofwarmars
lo:lita - http://www.myspace.com/lolitatheband

Not much else to say. You guys made the night the amzing success that it was and we thank every single one of you for tuning in!

Extra special thanx also go out to Free Will America and Toshiya and Die.